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Why Study History

Peter Sterns says that we need to study history and here are a few reasons why we should study history: History Helps Us Understand People and Societies- We can use history from the past to explain why we act the way we do. We can also use the past to formulate laws or theories about human behavior. History Helps Us Understand Change and How the Society We Live in came to be- we can use history to understand why things occur and history shows us a trend we can see what made a trend rise or fall and according to that we can change things to our advantage.

History Provides Identity- we use history to find facts about our genealogy. Historical data is used by a nation to give the people an understanding of national values and a commitment to national loyalty. Studying History Is Essential for Good Citizenship- A study of history is essential for good citizenship. History provides data about the emergence of national institutions, problems, and values. We can use history to see in the past how nations have interacted with other societies, providing international and comparative perspectives essential for responsible citizenship.

History can be used to find changes affect the lives of citizens. Studying history will give you skills that can be used in the world like having the ability to assess conflicting interpretations and you’ll have experience in assessing past examples of change. Studying history will give you a more broad perspective which allows you to work in different work situations. As time progresses we forget about a lot of things in the past and studying about the past can you can uncover some useful things.

We can also see what decision was made and what the outcome was and if we make a different decision we can get a better solution. We have to learn from the mistakes of others and studying history can help us do that. For example we can see how United States acted and what the outcome was and if we changed the way we act we can possibly get a better outcome. By understanding history and the changing perspectives we can solve real life practical problems.

History helps you make sense most of your subjects. People think history as remembering names, dates, facts but it is not history shows us how became who we are now. The past will guide us to the future and if you think the past is worthless then you are saying that everybody that came before us is worthless and I don’t think you mean that. We have to learn from the previous generations not all outcomes will be successful but the future generations must learn from this and strive to e better. History helps you in almost every job like if you’re a lawyer and you don’t know how to solve your case you can look at history and see how someone else solved it. Finally, History is fun it is a mix of “excitement of exploration and discovery with the sense of reward born of successfully confronting and making sense of complex and challenging problems. ” Frank Luttmer. “Why Study History. ” 1996 .

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