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Why Did Hitler Become Insane? Essay

Have you ever wondered how Hitler became insane? What his thoughts and past were? The life stealing criminal Hitler has committed some of the worst crimes in History. With the crimes Hitler committed it is hard to understand his motivation. I think Hitler’s past life has a lot to do with the crimes he committed. Hitler’s childhood wasn’t very stable. Throughout his life he moved around with his family a lot making it hard for him to settle in. Overall Hitler was a pretty smart and clever kid, he got good grades but let himself go in 6th grade and failed.

His emotions were definitely not right and the moving was obviously hard for Hitler to got through. Of course Hitler made the bad decision of dropping out of school at 16 and wanted to pursue his dreams of being an artist. While his dad wanted him to work for the government Hitler had his heart set on being an artist and being creative. “The thought of slaving in an office made me ill…. not to be the master of my own time” He said this in his book that he made later on in his life, “Mein Kampf”. He decided to push away his dad’s wants and tried to accomplish his dreams of being an artist by enrolling in the Academy of Arts in Vienna.

He got rejected. Hitler felt like everything he hoped and dreamed for got crushed before his eyes. He decided to join the Army, I suspect he did this because he had no other choice. When Hitler went to ww1 and got temporarily blinded from a poisonous gas attack. They think it somehow went to his brain and caused him to become psychotic. Hitler lost a lot of money, fighting his way to survive. He got some help by finding and staying in a homeless shelter in 1909. Once he got enough money he moved into a very poor house with many poor men.

I hink all of this could of made him emotionally and maybe even physically unstable and shows how someone’s childhood and dreams that have not been fulfilled can “break” someone. Over his time trying to be in power and in power he did many cruel things. People have learned Hitler can be a very good “friend”. Of course Hitler attempted to go for president but was not the victor, Paul Von Hindenburg was. While Hitler was being a fake friends to chancellor Franz von Papen he used his “friendship” to convince him to unban Storm Troops in June.

As you can already tell he is very manipulative and cruel and will do anything to get his way. The Nazis were elected the largest party in the Reichstag (July, 1932) and Hindenburg offered Hitler a subordinate position. ” Hindenburg was a bit clueless when this was happening and he should of been more cautious. When Hitler took office on January 30th he made many changes that made him seem not human. “Heil Hitler” is what most people would say when Hitler was leader. That’s when the fiasco began by arresting Jews, communist, and socialist. Fear struck German, Jewish families, and the “Aryan” Race (superior race). Yes, Hitler wanted a superior race he was insane.

Frankly anything related to Jewish people would get burned or destroyed in any way possible. “The Nurnberg Laws of 1935 deprived Jews of German citizenship. ” It gets worse and worse. Not only were the Jews getting killed and tortured but they were no longer a German citizen. Hitler made his autobiography “Mein Kampf” their Bible. “Mein Kampf” talks about his hard childhood, family and struggles. Hitler was always the person to make a point and so are the Nazis. Hitler made a big point about how much he hated Jews.

Hitler had a nonaggression pact and used them to help in wars and think of new ideas. Hitler’s nonaggression pact (Aug. , 1939) with Stalin allowed him to invade poland (Sep. 1), beginning World War II. ” Of course Hitler made had his madness bring another World War. There were so many deaths… So many German deaths that Hitler caused because he was too stubborn to care about thousands of lives. “In early 1943 Hitler refused to admit defeat at the battle in Stalingrad. Bringing death to a numbers worth of german troops. “. You can really see the turnout and what it caused now and seeing not only Jews were killed in the process but his “Aryan” race.

His Actions created a large impact on the world. While the war was going on and people were trying to find Hitler him and his mistress made a choice of death. Hitler and his love got ready to commit suicide. Eva Braun and Hitler died in different ways. Hitler shot himself so the pain would go away quickly, while his wife took poison giving her a slow and painful death. Hitler has really been the Villain from the movies but worse. The deaths he caused caused great pain to their families being said some of them never got to say goodbye. There is perhaps no other individual whose name is more synonymous with evil than that of Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s legacy is one of racism, hatred, and destruction, and he remains vilified across time and space. ” Adolf Hitler is evil and should be the definition for evil. We might never know if there will be anyone worse than him but he certainly gets a lot of attention today. ”

The effects of World War II and the Holocaust are almost incalculable and the level of destruction wrought on the world by Hitler’s vision almost incomprehensible. World War II isn’t just a war to remember the evil in the in some souls but to remember who was forced fight for him and still died. It’s a war to remember who died defeating him, it’s a war to remember and tell everyone for years. Hitler, the heart crushing man he was is still in our presence today but more in a good way. This teaches us about many things we should know and learn. Hitler’s motivation was driven by madness. His crimes and deaths he caused is why people learn about him today.

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