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The mothers in “The Other Wes Moore” are incredibly supportive, making sure that their children have everything they need to succeed. They provide a stable home life and plenty of love, while also instilling important values like hard work and determination. This supportive environment is crucial for African American children, who often face challenges in society that their white counterparts do not.

One way that the mothers in “The Other Wes Moore” show their support is by being involved in their children’s lives. They attend school events, help with homework, and talk to their kids about important decisions. This involvement helps the children feel valued and supported, two key ingredients for success in life.

Another way the mothers show their support is by providing unconditional love. No matter what their children do, the mothers in “The Other Wes Moore” always love them. This type of love is crucial for children, who need to know that they are loved no matter what.

The support of the mothers in “The Other Wes Moore” is essential for the success of their children. By being involved and providing unconditional love, they give their children the best chance to succeed in life. African American children often face challenges that white children do not, so this support is even more important. With the help of their mothers, African American children can overcome anything.

“The Wes Moore” is a book that tells the story of two boys who have very similar life histories, even though they come from different backgrounds. The book is written by Wes Moore and Tavis Smiley, and it recounts the real-life stories of the two “Wes Moores”, highlighting the different journeys and destinies that their lives have taken.

One of the boys “grows up to be a Rhodes scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader”, while the other ends up serving a life sentence in prison (Moore & Smiley, 2010).

The book provides an insightful look at the various factors that can lead to very different outcomes in life, even for two people who start off in similar circumstances. One of the most important factors highlighted in the book is the role of family and community support systems. In particular, the support system of mothers is shown to be crucial in shaping the lives of both Wes Moores.

The first Wes Moore was raised by a single mother who was always present and supportive in his life. She instilled him with values such as hard work and determination, which helped him to succeed in school and eventually go on to college. In contrast, the second Wes Moore was raised by a mother who was often absent and not very supportive. This lack of support led him to get involved with gangs and drugs, which ultimately resulted in him going to prison.

The book “The Wes Moore” highlights the importance of mothers in the lives of their children. It shows how a mother’s support can help a child succeed in life, even if they come from a disadvantaged background. It also demonstrates how a lack of support can lead to problems such as involvement with gangs and drugs, which can ultimately result in imprisonment.

The book by Wes Moore (2010) demonstrates that it is not luck that determines one’s fate in life, but rather a number of other factors. The story follows two men with the same name and similar backgrounds, who end up living very different lives. One becomes a successful “phi beta kappa graduate of the John Hopkins University”, while the other ends up as a convicted killer. As the book shows, there are many factors that can influence whether an African American succeeds or fails in life.

One of the most important factors that could have contributed to the different fates of these two men is their mothers and the role they played in their lives.

The mother of Wes Moore, Joy, was a strong and determined woman who instilled similar values in her son. From an early age, she taught him the importance of education and always encouraged him to do his best. When he made poor choices, she held him accountable and made sure he understood the consequences of his actions. She was also always there for him, providing support and guidance when he needed it. As a result of having a mother like Joy, Wes was able to make better decisions in life and ultimately achieve success.

In contrast, the other Wes Moore’s mother was not nearly as supportive. She was often absent from his life and when she was around, she was often intoxicated. As a result, Wes did not have the guidance or support he needed to make good decisions in life. Without a strong role model to look up to, he quickly fell into a life of crime and violence.

It is clear that having a supportive mother can make all the difference in the world for African American boys. Joy Moore served as a positive influence in her son’s life, helping him to make better choices and achieve success. On the other hand, the other Wes Moore’s mother was largely absent and unsupportive, leading him down a path of destruction. This just goes to show that the decisions we make in life are not always determined by luck, but can be influenced by the people around us.

The comparison of the two Wes Moores’ lives throws into relief how divergent their paths were. This leads the reader to wonder what could have happened differently in order save “the other” Moore from making such destructive choices (Moore & Smiley, 2010).

Similarly, Wes’ mother is also present in his life but she is not as supportive as she could be. She is often working long hours and is not always available when Wes needs her. When she is around, she does not always offer the guidance that Wes needs. For example, she does not help him with his homework or talk to him about his future plans. Overall, Wes’ mother does not provide the level of support that he needs to make good decisions in his life.

It is clear that the support system of the mother’s in “The Other Wes Moore” greatly affects the decisions made by both characters. The lack of guidance and support from their mothers leads both characters down different paths in their lives, with one character making destructive choices and the other becoming successful. These differences illustrate the importance of a supportive mother figure in a child’s life.

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