Stem Cell Research Ethics

Could the world be a better place if it had one cure that fixes multiple diseases? With stem cell research there can be a cure for today’s incurable illness. The debate for and against stem cells and research on them, has been around since stem cells were discovered. Is it ethical to end the possibility … Read more

Endochondral Ossification Essay

A) Growth plate and Endochondral ossification: In order to maintain a healthy skeletal system which is crucial for different organs such as respiratory system, brain, spinal cord and heart, it is very important to have a good development of the skeletal system. Endochondral ossification is the process through which the axial and appendicular skeletons are … Read more

Regenerative Research Essay

The human body is resilient to numerous environmental factors and diseases, but the body is inevitably going to receive impairments. Progressions in biotechnology and genetic techniques have permitted scientists to discover treatments and information on genes. Regenerative medicine uses biotechnology to produce treatments in vivo and in vitro procedures. Using a gene from a dissimilar … Read more

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

What if there was a way to cure previously in-curable diseases with the help of something in the very first stages of human life, but thousands upon thousands of lives had to be taken to perfect the use of this material? That is exactly what is happening with embryonic stem cells around the world. Pro-life … Read more