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Time is an illusion because there is no real truth to it. It has never been proven to exist. It was made up by the Romans or the Babylonians thousands of years ago so farmers could meet on a hill top at 1 in the afternoon because one farmers wife had a hair appointment at noon. Human beings have a born inhibition to have things simpler. Human beings also have to have explanations and reasoning. Time was born out of this. The grand old theory that time is a river. The whole river exists at once: the mouth (future), the main body (present), and the source (past).

The only truth we have to time is the wear and tear on our bodies as time (sic) goes on. Technically, there is no now and there is no future because now was over a nano-second ago and the future is uncertain (but the end is always near). Which is plain truth because the end is nearer and nearer but youll never know it. Bang… and everything spurts out from one central point. Flowing, clumping, sparking, rolling across nothing to make something. A few years later, the universe is formed. Things evolve and change and yet everything stays the same.

Cells become smart and grow nuclei, which form unicellular organisms, everything feeds off everything else. Things die off, some things live, animals come to be, and all of a sudden you have humans that are just as much fish as they are bacteria as they are stardust. Everything depends on everything else. The universe is me because I am human, thusforth made up of everything and doing my part to keep the world going rather I like it or not. I am the universe because I can almost control what goes on. I am also the universe because I am part of it, we move together, we live together, we love together.

This “I am the universe” can also be explained in a sense of which that humans make themselves gods. We dont hug trees, we crap on them. We dont love animals, we butcher them. But we have to do this to survive. Then we ponder meaninglessly at the problems of overpopulation and natural disasters. You are part of natural disasters, like it or not. The distinction between been, being, and becoming is artificial and arbitrary because if time is irrelevant, then you could never have been, or you could never become, you just are. Like the river, you are everything all at once.

At any given instance, you bring all your conscious and subconscious knowledge to the table for discussion. All of your past experiences, dreams, realizations, mishaps, good hair days, etc. are with you forever as you go along. You never leave anything behind, therefore you could not possibly have ever been. (This also opens up a discussion about how every nanosecond of your life exists at once; the theory of dimensions. ) Everything you are to become is already chosen for you by something called destiny, you just arent aware of it yet. This is also due to post experiences, etc.

The distinction between the three aforementioned is that there is no distinction because of the artificial and arbitrary sense. (If something isnt there, it doesnt exist. ) Humans make things up to make life easier. They made the theory of been, being, and becoming up to make it easier to convey thoughts. Humans learned to speak to improve their life styles. All the other organisms have been doing just since the big bang, without a spoken or written language. Time is related to the unity of all things in the fact that over “time” the universe has evolved and change to become what it is today.

In fact, the universe will still evolve and change until it reaches its limit and begins devolving. The universe is me at this moment because I am here and know that everything around me is due to me. This is just as I am due to everything around me. This is due to “time. ” I know at this moment, because I am here at this moment, aware at this moment that I am the universe and the universe is me. Dont ponder the statements, just believe. The second you start to ask questions is the second you dont understand. The second you understand is the second “time” has chosen for you to understand, and you will ask no questions.

The universe can very vaguely be explained, as the human psyche can very vaguely be explained. In the time it takes for you to understand these concepts, another three thousand people have died, another six women in the Bronx have been raped. Time is all relative because it effects you and yet it doesnt. Maybe one of those women who was just raped died, and maybe she was the one to discover the cure to a fatal disease you will have in later life. So now you will die at 60 instead of 127. Yet, time says that this will happen, but you have no clue of this until you are on your deathbed, and maybe not even then.

The universe is everything around you. Everything that changes and evolves over time. Yet, time doesnt exist. So the simplest answer is that things happen because they happen. Thats just how the universe works. Time is related to the distinction between been, being and becoming because if there is no time, then there is no been, being or becoming. There is only a NOW. As in “Eternity Is Now” and it is because when the hell else are you going to live? All that you can see, hear, feel, and taste, all that you know is in the present, so how could you live any other way?

You cant. You just have now, so get with it and realize that there will never be a past. Its dreams, bits and pieces of memory. Whats done is done. Jim Morrison is never coming back (as Jim Morrison, anyway). The future cannot be told by a chick in a golden turban with gaudy jewelry on. Your future is set for you, true, but you wont know until you get there, and when you get there, it will be the past before you know it. The only thing you can hold on to is now. So hold on to it because its all you have to hold on to and you cant even do that.

The unity of all things is related to been, being and becoming because everything has its place in the universe you see (and dont see) right now. Everything had to come from somewhere, just as we have discussed in previous paragraphs. The details of this are obscured by clouds, so to speak, in the fact that you cannot see all the incarnations of everything at once. Unless you posses the sixth sense (or your brain works in more places than a normal human brain) you cannot see all the incarnations of this paper at once. You never will either, due to “time” moving on and on and the universe going with it.

I look up, it looks like the buildings are burning, but it’s just the sun setting; the solar system calling an end to another business day. Eternally circling signaling the rhythmic clicking on and off of computers. The pulse of the American machine. The pulse that draws death dancing out of anonymous side streets you know the ones that always get dumped on and never get plowed. It draws death dancing out of little countries with funny languages where the ground is getting harder and it was not that soft before (Ani DiFranco, “Not So Soft”).

The previous quote proves a point that I wish to make- universe is one because everything is run (at least to us Earthlings) by a sun and a moon giving us light and dark. The universe goes on and on, circling around for all eternity and we are only aware of a moment at a time. A pulse beating in anothers absence. In deep thought, the universe clicks into place as “being” everywhere at the same time… where in fact the universe just is. Time not existing is a concept that I would like to bring up at a formal dinner somewhere, so as to confuse the people around me.

My knowledge of this concept also makes a good conversation with Allan Stagg. Spiritually, it does nothing for me. Being raised in a western religious house, I never believed in one all -powerful being because thought it was stupid. I figured out at a young age that it really doesnt matter what you do in your life. Your life is controlled by something called destiny, and nothing can change that. Time fits into this because it seemed to me that some guy living for years upon years in the clouds was bull*censored*. I came to the conclusion that everything they told me was made up by old men with small *censored*s in a bar with no lives.

Hell, the Bible has been “translated,” lost, and re-written so many times and youre going to tell me that that is the real story. That the Bible is Gods word?! How the hell do you know that? Theres no proof. Wouldnt it be hilarious if all this “time” youve been believing bull*censored*? To make a better life for myself using the second concept is simple: realizing that there was a “me” decade for a reason, and how all the Aberzombies came to be. “I am the universe and the universe is me because, like I have money, and everyone should, like, bow down to me (typical Aberzombie).

Seriously, I now understand the circle of life in a more philosophical, holistic view, which makes me a more well-rounded person. I think that everything is made up of everything, and I always have thought this. Maybe its because I learned it off Sesame Street. I dont know. Alls I know is that the universe is an illusion as I am an illusion and whatever anybody else says is bull*censored*. There is no such thing as California because it doesnt exist yet. There are lines on a map and taxes being paid, signs and roads, even an ocean for it to fall into in the near future, but California does not exist.

The six degrees of Kevin Bacon exists as the six degrees of me exists- in theory. The universe was created with a bang and it goes on from there. The theories we not developed until people began to be inquisitive, when maybe it would have been simpler to not have been inquisitive at all. But we, as a human kind, have gotten ourselves here and now, and now we have to live with our past lives decisions. I have never been, I will never become, I just am. Im here, now, lets play the game of life and get it over with. Again, this is another fun conversational piece at a formal dinner.

These three concepts that do not exist, effect my life in the fact that I now know everything exists at this moment. Ive always had the theory that for every nanosecond of your life, there is a different dimension and a million plus dimensions. “The futures uncertain and the end is always near (Jim Morrison, “Roadhouse Blues”). ” The future will never be clear and once it is, it is the past. The dead are always with us, and will never leave us. They are a part of us as long as we are all here. Their spirit stays with the living because of what they left behind- impressions on our minds.

I will always be in the now, and so will everything else that popped up around here. Living in the past is something of a bad thing because you can never change your past- its just there. Many people live in the past and play the “what if” game. Many of these people are seek and do not seek professional attention for their problems, but should. These people are never happy and probably never will be truly happy. So why be like them and live in the past, when you can look to your future and possibly have the chance to be happy? Living in the now is what gives you the keys to life.

Not just flying by the seat of your pants, but thinking things out, and having the knowledge to fly by the seat of your pants and not get, into a bad situation voluntarily. And if you do get into a negative situation, having the knowledge to get out of it and it becomes wisdom. Being is something we all must deal with and in the process we must make our own paths. There are many paths you can go by on any given day. The path you choose is your choice. If I have learned one thing over the years it is that if it is not you who is doing the thinking, then you are not living.

You must think for yourself at all time in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. You can not let other people drive your car if you are driving it. Let them be uncomfortable as long as you are not. It is your life, you can do what you want with it. You only get one chance at this game (that you know of, unless you follow an “ism” then in which case you have many chances), better to make the best of it than to throw your life away. “Time wasted is never regained. ” That was what was written under the clock in the band room at a school I used to attend.

If you waste your ime with petty things, you will be reduced to having only petty things. Decide what you really want and go after it. If you do not know what you want then go after a lot of things, but do not burn yourself out. Go after what your heart desires and listen to your heart. Live your life like you are always being followed by a camera, and remember that you are the director and the star- nobody likes somebody whos full of themselves. Only shallow people will surround you if you are like that. And remember to never play the “what if” game.

The past is gone and done with. Yeah, *censored*s going to happen. Milk will spill. Get over it and get on with your life because you only have a short time here to prove yourself to the audience, and if thats what you seek, so be it. Remember, everything must come from within, and a movie without a good, action-packed plot sucks. The past can haunt you as long as you remember it is the past and nothing but. Suicide is a way out, but what do you gain. True, some gain notoriety by committing suicide, but you end your life before you have a chance to do anything.

Granted, for some people who have nothing going for hem, this is the only way out. Well, then so be it. If you have self-esteem and you listened to what they taught us in grade school, you are *censored*. You must remember to never let that self-esteem turn your head into a balloon. The minute it does, you are gone, and very few things can reclaim you. In turn for selflessness, you should find yourself a happy person, and by god, people will like you. Though this can not be attained by reading a book, you can read about it. Take things from people you know about and apply them to your life.

Other people can have experiences and share them so that you do not have to have that experience. Share a little of yourself with the world and the world will share back. Remember the basic hippie rules of peace and love and you should be set. But there is only one person who can change the world and that is you. Why you? Because nobody else is going to get up for you and say your thoughts to the world. Be guided a little, and then be a guider. Remember that we are all one. Simply one. And being one, you are part of a whole in which you are. So be it.

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