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The Pros And Cons Of ISIS Essay

All the terror attacks that the news broadcasters speak about have gone unpunished because nothing much has been done to fight ISIS. ISIS has many names like ISIL and Daesh. ISIS was a sub unit in Al Qaeda who broke off to pursue their own goals. ISIS’s goal for the past few years have been to create a Caliphate or Islamic state where they enforce Shariah law meaning they use the Qu’ran to make their laws and to decide what to do in times of trouble. ISIS’s members have shown their brutality towards anyone who is against them.

Many brutalities include grouped beheadings, executions, and genocide in the middle ast as well as western civilization with the countless massacres ISIS claims to have done. ISIS is getting bigger and bigger every month with men, weapons, and knowledge to use to achieve their goals. ISIS is also expanding their landholdings in the Middle East controlling large amounts of land in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has not only grown in the Middle East but also in Europe as police officials have discovered a large, organized, terrorist cell.

ISIS is a worldwide threat and more needs to be done to prevent them from doing more harm. First of all, ISIS is barbaric and the members are cruel and erciless. Everyone should know of the immigrant crisis in Europe because the only reason they left their homeland in the Middle East is because ISIS is committing mass genocide against anyone who is not Sunni. As John Kerry said in the Washington Post “The fact is that Daesh[ISIS] kills Christians because they are Christians. Yazidis because they are Yazidis. Shi’ites because they are Shi’ites”(Morello).

It is not a coincidence that if we saw that all the immigrants are either Christians, Yazidis, and Shi’ite Muslims because if they stayed they would have to pay a Religious” tax to ISIS if they were spared but knowing ISIS that is highly unlikely due to their members brutality and hate for all others who are an enemy to them and Sunni Islam. The Washington Post also left a description that to ISIS “Opponents have been beheaded, shot dead, blown up with fuses attached to their necks and drowned in cages lowered into swimming pools, with underwater cameras capturing their agony”(Morello).

Drowning people is itself a brutal thing to do but to videotape them to watch their agony later is simply something a psychopath would do. The recent attacks in belgium were evastating as The Washington Post Quotes “which killed at least 31 people and left about 250 others injured, were promptly claimed by the Islamic State .. the terrorist group that has unleashed a series of external plots … as Belgian officials described the devastation as a “black day”, darker than any country has seen since World War Il”(Miller).

The time between the terror attacks of Paris and Belgium have not been long and if these attacks keep getting carried out soon the word “Safe” will become non existent due to countless terror strikes against us , Civilians, while we sit and do nothing to secure our freedom nd safety. ISIS is Barbaric due to their brutal and psychotic ways of killing people and their system of ethnically cleansing lands that they take by force. Secondly, ISIS is growing constantly every day with men, Intelligence, and more firepower.

After countless raids and a massive manhunt according to the Washington Post “… Authorities had “found a lot of weapons, heavy weapons . and we are seeing a new network of people around him[Terrorist Ringleader of attacks in Belgium and France] in Brussels”(Miller). Not only were these weapons there and real but they were not in the Middle East elping to control or maintain land but in Europe ready to be used to take lives and the fact these weapons were in Europe shows that ISIS can risk sending “heavy” weapons into Europe and still be fine in the Middle East shows how they are maintaining weapons and getting more to replace those sent to Europe.

Weapons to ISIS would not have been hard for them to find due to the Iraqi military falling as soon as ISIS rose dropping their weapons for them and now that ISIS has expanded Black Market trades with guns have rose due to ISIS buying guns from the underground gangs like the Russian, Serbian, and Sicilian Mob. ISIS has also been using mustard gas according to The New York Times “The United States has long suspected the Islamic State of using sulfur mustard, a chemical warfare agent”(Cooper).

It should not surprise anyone that ISIS is using chemicals because after Saddam Hussein’s regime fell chemists has a change of heart and joined ISIS to show them how to use weapons made from chemicals like chemical artillery shots. ISIS has the same intentions as Saddam Hussein did and that is to chemically bomb other minorities in the Middle East like Christians, Yazidis, and Shiites. ISIS also needs to make money obviously to fund for food, men, and guns but they are not the only ones that make money as Simon Jenkins, journalist and author, put it that “… rom journalists to politicians to security lobbyists, has an interest in terrorism. There is money, big money, to be made – the more terrifying it is presented, the more money”(Jenkins). Not only do these terror attacks harm the morale of western citizens but it also can help ISIS. For example let us say that an ISIS agent is into stocks and ISIS is targeting BMW.

The ISIS agents would go and cause trouble for BMW causing their stock market shares to fall in price then they would buy as many shares at the lower price and after BMW has regained composure and the price goes back up the ISIS agents would sell the stocks cashing out and making more money for ISIS to possibly pay for more weapons and funding for other terror attacks. If ISIS is able to fund weapons they can certainly fund for knowledge, corrupt officials, more men such as private mercenaries, and proper military training to be able to fight against other militaries. Overall ISIS is growing to the point where they can actually become a problem and a major war ould start.

Thirdly, ISIS is heavily expanding to make their Caliphate[Islamic State] bigger and stronger. All of us have seen footage either on CNN or Fox news about how ISIS is controlling and fighting against its neighbors or how it is controlling land and how rebels are struggling to win back their land against ISIS. According to the Wall Street Journal “ISIS and Al Qaeda have since grown and spread across the region… to states in civil war or on the brink — Syria, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Egypt, and once again, Iraq”(Pollack).

After the war against terrorism[Al Qaeda] Iraq had an established government being overwatched by the United States but when ISIS rose to fight them a few years later the U. S. trained military of Iraq crumbled to pieces along with the established government allowing ISIS to get a foothold and start expanding into new territories where the government has failed to protect its citizens and the Sunni Islamic radical majority was able to rise up and take over in the name of Jihad and ISIS.

ISIS is not just a bunch of militants who fight for power and land they have grown because now according James R. Clapper to Los Angeles Times ISIS has gone echnological showing “unprecedented online proficiency”(Bennett), but not only have they gotten power in the cyber world they also according to the Washington Post have “swept through Iraq and Syria in recent years, seizing control large swathes of territory with an eye toward establishing jihadism in the heart of the Arab world”(Morello).

ISIS is growing with new people everyday and with younger kids who have a technological advantage against their parents who want them to help ISIS or kids who want to help ISIS without their parents knowing do it in the cyber world with D. D. O. S distributed denial of service) attacks against government websites and servers. These D. D. O. S attacks have enough power to shut down government websites and servers which could lead to devastation. For example, if ISIS targets a server and shut it down, that server could hold the controls for a nuclear reactor, it could cause a radioactive thermonuclear explosion just like what happened in Japan a few years ago.

While younger kids are fighting for ISIS in the cyber world, older ISIS sympathizers get one way tickets to Syria to join the fight against ISIS’s enemies and to cause civil war, according to The Wall Street Journal “civil wars can be contagious .. The longer conflicts continue in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, the more likely they will destabilize their neighbors .. Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are already experiencing violent unrest, while nascent civil wars are catching fire in Turkey, Egypt, and South Sudan”(Pollack).

If ISIS is able to cause civil wars in all these countries they would gain a larger amount of land. Civil wars and the weakness of the established Arab governments have caused ISIS [as well as other terrorist groups] o rise up and expand their land holdings and power. Although many Critics would have you believe that the United States should not get involved because it is a foreign affair. Yes it is a foreign affair, but what would make anyone think that if ISIS actually does conquer Europe that they would stop .. he answer is simple, they would not.

The problem here according to Richard English, Belfast Academic, to the Global Viewpoint “the threat of democracy as not the “limited danger” of death and destruction. It is the danger “of provoking ill-judged, extravagant and counterproductive state responses” (Verhofstadt). In this case, the “ill-judged, extravagant, counterproductive” response is that we have not done anything that is close to being helpful to stopping ISIS only to hinder them a little bit which they would just rub off.

Since the United States is doing nothing, it shows ISIS that they can do what crimes they please and we would not step in and stop them. ISIS has started targeting major corporations of the United States like Facebook and Twitter and according Rick Nelson ,U. S. counterterrorism official, to Los Angeles Times “I think it does increase the risk to he employees of those companies, particularly from a homegrown extremist “(Bennett).

Since ISIS is targeting Facebook and Twitter it puts great risk that an extremist who wants to do an insider attack or massacre that they would target employees of these two major corporations. Finally, action should be taken against ISIS. If action would be taken against ISIS and if they were to be destroyed, proper government and law and order would be established in the Middle East, and Europe and the United states would not have to worry about insider attacks and massacres. A mistake that had occurred during World War two had occurred in our generations as well.

That mistake being the western powers not stopping ISIS immediately but letting them grow just like France and Great Britain let Adolf Hitler expand without immediately dealing with him. ISIS has been getting bigger but if a combined effort is put against them, they could be stopped. ISIS has been brutal towards everyone and sooner or later a coalition will form and they will be stopped. It all depends on how many more civilians have to die until the western governments do something to stop ISIS.

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