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The Notebook Nicholas Sparks

Just after Graduation 1932, the opening night of the Neuse River Festival, Noah met his friends Fin and Sarah there. Fin and Sarah were talking to a girl that Noah thought was beautiful, her name was Allie. They hung out at the festival and drank some cherry Cokes until it closed. After that Noah and Allie could not be kept apart. They spent the summer days falling in love and hanging out. Allie’s parents didn’t like that Allie was spending so much time with Noah because he was not wealthy like them.

So Allie and her parents decided for Allie to go to collage in New York, but she would have to leave the boy she fell in love with in North Carolina. Allie left for New York and got settled into collage. She started to meet new friends and was trying to adjust to her new life without Noah. Allie never received a letter from Noah and that broke her heart because she sill loved him and missed him. After a few years passed she met a young man named Lon and fell in love and got engaged. Her family loved Lon; he was from a very wealthy family and made a lot of money as a lawyer.

They were all happy and were busy trying to get things ready for Allie and Lon’s wedding. Noah still in North Carolina wrote Allie every day for a year and never got a response. He decided to go into the Army and then he had to leave for the war. During the war his best friend Fin was killed. After the war he went back home and found that his father sold the house, and gave Noah the money so that he could buy the house of his dreams and fix it up like he promised Allie. His father had gotten very sick and died, but Noah kept going and finished the house. Noah had a few girlfriends but he never forgot about Allie and probably never will.

One day Allie was reading the newspaper and happened to see a picture of Noah in front of the house; he had fixed it up like he promised Allie. All the old familiar feelings came back and she knew that she had to go back to Newbern one last time. When she got there she checked into the hotel and put her things away and decided to drive to Noah’s home. When she arrived at Noah’s home and their eyes met; they both realized that the love they felt was strong as ever. They spent the next few days inseparable falling in love all over again. Allie knew that she had to tell Lon that she was still in love with Noah.

In the meantime, Allie’s mother drove to Newbern to warn Allie that Lon was on his way there. She told Allie she had something for her, and gave her a package with 365 letters from Noah tied with a ribbon. She told Allie to follow her heart. Allie told Noah she had to leave and talk to Lon. Noah was crushed; he thought he had lost her all over again. So she went back to the hotel and talked to Lon, explaining she could not marry him because her heart still belonged to Noah. Lon was hurt and told her he understood and to go back to her love. When Allie arrived back in Noah’s home; she stood in the front yard with her suitcases.

When Noah saw her; he realized she was home for good. They lived a long and happy life with their children. Years later Allie had developed all timers, and when she couldn’t function at home any longer. Noah bolted up the house and they moved into a nursing home. Allie’s condition continued to worsen, and each day Noah would read to her from the notebook she wrote, hoping that a small part of her would come back to him. From time to time she would remember him. The last memory that they shared together was that they were husband and wife again. That night they died peacefully in their sleep peacefully.

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