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The Missouri Compromises Role In The Civil War Essay

Sectional tension between the slave south and free north arose over the control of the vast western lands, in 1819. During that year, Missouri, the first state entirely west of the Mississippi River and carved from the Louisiana Purchase, wanted admission from the Congress to be recognized as a slave state. The territory contained a sufficient population to become a state, yet the House of Representatives withheld passing Missouri as a state. At the moment, the Tallmadge amendment was passed, declaring that no more slaves could be brought into Missouri.

Slaveholding southerners argued aggressively that the ectional balance between states was being threatened. In 1788, the Constitution granted the northern and southern states equal wealth and population, yet every year, it seemed as though the north was prospering and gained more settlers, which in the southerners opinion reflected as an increase of northern majority in the House of Representatives. At the moment, there was a balance between eleven slave states and eleven free states; however with the acceptance of Missouri, there was now an unbalance.

Congress, although receiving many disagreements, allowed Missouri to become a slave state. At the same time, Maine, which until then was part of Massachusetts, was also admitted as a separate state. Therefore, the balance between states and Senate was then set again. Both the north and south gained from the experience. The south won Missouri as a slave state, and the north won in the ideal that Congress could forbid slavery in any of the remaining territories. As well as gaining land, the south and kept slavery, yet most importantly retained their economic stance and way of life based off of agriculture.

The south lost in a sense that they had to look towards xpansion to the west to expand slavery since the northern states forbade such action. They would have less of a political influence on the other states. The Compromise included an imaginary line at 36° 30′ north latitude, dividing the new Louisiana Territory into two areas, one north and the other south. All the Louisiana Territory north of the line was free territory. This enabled that any future states formed from the area was to be free for African Americans.

The compromise encouraged people in the north to return runaway slaves to their homes, even in the free territories. Ultimately, the Missouri Compromise was initiated to do well for the divisive states, yet only separated them more. While the southern states were in favor of slavery, the northern states vehemently opposed the idea. An expansion of slavery would have meant an increase in the territorial space and population. This in turn would give the Southern states increased power in the House.

Although the Civil War had some time to initiate, the Compromise played a major role in the laying the groundwork for the war that was to come. It contributed to the division and isagreement between north and south, surrounding the topic of slavery. The issue built severe tension between the two sides of the country. The Acquisition of Florida The land far south of the United States had been believed by the Americans to soon become part of the nation. As it was, some Americans had already claimed sections of Florida to established colonies.

While American settlers took the land, they had torn the land from the Spanish. However, Florida remained for the majority under Spanish rule. The American settlers in West Florida often caused rebellions as they declared ndependence from Spain. Congress used the incident to claim the region, understanding that Spain’s government was weakened due to the previous battle with Napoleon. The United States and Spanish relations were strained due to the rebellions and uprisings that occurred in Florida, and became more tentious when General Andrew Jackson seized the Spanish forts at St. Marks then at Pensacola after receiving orders to respect all posts under the Spanish flag.

Jackson executed two Indian chiefs and then two British subjects for assisting the Indians. Although President Monroe among others disapproved of Jackson’s actions, Adams defended Jackson declaring the necessity to take such actions as the Spanish failed to do so. Using Jackson’s military operation, Adams presented Spain with an initiative to either control the residents of East Florida or cede it to the United States.

John Quincy Adams was able to reach an agreement under the Adams-Onis Treaty declaring that Spain ceded Florida to the United States in return for five million dollars in damage caused by American citizens rebelling against Spain. By gaining Florida, the United States controlled all of the Atlantic Ocean and allowed the United States to better communicate and stay connected with other states and territories along the western seacoast. The acquisition also proved that America could deal and resolve foreign issues as well as take a strong place in their territorial aims.

The Acquisition of Florida made the United States a more unified country due to there no more being Europeans or other groups in the lands to affect commerce among the nation. The Monroe Doctrine The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was to not allow European ountries, primarily Britain, to interfere with America. The United States wanted to be isolated from other countries and not be in the middle of a war between two other nations. George Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation was designed to keep America from future wars, and keep Americans from dividing their loyalties.

Involving the United States in outer wars would inflict severe damage on the new nation; therefore, Washington also in his Farewell Address advised to stay away from permanent alliances with foreign countries. The doctrine was to signify between the Americas from the European ifestyle, non-intervention, and non-colonization. Through this doctrine, President James Monroe wanted to refrain Europe from thinking about seeking new territories in America since at the time, Americans took up the majority along the eastern border.

All unclaimed land would directly belong to the United States, and could be made so no Europeans could enter. Americans wanted to be able to increase the United States influence on trading and industries throughout the region of the south. Without having the restrictions from Britain, Americans could trade with whoever they felt like. The Doctrine sent a clear message to Europe that stated the United States wouldn’t tolerate any more laws or restrictions.

America wouldn’t interfere with Europe or its government as long as Europe minded its own affairs. However, if Europe disobeyed, violated, or endangered any part of the Americas, North or South, the United States wouldn’t mind becoming involved. It was imperative that Latin American trade networks remained free and clear to ensure successful development of the United States. Although the United States wants to avoid war, the nation will take actions and do what is necessary to rotect its citizens.

Ultimately, America wanted to continue having its nationalism, and Monroe gave it to the people, as well as giving the statement of isolation to other nations. America was to no longer depend on a mother country, but would prosper and tend to itself. This document in a way formed the foreign policies seen today, and has been valued due to having the power to declare other countries should stay away. The United States although not that powerful, was on the road to becoming a prospering nation that began with a few colonies.

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