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The Lovely Bones Analysis Essay

My eyes move from page to page scrutinizing each word like Susie Salmon watching her family live life. I have finished The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold. As the time keeps moving forward, the search of Susie Salmon’s murder continues. The police have found evidence that Mr. Harvey is the murder and now trying to find him. As the police continue that search, Susie is walker watching her family move on from her death until; she has reached her moment to go to her heaven. Many events in the story made me connect and evaluate.

The Sister Hood of The Traveling By Ann Brashares is about a group of friends that all fit into a magic pair of jeans and they all agree to share the pants over the summer as they all go on their summer vacation trips. The plot of the story already has my mind predicting events. Now I am in the place I call this wide wide Heaven because it includes all my simplest desires but also the most humble and grand” (Sebold 325). The thought of losing someone that you love dearly is a dark thought that no one wants to think about.

I have never lost a close love one that changes my life juristically, but in a way I affiliate with the Salmon family. As I read the ways the family reacted or how they responded to her death I know that I would not be like the mom. The mom gave up on everything. She cheated on her husband with the cop, who was investigated on the murder of Susie’s death. The mother also left her family to per sue her dreams, like live in California. In my opinion, if I were in her shoes, I would not leave my family.

Family would be the one thing I would want to be with at the morbid moment of my life. Moving to California to chase my dreams at that moment of time would be wrong; unless I had my family they’re with me and for support. If I would be anyone in this moment of the story, it would be Buckley, Susie’s little brother and her father. I connect with how curious the father was about the murder of his daughter’s death. I would also be searching for evidence and wanting to know who killed her.

If I was creative as Buckley and made a garden every year for his sister, I would do the same as well. Finishing the book, made me evaluate the book’s plots. I liked the way the author wrote the ending of the book. I liked that it was the family’s future because it shows that they accepted the death of Susie Salmon and they can move on with their life. One of my favorite parts of the story was on the last page of the book, when Susie’s sister, named her child after Susie and her husband found Susie’s charm bracelet and put it on their daughter.

I don’t like how Mr. Harvey was not in the book that much because I wanted to ascertain more information of his whereabouts when he dodged after the murder. “The heavy coldness of it threw him off balance just enough for him to stumble and pitch forward” (Sebold 327). Not to sound morbid, but I wish he would have died or had something bad happen to him for all the murders he has convicted. I think that when Lena has the pants, she will expunge her negative feelings for Kostos and fall in love with him. I’m sorry you asked me out, she told him silently.

Otherwise maybe I could have liked you” (Brashares 69). I believe that because she thinks he is cute and likes that he plays soccer. Also she likes how he understands her when they talked alone on the porch. Maybe the magical pants will change Lena’s feelings about Kostos. I also think the pants will help Bridget in getting the attractive soccer coach to like her. They both like soccer and the pants are for the memories they make so I feel that she will have some with Eric, the soccer coach.

For anyone who wants to read The Lovely Bones, be ready for connecting with a loss love one and not having details about Mr. Harvey’s whereabouts. I cannot wait to continue reading The Sister Hood of The Traveling Pants, to see if my predictions come true. I think I deserve an 8 out of 10 because I had so many things to do in a short amount of time. I also believe it is not an A worthy journal. I probably could have done better transitioning more information in paragraphs and reread my journal to check my mistakes more than once.

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