The Life and History of Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu Born: June 2, 1989 Birthplace: Ghana Soccer professional soccer player, made history in April 2004, when he stepped onto the field to play in his first Major League Soccer game. His team, D. C. United, beat San Jose 2-1 in the season opener. He’s the youngest athlete to play in a major American sports league since 1887, when 14-year-old Fred Chapman played professional baseball in Philadelphia. In November 2003, Adu signed with D. C. United, earning a salary of $500,000 a year. Earlier in 2003 he also signed an advertising contract with Nike worth $1 million.

Born in Ghana, Africa, Freddy moved to Maryland with his family in 1997 when his family won a green-card lottery. He became a U. S. citizen in 2002. Adu’s talents extend beyond the soccer field. In his first jayvee basketball game, he scored 28 points. He also won the top prize at an art show. 1993 world champion at age 15; edged Nancy Kerrigan by a 5-4 judges’ vote for 1994 Olympic gold medal. 1st overall pick in 1993 NFL draft (by New England); holds NFL season record for most passes attempted (691) and game records for most passes completed (45) and attempted (70); traded to Buffalo before 2002 season. uard/forward for the LA Lakers; graduated from Lower Merion (Penn. ) HS and made the jump directly to the NBA; youngest player (18 yrs. , 2 mos. , 11 days) ever to appear in an NBA game; became the youngest all-star in NBA history in 1998 and scored a team-high 18 points; won 3 consecutive titles with the Lakers (2000,01,02); accused of rape in 2003 but charges were dropped in 2004; scored 81 points in game against Toronto in Jan. 2006—second highest in NBA history.

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