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The Kokiri Children: A Short Story Essay

Not long ago in a little village among the woods lived a lad called Link. Now Link looked just like an ordinary child and he fit in with all the other children, but deep down he knew he was different. One sunny morning in the Kokiri Forest Link was passing the time as he usually would, reading, writing, practicing sword play, and talking to his fairy friend, Navi. Link was exceptionaly good as sword play, in fact he was the best in the village. So one morning while Link was practicing with his friend Nolan they heard a strange noise in the trees behind them.

Startled Nolan dropped his sword on his toe, letting out a yelp as he did so. When Nolan let out the yelp the noise seemed to have faded away. Now Link was no the type to just sit around if something mysterious was going on. So pesstering Nolan until he agreed to join they set of into the woods with nothing but their swords and fairy friends. As they went deeper and deeper into the forest they happened up new territory that was unknown to them. Just then a twig snapped right behind Nolan setting him screaming and running for his life.

Slighty annoyed and just about as scared Link ran after Nolan to try to calm him down. Having lost sight of Nolan in the chase Link sent his fairy friend ahead to see if he could find him, while Link stayed behind to find out what was following them. As soon as Navi was out of sight Link turned around only to be looking into a hooded figure’s face. Scared out of his mind Link turned to run only to fall over a tree root. Sitting on his rump and rubbing his head Link asked the figure “what is is that you want and why do you keep following us. I warn you I am armed nd will fight you if I have to. ”

Seemingly amused the hooded figure let out a cherrful and suprisingly sweet laugh. “Dear child” the figure said “I am not here to hurt you or to hunt you. I am here to offer you guidance for what you were destined to do. I am Sarai, garudian of the temple just ahead, which by the look of it your friend Nolan has already found. I am here to tell you who you really are and why you are different. You are not an ordinary Kokiri child but a Hyrulian, an ancient race that all but died out centutries ago. You and the Princess are all who left of that ancient race.

You were chosen as a child to save the princess who is now entrapped in the temple. Once at the temple all you need to say to open up the door is “T, Link, hero of the Hyrulians, command you to open” and the door will open. Now once inside I will send a friend to guide you further. ” “Why me” asked Link ” why was I chosen to be a hero, i’m just a regular kid from the Kokiri forest, I’m nothing special. ” Starting to look annoyed Sarai said “Do you really thin that you are an ordinary Kokiri child, does it not seem strange to you that you didn’t get a fairy at birth but years later?

Does it not seem strange that you are a full foot taller than the Kokiri? And does it not seem strange that you are above average when it comes to sword play with the Kokiri? ” she asked now yelling. ” You are no Kokiri boy, you are a Hyrulian, now buck up and become the Hero you were destined to be. Look your fairy comes back to you now, you may tell them what you see fit, but do not tell them about me or the friend I am sending to help you. They will not be able to see her, only you will, so be wise and listen to my advice. Until we meet again little boy.

And with that she vanished into the dark woods and was lost from sight. After Navi came back and told Link that she had found Nolan, Link followed her to a clearing with a door to a building carved into the earth. Just in front on the door was a platform with a wierd symbol on it. Link stepped up onto the platfrom and repeated the words Sarai had told him, and lo and behold the door opened, only to reveal a long dark passage way with an odly placed feather inside the door. Just then a small viciouse looking figure stepped out of the shadows.

Alramed link took a step back and drew his sword. Seeing the Puzzled looks on Nolan’s and Navi’s faces he remembered that Sarai had told him that only he would be ale to see her friend. “Hello there boy” the figure said with a coy smile “I’m Midna, Sarai sent me to guide you through the temple to rescue the princess on the other side. ” Link walked up to her so only he could hear their conversation. “Okay, so you are the guide that is going to help me through the temple, funny I expected someone bigger. ” he said with an impish smile.

Midna’s smile quickly turned to w scowl and she knocked him back out of the temple door. “I dont see why I have to help you” she said still scowling”| could just leave and let you die, but that wouldn’t be fun. Now this feather is not what it seem later on in the temple it will help you move through, so you better come take it. oh and keep your friends out I don’t think they will survive. ” Link told his friends to wait outside for him and headed for the door. Once inside the door slammed shut behind him and a row of torches along the wall, that weren’t there a moment ago, now lit up.

Turning to the feather he picked it up with a grunt “Gee was is the feather made of, lead, it so heavy I can barely hold it, how am I supposed to carry it the whole way? ” He asked still trying to lift it. “Your not” replied Midna “You just have to move it off the pedestool later to open up the door again. ” Now enlightened and not trying to pick up the feather Link moved down the hallway asking Midna question along the way. And so it went for what seemed like hours, it was room after room, puzzle after puzzle, and monster after monster.

After what seemed like an eternity Link laid down to rest, and when he did he noticed something odd about the ceiling. The ceiling had some wierd carvings, which on closer look, looked like a map. It was, it was a map! A map that showed him that he had been going in circles the whole time. Frustrated that he had wasted a lot of time he studied the map closer, looking for a way to the center room, a room that looked important and had the same symbol on the platform outside the temple. “Midna, what is this symbol that I keep seeing in the temple, it looks familiar but I don’t know how. he asked with a puzzled face.

“That is the Hyrulian family crest. ” she replied ” It belongs to the royal family which means the princess must be in there. ” Now knowing where he was supposed to go he got one last look at the map and headed onwards, in the right direction this time. After a few more rooms he noticed a door that he hadn’t seen there before. Heading for the door he stepped on a switch in the floor which, unadvertenly, opened the door. Inside the room at the middle was a lovely princess. So great was her buety that he walked trance-like into the room without waiting for Midna.

As soon as he was in the room, the door slammed shut behind him leaving him in there and midna outside. Now waking out of his trance-like state he noticed something wierd about the room. the shadows were moving! Alarmed he drew his sword and prepared for battle. Out of the shadows moved a grotuesque figure. “I am Vaati” the figure said ” Why do you enter my chambers alone and with a weapon? ” “I was sent here to rescue the princess, but I was not told I was going to have to fight someone to get to her. But no matter I will make quick work of you ugly. ” Link said standing in a defencsive position.

So they fought, for hours upon hours. They were evenly matched so it was hard for either of them to get an advantage. But finaly Vaati dropped his gaurd preparing to attack, Link saw his chance and charge thrusting his blade just beneath Vaati’s jaw, killing him instantly. The princess overjoyed at seeing her captor slain jushed over to Link and engulfed him in a huge hug. As Vaati’s body hit the floor the door opened again to reveal Nolan, Navi, Midna, and Sarai waiting for him. After telling his tale and recieving congradulations from them all, they decided to head home.

The princess and Sarai asked Link if he would like to join them at the castle. He refused saying he would rather live with his friends in the forest. Acknowlegding his request Sarai the Princess saied he was welcome anytime they left and disapeared into the woods. When Link and Nolan returned home they couldn’t wait to tell their friends what had happened. And so the story was passed down from generation to generation and now to you. Now that you have read this pass it on to your children and let the tale of Link the her of Hyrule be known.

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