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The Illuminati: One-World Authoritarian Government Essay

“This beady eye is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful. It is allegedly the symbol of an influential secret society known as the Illuminati” (Waugh). The Illuminati have gotten into our everyday lives and nobody knows how or why they did. Many people do not even know that they exist because they are trying to stay hidden. Supposedly, members of the Illuminati know more about what is going on than the outsiders do (Waugh). We know the Illuminati from the definition given by society and what makes the organization along with members and their history, despite their efforts to keep their plans a secret.

The word illuminati is the plural form of enlightened in latin, but the members use it to mean the covenant of perfectibility (Top Media). However, when “illuminati definition” is Google-ed the definition of the organization pops up – which is society’s definition. “The idea of the New World Order as a sinister development draws on two distinct streams of ideas … one source is … embedded in fundamentalist protestantism” (Barkun). In essence, half of the Illuminati’s ideas, morals, rules, and lifestyle came from the first protestant religion belief system.

“The other secular source, … nsists of a body of historical and political pseudo-scholarship that purported to explain major events in terms of the machinations of secret societies” (Barkun). That means the other half of the Illuminati’s ways are from false learning and false claims. If you put those two sources together you get just a down-right horrible product – the Illuminati. “Allegedly, because this group controls the government and all forms of media, that is the reason why this conspiracy is able to be kept under wraps” (Waugh). If they really are trying to stay on the down low they are not doing a very effective job of it.

Or is it all part of a massive plan? The world may never know. Even though they possibly control the government, there is no link between the eye and pyramid on banknotes (Top Media). So the Illuminati might not be obviously involved as people think, but they are. Skeptics ask, “If it is real then what makes up the group? ” One thing is that they are anti-religious, but not satanists since that is a religion (Top Media). They don’t believe in God or in Satan, the members believe that they can make the world perfect eventually. Another factor is their members, who are they?

The Illuminati is made up of the world’s political and financial elite, and also Rappers” (Read). That means that anyone who is in the spotlight for no reason at all is probably part of the Illuminati. If they are rich for no reason, look no further than the Illuminati. If the members control the government how do they plan? They have a hierarchy: The nursery houses new members; the masonic level that has three sub-levels of apprentice, companion, and master; the highest level is called mysteries and the sub-levels range from priest and prince all the way up to king (Top Media).

Although people are just now becoming aware of the Illuminati the history is far and wide. It was founded on the first of May in 1776 by a practical philosophy and canon law professor Adam Weishaupt along with four of his students (Top Media). That seems like a typical start to any big organization like this. The society is founded on logic and empiricism which is the theory that all knowledge is from the experience of the senses (Top Media). The founding bricks are actually pretty ironic, one is about reason while the other relies on our experience.

Despite this, it was originally founded to reduce the influence of the Roman Catholic Church (Top Media). It is still debated whether that plan worked, but one of the strong points is that if it did work then there shouldn’t be Catholic churches. However, if the influence were strong there would not be so many different denominations. The debate is as much as a theory as everything else, so only the founder and members know whether the original purpose worked or not. The original representation of the Illuminati was the owl of Athena and the owl of Minerva which symbolizes wisdom and insight (Top Media).

Though the symbol changed pretty drastically, the meaning is one thing the group held onto. Many people think that the Illuminati is just freemasonry (Top Media). However, freemasonry is a society focused solely on moral and spiritual values, and it is one of the world’s oldest and most popular fraternal organizations. Though the two are similar, they are not the same – they are two separate organizations.

The phrase “New World Order” has a famous history. “He [George H. W. Bush] drew on a quite different tradition, which … ferred to a new system associated with effective mechanisms for collective security” (Barkun). Unfortunately, some took that the wrong way when Bush used the phrase and made the Illuminati stronger by getting more followers. “People just go about their everyday lives without realizing the Illuminati is running a global empire” (Waugh). This is how the Illuminati is successful because people just live on without knowing or caring about the Illuminati. An aid to this part of success is the belief in Santa Claus.

There is a funny, half serious theory that Santa is the new leader and will take over one present at a time (Dawson). So around Christmas everyone is focused on gifts (from Santa or not) that nobody notices anything the Illuminati could do. There is also a rumor that Beyonce is involved; however there is no hard, obvious evidence (Dawson). Although Beyonce is possibly keeping her membership a secret, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are not. These girls are sexualizing the world with their pictures that are plastered all over the internet (Dawson).

One popular example of this is the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” where girls would try to make their lips big like Kylie’s. They would try to achieve her look by putting their lips in a small glass and suck for a little bit and then pull the glass off. It left many bruises and bloodied a few girls’ mouths. This was not only a distraction but a testament that the Illuminati have some strong players in their disturbing game. They also have very ominous pictures on Instagram, one has the two sisters holding hands with two shadowy figures with hats (Dawson).

The shadow men with hats has been associated with this organization previously, so this is an obvious statement of their membership. But nobody notices that nor cares because we are so distracted by everything else they do. Two more players in the Illuminati’s neurotic game are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Evidence of this is the fact that Kim and her family are famous for absolutely no reason (Dawson). While the family is the center of attention the Illuminati can do anything they wish. So the bigger the distraction the bigger the horrendous plan that is being carried out.

There is a huge machine that also makes distractions. “This machine (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program] has the capability of creating any natural disaster the Illuminati wishes to create. Hurricane Katrina was a product of the HAARP Machine, it was used as a diversion” (Adl-Tabatabai). “The end goal of the Illuminati is to establish a one-world authoritarian government known as the New World Order” (Read). Since this society is made up of elites they should either have or hire some geniuses to do all of their major planning and how to make it go off without a hitch.

With each new infatuation comes a new channel for the organization. “The Illuminati is constantly searching for ways to implant themselves in the minds of the general public, and naturally, control of the drug trade was the perfect way to do so” (Adl-Tabatabai). They can use drugs as an aid in mind control or a way to lure people into becoming a believer. “As more drugs are traded and cartels become more powerful, the Illuminati becomes richer and more powerful” (Adl-Tabatabai).

In this sense, they use drugs as a source of income and a way to gain power and influence to the outside world. However, the society does carry out some very sinister acts to gain those two things. ” … the oil spill was used as an agent to implant microbodies into the brains of children in the area. These children that have been affected are now subject to government control whenever these microbodies are activated” (Adl-Tabatabai). This proves that the bigger the distraction the bigger the plan.

Overall, the world we live in can be a scary place with having to constantly look over our shoulders. The Illuminati is a powerful and dangerous cult that people should be leery about. Their influence touches many without people even knowing it happened. We know the Illuminati from the definition that is given by society and what makes the organization, members, and their history, despite their efforts to keep their plans quite and a secret. “Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that the Illuminati is still at large, controlling the world” (Waugh).

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