The change of women in history

Thailand, men who act and dress like omen are not only socially accepted but encouraged to participate in popular, male- only beauty pageants; in contemporary American culture on the other hand, cross- dressers are usually seen as deviant and or ridiculous. In late-seventeenth and early- eighteenth century our current “masculinity” would be tested:in England elaborate laces, wigs, and makeup signed wealth, status and sexual attractiveness for men and women alike. In time history shows us how our gender derives form cultural myths and what is proper for men and women to think and enjoy.

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History of events hanged the “naturalness” of gender economic, and personal relation between sexes. History shows us how crossing dressing men were praised for their personality, they were thought to have too confined souls in one, possessing men ad women sprits. Apple believed anyone who can carry two genders was considered superior. Only “true men” who carried two souls are praised and looked upon as a God like features. Referring to the twenty’s century however, cross dressing and or gay men are stridden in society. People chastised them and resent them as humans, and even hind of them as half of a person. Overall incidences have occurred involving gay men and hate crimes resulting in injuries and death. In our society our culture seems to chastise anyone that’s seems different in beliefs and looks. Centuries have changed guttural myths of sexes in society. In my course of research I hope to learn why cross-dressing men in late-seventh century early-eighteenth century were praised and in the twenty’s century their isolated. I tend to find the complete difference in how society treats men back then and how they are treated now.

Hoping to discover were the change happen in society and if there is a way in changing back. In my discoveries I want to know why society changed to treat people who are indifferent. In result have an outcome of a general understanding of the myths of gender. In my course of studies I carried out my research by first finding a topic of inserts from a book vive read. Next taken what I already new about the topic into a German thought. From there I formulated a argument I tend to discuss through out the paper of thoughts and facts.

Taken the thoughts and facts onto paper organizing me into my thesis statement: the difference between cultural myth and gender. To further my research I planed to find events that prove hatred toward men of certain status and men praised from before time. Taken the difference into a train of thou to what I expect my conclusion to be. To close my I-search paper I hope to have a clear and despite understanding of my topic at hand with persists meaning. In the The change of women in history By romantically discourage shaped eighteenth-century understanding of gendered bodies”. Over in is discovery he flips the roles of gender and challenges women’s masculinity and sees it as social and political discourse. Using his discoveries he finds pornography and sexual conquest as a imagery level of praise. In the 18th century sexuality was not based on gender but “desire and physical sex characteristics. Men in this time portrayed female bodies more then men because they were signally as sexual and desirable. It allowed “women” to feel pleasure through masculinity. In Greek society gay relations were honored, lambda warriors, an army of male homosexuals conquered several neighboring lands.

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