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One afternoon I was sitting at a study table at the library quietly working on my Survey of World Religion homework. All of a sudden another college student slammed his books on to the table. After he placed his books loudly upon the table, he threw down his book bag on to the floor next to the chair. I glanced up at him with a look of disturbance upon my face. He left as quickly as he came, just to return again. I continued working on my homework until he blessed me with his prescent. The very first thing I noticed about the adolescent was his hat that sat on his head.

There was a considerably large Nike symbol on the front of the pale green baseball cap. The coat that he wore was a vivid color of red and a bright yellow with blue trim. His very fluffy coat appeared to be well stuffed. After the brightly tri-colored coat was off, I noticed a hung colossal gold chain around his neck that swung to the left and the right. On his chain was a gold charm that was considerable large for a normal person. It appeared to me that the charm was an oversized dollar bill symbol. The necklace and the charm made a clanging noise every time he moved.

The oversized purple fleece shirt that he was wearing looked very warm. The fleece had the word Tommy written extremely large in white bold print across the front of his purple colored fleece shirt and looked worn and tattered. The jeans that he decided to wear that day were also too large for him. The jeans that this college boy wore looked like both of his legs could have fit in just one of the jeans sleeves. Every thing that this boy put on his body seemed to me to be entirely large for his body size, which made him look a little on the goofy side.

His physical characteristics reminded me of a high school junior. The student was approximately five foot nine inches tall and looked like he weighs almost two hundred pounds. He didnt look too thin, or too heavy. His hands were big and all of his fingernails were bitten down. His hair color was a golden blond with white highlights. His hair was very straight and hung right below his ears. His ears that stuck out from his baseball cap were too large for his head. It almost appears like he could take off in flight with his large ears. His eye color was a real pretty, bright blue.

He also had long eyelashes and a blond una-brow that went across his forehead. His face was covered with little blond hairs that sporadically grew wherever they wanted. He had a very nice complexion without a blemish. His skin tone was very fair with a few freckles here and there. He had a very attractive smile. The behavior of this college student seemed to be a bit on the childish side. When he left the study table, he started to pace and stomp around the library looking for books. When he finally found the library books that he needed, he slammed them down on the table.

When he pulled out the chair from under the table, he slapped his weight down upon the poor chair. When he was paging his way though one of the library books, I could feel the gentle breeze hitting my face. When he couldnt find what he was looking for in the first book, he sighed and slammed the book shut. He started glimpsing through the second book. The second book that he opened he didnt treat much differently. When the student couldnt find what he was looking for again, he said a few unpleasant words. Just then, his phone started to ring in an ear-piercing manner.

When he finally answered the phone, talked loudly for a short period of time. When he hung up the phone, he started looking once again and found what he was looking for in the third book. He shuffled around looking for a piece of paper and started writing down information. When he wasnt writing, he was clicking his pen. If he wasnt clicking his pen, then he was tapping it on the table. I guess he wasnt very happy with what he wrote down, because he crumbled up the piece of paper threw it onto the corner of the carpet. At this time I could tell the young man was getting really upset.

He stood up like his pants were on fire, and gathered his stuff up, and he left. The college student who sat briefly across from me in the school library was a very rude individual. The way that boy acted was very immature. The style of clothing that he chose to wear was very loud. He gave me the impression of wanting to be noticed. It seemed to be that the student was a label whore. I found the boy to be attractive in physical characteristics, but his actions were not to be adored. Anyone could have sat next to me that afternoon, why did it have to be him?

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