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Support for Abortion

Involves the termination of a pregnancy or ending the life of an unwanted and unborn fetus. According to most pro-choice people, abortion means getting rid or terminating a pregnancy and not necessarily killing a fetus. They believe that the unborn child is only an embryo or fetus, not an actual living baby. According to the pro-choice people, a mother has an option of terminating or ending a pregnancy because the fetus Is only in the early stages of developing.

This possibly means It does not contain a life. Those factions that support abortion believe that a woman should have the right to make a decision concerning pregnancy termination in case there Is no desire to bear a child. Thus, according to the pro-choice faction bearing a child should be imposed or forced on women. It should be a decision made by an individual at her own accord, and abortion is a solution, which offers them options of avoiding a parental life, which they may not be ready to embrace.

However, the pro- life people Insist and believe that an unborn fetus is a living child and terminating a regnant Is equal to murder. They claim that an embryo Is a living being that Is In its initial and premature stages of development. Thus, according to the pro-life groups the fact that an embryo is perceived as a living being, abortion clears amounts to murder off living person. According to the American constitution, all people are provided an Inalienable right that Is assured by the constitution. The American constitution guarantees that people have a right to seek and pursue their happiness in life.

It is the fundamental right of women to seek this happiness without Ewing forced to carry responsibilities that they are not willing or ready pursue. For that reason, based on this notion a baby can sometimes become a hindrance on the happiness pursuance of women (Maine 34). This Is because even If women contain an option of giving up their unwanted child up for adoption she still endure carrying the baby for months before giving birth. For that reason, abortion is a sure option of aiding women in averting this burden and solves their predicament of carrying an unwanted fetus.

For that reason, the traditional values of forcing women o bear children that they are not ready to raise demonstrate prejudice because they deny women their guaranteed privilege and invades into their constitutional liberty (Thomson 70). Furthermore, abortion is a medical option, which ensures that the health of women Is safeguarded. Many women are exposed to various dangerous medical conditions that put their health at a risk. This involves disease such as kidney illnesses, hypertension, heart sickness and anemia, as well as many other medical conditions (Thomson 72).

In several circumstances, these diseases pose a life heartening risk to women. Thus, with such consideration abortion gives women an option to avert serious medical complications that can occur because of childbirth. The Unites States must recognize distinct historical experiences that are 1 OFF and not prisoners of subjection laws (Castro 18). Furthermore, the traditional society of America was highly chauvinistic. The society was massively patriarchal perceiving women as childbearing instruments and homemakers while undervaluing their societal contributions and values.

This resulted in the society prejudicing women and guarding them as minorities with little say in society. For that reason, under such circumstances abortion offers women an opportunity to enjoy a right that society had denied them for long. The right to abortion gives women a sense of individuality and recognition because she has the right to decide the fate of her future and that of the fetus she is carrying (Rossi 32). Conclusion Abortion is a notion that raised several questions in the American society. This has resulted in intense arguments by those who support and those who support abortion.

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