AP European history

This course is comparable in scope and difficulty to a college-level course. AP European History’s principle goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the cultural, diplomatic, economic, intellectual, political, and social history of Europe from the High Renaissance (1450) to the present. While using primary and secondary sources alongside a college-level textbook, students will … Read more

American History Timeline

For example, if a topic is divided into 3 subtopics, you may write a maximum of 250 per subtopic listed. Be sure to cite all sources. Major Event/Epoch in American History I Time period/Date(s) I Description and Significance of the People/Event(s) to American History 1) Describe three different American Indian cultures prior to colonization. | … Read more

History of America

When looking at the historical differences between two continents, key historical concepts such as culture, frontiers, and independence highlight the differences. Europe had a far longer history than America. Time plays a crucial role in a country’s history. America’s time may be short, but its unique aspects played a role in its development. While America … Read more

Women in Society Throughout History

Women in Society throughout History Throughout history, women have been seen in many different lights. From a woman’s perspective she is strong, smart, helpful and equal to men. In the eyes of men, she is seen as the weaker being, the housewife, and the caretaker. By looking at the following pieces of writing, one can … Read more

IB history outline for Cold War

The reaction of the Soviets with the Molotov Plan and COMMON and their plan to spread communism. Include he Korean war and other wars. Significance: At the end of WI Stalin had the red army spread throughout Germany and Eastern Europe and it made the impression he was rather occupying it than helping it. Stalin … Read more

History of Bowling

Justin Hill History of Bowling Bowling has grown to become a popular sport throughout the world. In this sport, the player aims to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface called the lane, to topple the objects stationed at the end of the lane, called pins. Just like the sport itself, … Read more

Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan’s History

Jonathan Mendez Global Civilization II Professor Michael Efthimiades March 6, 2009 Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan’s History The Tokugawa shogunate, also known as the Tokugawa bakufu, and the Edo bakufu was a feudal regime of Japan established by Tokugawa Ieyasu and ruled by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family. This period is known as the Edo … Read more

Art History Slide Notes

Venus of Willendorf from Willendorf, Austria 28,000 – 25,000 BCE Limestone Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna Paleolithic – representation of a woman – female anatomy is exaggerated – serves as a fertility image – no facial features, just hair/hat – freestanding sculpture Statuettes of 2 worshipers from the Square Temple at Eshnunna (Tell Asmar), Iraq 2700 BCE … Read more

3 Most Important Events in World History

3 Most Important Events in World History Many events have shaped the world to what it is today. Events such as the writing of the Communist Manifesto, the Black Death, and World War II were very important in history and their effects can still be seen today. If not for these monumental events the world … Read more

The Significance of the Frontier in American History

Put forth by historian Frederick Jackson Turner in his paper, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History,” his thesis asserted that the existence of a frontier and its settlement had shaped American character; given rise to individualism, independence, and self-confidence; and fostered the American spirit of invention and adaptation. Later historians, especially a group … Read more

AP World History Chapter 1 Review Guide

Chapter 1 Reading Guide From Human Prehistory to the Early River Valley Civilizations DIRECTIONS: Read Chapter 1: From Human Prehistory to the Early River Valley Civilizations DIRECTIONS: Define the following vocabulary terms. Paleolithic Age: The Old Stone Age ending in 12,000 b. c. e. ; typified by use of crude stone tools and hunting and … Read more

History of Injectable Tissue Engineering

The advances involve researchers in a multitude of disciplines, including cell biology, bimetallism science, and Inequitable Tissue Engineering of cell material interactions. Tissue engineering aims to restore, maintain, or improve tissue functions that are defective or have been lost by deferent pathological conditions by reconstructing tissues. Inequitable Tissue Engineering Is the process of using specific … Read more

The Development and the History

The Development and the History of the UK Corporate Governance Code The roots of the code mainly come from the Catbird Committee Reports and its successor reports. (Mammalian, C. , 2010) There are five sections in the Code. They are Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability, Remuneration and Relations with Shareholders. (FRR, 2010) Section A: Leadership A. L … Read more

Abortion research paper

Abortion has been a major topic of debate based on morality and call rights throughout history. Citizens have opposed each other’s ideas of how to address abortion for decades. Many people believe that human life begins at conception and they view abortion as murder of an unborn child. Others believe that a fetus only gains … Read more

History of Intel

Intel in the DRAM business Intel’s first two products were introduced in 1969: two semiconductors, but neither product was a commercial success. These two semiconductors were called SRAM – the 3101 (a 64-bit bipolar static random access memory, or SRAM and the 1101 (a 256-bit MOS – metal oxide semiconductor – SRAM In 1971 Intel … Read more

History Of Human Resource Management

The rapid development of new Industrial approach to work changed the world dramatically. The quick and cheap production became a priority for many industries. The factories hired thousands of workers, who worked up to 16 hours a day. The second rapid development of Human Resources started in the beginning of 20th century. Most organizations introduced … Read more


They aimed to attack ships that were carrying weapons to the allies (the Louisiana, the passenger ship that head weapons on board; 128 Americans died) Zeppelins large German airships Convoy a group of unarmed ships surrounded by armed ships Success of the Convoy System the system eliminated the sinking of allied ships (the Louisianan) Natives … Read more

History of KUB

With energetic and expertise Nazi has confidence and determined to take the loss-making CLC back to profitability in the current financial year. He has created a change in SUB with the restructuring and sale of assets to bring back SKI-JOB. Although many people said that nobody would be able to turn around SUB, he took … Read more

History fair

Student Names: Caroline Chunk, Laura Gorilla (Vanilla) Topic 1: Abolitionist Sinkhole in Chicago; Chicago role in the abolition movement/ underground rails (At the time of the abolitionist movement, how did Chicago create pro-abolition action/How did this influence the emancipation of slaves later on? ) Rationale: I think it would be very interesting to see Chicago … Read more

Abortion research paper

I believe abortion is wrong because human life begins at the time of conception between the union of the sperm and of the egg. I chose this topic for my research paper because I found this to be one of the most talked about and well known controversial topics there Is. I also find It … Read more

The History of Hip Hop

The History of Hip Hop Introduction Hip hop music is a style of popular music. It is usually composed of two elements: rapping (also known as emceeing) and Digging. When combined with break dancing and graffiti art, these are the four components of hip hop, a cultural movement which began In New York City In … Read more

The history of Hip-Hop

The history of hip-hop originated In the late 60th of the 20th century and continues to grow In the present day. Hip hop music first emerged with disc Jockeys creating rhythmic beats by looping breaks on two turntables. This was later known as rap, a rhythmic style of chanting or poetry presented in 16 bar … Read more

Pollution Throughout History

Describe Your Own Environment Consider the natural environment or boom found in the geographic area where you currently live. For example, if you live in the Midwest, the natural boom for this area is the grassland. If you live in Alaska you are likely to live in either the tundra or the boreal forest. Describe … Read more

The History of Enterprise Rent-A-Car

When most people think of car rentals firms, the names of Hertz and Avis usually comes to mind. But in the last few years, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has overtaken both these industry giants and today it stands as both the largest and the most profitable business in the car rental industry. In 2001 ,for instance the … Read more

Benetton History and Csr

Actually, our first choice was Pixar. Recently this company became the most famous animation company in the world, but other groups also chose it, so we had to change. We researched about successful cases in enterprise management and uniqueness. Finally we found a company, Benetton, which fits our requirements. Benetton is well known as a … Read more

Early History of Manchester United

Mean Magical in the early sass which Is called “Dirty Old Town”, the now anthem of Manchester. Heard a siren call from across the docks Saw a train set the night on fire Smelled the spring on the Sailors wind Dirty old town The chorus of this song show reflects pretty well the living circumstance … Read more