Study Guide on U.S. History

How did Political Machines control the city? Nativity Ellis Island and Angel Island Jane Addams and Settlement Houses Hull House City Beautiful Movement What were vaudeville shows? The Peoples Party/Populists (Who were they and what did they want? ) William Jennings Bryan Homestead Strike Pullman Strike & Eugene V. Debs The election of 1896 (Who were the candidates, who won) Chapter lists 152: study Guide – -rest #1 23 swept 2013 Triangle Shirt Waist Fire (Why is it significant? ) Why was the middle class on the rise and what problems did they see in society?

Who were the progressives and what did they want? What is the Social Gospel? Jane Addams and Florence Kelly How did Roosevelt break up the trusts? How did Roosevelt deal with the anthracite coal mine strike (1902)? Election of 1912 (3 main candidates) Bull Moose Party 16th Amendment Federal Reserve Act Clayton Anti-Trust Act Conservation vs.. Preservation John Mir Gifford Ponchos Open Shop and Scabs How did Henry Ford treat his workers? Frederick Wilson Taylor and Scientific Management Lewis Hind and Jacob Rightist 152: Study Guide – Test #1 Lecher v. New York

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Ludlow Massacre WEST and Temperance Mueller v. Oregon The Jungle by Upton Sinclair (What was its impact? ) How did progressives attempt to end government corruption? 17th Amendment Muckrakers Ida Darrell Chapter 19: What is imperialism? Why did America expand overseas in the asses/asses? Captain Alfred T. Amman Josiah Strong Why did America get involved with the Spanish-American War? Yellow Journalism (Hearst vs.. Pulitzer) US Maine (Why was it in Cuba? ) Commodore Dewey and the Battle of Manila Teller Amendment Treaty of pantalets 152: study Guide – -rest #1

Plant Amendment How did we gain Hawaii Arguments for and against colonizing the Philippines Why did we colonize the Philippines? Emilio Continual Filipino-American War Open Door Policy Boxer Rebellion Gentleman’s Agreement Picture Brides and Paper Sons Take Kiowa v. US (1922) Begat Sings Thin v. US How did we get old of the Panama Canal and why did we want it? What was our role in the Panamanian Revolution? Hay-Bunya-Barilla Treaty (1903) How was the canal built? Roosevelt Corollary Dollar Diplomacy “White man’s burden” Rough Riders

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