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Short Story Of Kaylas Stockholm Syndrome Essay

Kayla had always been a shy girl, probably due to her fathers rather unpredictable tendencies. The girl grew up with her parents, both strung out and disowned, until she was about six years old. Sadly, its not uncommon for drug filled places to be abusive places as well. For the most part Kayla wasn’t hurt badly, maybe a few bruises, but that didn’t change what the child had to see. The memories she repressed of watching her father beat on her mommy, among other things, still effected who she was.

The child was taken away when she was six, both parents arrested, and sent to stay with her mothers sister in the southern part of North Carolina. Lacy, her aunt, wasn’t a mean woman by any stretch. Kayla actually did like her, to an extent, but taking a child who was raised where she had been… It was new for Lacy as well. Along with the new aunt, Kayla got a cousin to look up to. Her cousin was much older than her, ten years older to be exact. And, despite any differences or things Kayla may have done, she did love her new family. However, along with her nightmares came another little issue.

Her father was many things. Addicted to drugs, abusive, arrogant, and, to go with that, he was schizophrenic. Kayla happened to developed this as well. It had started before she ever left her parents, though. The development began with just sounds, like someone was talking to her. Kayla thought it was someone in the house, or even a ghost. She complained to her mommy that the ghosts were trying to scare her, and her mom just gave her a funny look. Something was then said to her dad, who threw a fit saying, “get over it! Your a big girl, no ones there stop making stuff up. ”

Something he had failed to mention to her mother was the schizophrenia, so he played it off like Kayla was lying. It wasn’t a big deal, he felt. He’d had it since he was little and it wasn’t ever bad for him… But he had medication. Kayla, however, didn’t want to get yelled at again, or hit for crying, so she just nodded and said she was sorry going to her room. She never said anything about it again, but many nights were spent hugging a pillow looking around for the ghosts and weird things that bothered her. When she got to her aunts house, they actually gave her a full evaluation.

Who wouldn’t have, though? They pulled her from a drug house bruised up and abused. During the eval, they determined PTSD and Schizophrenia (despite her father never mentioning it, it was documented so of course they checked). They put her on medications to help control her schizophrenia, and for the most part they do their job. The girl will this suffer the issues from time to time, but mostly only if she forgets her meds or has an otherwise horrendous day and amount of stress. Kayla’s biggest issue though, only gets worse. After moving in with her aunt she grew up there.

She was shy and timid at first, and while she grew to love the two she lived with (her uncle having died two years prior to her moving in) it didn’t change things to much. Kayla stayed quiet and to herself most of the time, not wanting to upset anyone. Like any child would, Kayla did get into a little trouble, but at the first sounding of a raised voice she cowered. Lacy learned quickly not to get loud with Kayla, and after about the time she was 10 things were going well enough. And, as if some cruel issue played by the universe, well enough wasn’t allowed for Kayla.

Her father along with a couple other inmates escaped from the prison he was in. News got to Lacy, and she didn’t think it was a huge deal. She stayed calmed and just continued as if nothing had happened. After all, why would such a man who clearly didn’t care about his daughter bother trying to bring her home with him? Well, she was wrong about that, and into flames her house went one night. It wasn’t so much that her father was giving a damn about her, but she was his. He was a possessive man when it came down to it, though maybe there was a small hint of wanting his baby girl?

Either way, when he went to take her back, he left no trace. He ended the lives of bother Kayla’s aunt and her cousin when the girl was 10, and took her burning the house down. Kayla, of course, was terrified by this. The man she had been trying to get over for four years at that point was back, killed her family, and was taking her while burning down the house. But, the old fear prevented her from fighting with him. From that point on, though, fire terrified her. The thought of watching someone or something she loved burn always came to her with the element

Her father kept her in an area just far enough to not be looking for her for about a year to let everything die down. After all, when a child is abducted and the house burned to the ground, people get scared and start trying to find her. Once it was don’t though, he made his escape to Britain. He raised her there, the same pattern as before, until she was 15. When she was 15, her father was arrested again, and the British government was a bit confused when they took the child. The scared girl who refused to speak a word to anyone about anything. Period.

They realized quickly they had no information on the name her father had given them, and it took a while for Kayla to speak to anyone. She was still scared and didn’t know what to do. When she finally did speak, it wasn’t actual words. She wrote, she wrote her name and that she was american, and that she didn’t have any family. One of the officers looked after her while they figured out what to do and where to send her. She said she wanted to go back to the US. She really wanted to be as far away from her father as possible. Stockholm syndrome definitely was not developed in her time with the man, that was for sure.

She hated the man she was forced to call her father. After a couple of days the girl had started talking to the man that was looking after her. When she was shipped off the Idaho where there was a family willing to take her in she actually quite liked the man. He was kind to her. Though, she hadn’t said much at all and when she arrived in Idaho with the family she said even less. They seemed to be the kind of people who accepted foster children for the check, which wasn’t unlikely considering they had five before she arrived. All of the kids shared a room, and the girl she shared a room with was very sweet at first.

She was an orphan, both parents died in a car wreck when she was twelve. Her roommate was seventeen when Kayla met her. When she got to this new home she quickly attached herself to the only person she knew, following her around not much unlike a puppy. In many senses Kay was a very child like individual, though she was not stupid. She was needy, though, needy and very shy. Realizing this, and the tendencies, Marcy, the roommate, tried to distance herself. Not because Kayla made her uncomfortable, but she knew she would be 18 soon, and once that happened…

Well the family would stop getting a check for her, and out the door she would go. She pushed Kayla away, but for the red head this was a very BAD thing. Kayla started to feel like she wasn’t wanted, wasn’t needed. When Marcy left after she was 18 Kayla was actually quite heart broken. Not in a romantic sense, but she felt abandoned and unwanted. At 16 Kayla got a new roommate, this one younger than she was. Roseal was only 13 at the time, her mother dead and father arrested for a drunk driving accident which killed a unger than Rose.

Kay, not wanting to continue being so alone, quickly attached to Rose. The two of them were close, often times never leaving each other’s side for anything. Rose was all Kayla really had, and as they got closer the worse this developed. It actually became something dangerous, to a point that Kayla honestly needed Rose. It got to a point that Kayla would have gone suicidal without Rose. She near refused to talk to anyone else unless she had no choice. Rose was her best friend, and the only person she felt like she could talk to.

It wasn’t a romantic attraction, but it was definitely obsessive. So, when Rose ended up getting attacked at 14 (Kayla being 17 then) and not making it to the hospital Kayla was crushed. It felt like someone shattered her heart into itty bitty pieces and left them to get run over repeatedly. She couldn’t help but blame herself, for not being there for letting her go alone with a boy. She turned 18 about a week after this, and after a month her nearly dead body was found in her room. They managed to stabilize her and bring her back to health, but Kayla wasn’t happy about that.

She had wanted to die, why didn’t anyone understand that?! Why wouldn’t they let her go? She didn’t feel like she belonged on the earth any more, her only reason for living had been to be there for Rose like Marcy wasn’t for her. That was taken from her, and then death that would have let her rejoin Rose was taken as well… The red head was admitted to a mental hospital after being released from the actual hospital. When Kayla was finally released from Boise, she moved again, wanting a new fresh start, and so she began her story in Los Santos, trying to cut it as a photographer.

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