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Sam Walton Essay

This essay will talk about one of the world’s greatest retail giants Walmart. This essay will also speak about the founder of Walmart, which was Sam Walton. Sam Walton had a dream and what a dream he had because there are around 12,000 stores more or less. The article will talk about Sam the man and his ideas for the Walmart building and design layout which will talk about as follows: the history, organization, employee, management, communication, group behavior, decision making, organization goal, employee evaluation, team, and achievement. Sam the Man The student has had the pleasure of working for Walmart, Sam

Walton, was an amazing man with only his dream. Sam Walton was born in Kingfisher on March 29, 1918 (Shottenkirk, 2007). Walton was raised on the family farm until 1923, and he attended Hickman High School in Columbia and played basketball and football (Shottenkirk, 2007). Walton attended the University of Missouri there he learned his good business sense, majoring in economics (Shottenkirk, 2007). In 1987, Walton was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame (Shottenkirk, 2007). The first Wal-Mart Supercenter followed in 1988 in Washington, MO. ; Walton lived long enough to see his company become the nation’s No. ne retailer in 1990 and enter the international market in 1991, which he later died April 5, 1992 (Shottenkirk, 2007).

History The history of Wal-Mart is simple Sam started out with one store and now in the range of 12,000 stores more or less. Sam branched out building four or more stores in the same area at the same time he built a warehouse to supply his stores which at the same time allows his customers to shop and save money. Therefore, Sam, being an excellent and brilliant business mogul planning his logistics and strategies out in detail to the mark of expertise which made him a leader in the Fortune 500 company.

Organization The student has worked for Wal-Mart in the past. Sam Walton loved his customers and at the same time loved his employees which by the way he called them associates. The store structure is as follows as each store has a head store manager and he or she has co-managers that answer and report to them. The assistant managers have to reply and relate to the co-managers, and the employees answers and reports to the assistant managers this is the chain of demand. Organization Goal Wal-Mart has taken the time to put goals in place that would help and assist all cultures. “We’re proud to partner with African

American suppliers in breaking barriers to opportunity. ” (Atwell, 2013, p. 76). Sam Walton’s leading organization goals were to save his customers money by Sam opening up so many stores enabled him to buy his supplies cheaper were as he could pass the savings off to his patrons. The student having worked at Walmart noticed an important organizational goal the effect of training and equipping their associates with the potential willingness to climb the corporate ladder the hope of a better and brighter future. Employees Sam Walton loved his employees, so he took the time to come up with a name for them that he called them associates.

Every store is equipped with salary and hourly employees, and after a year of employment, a week of vacation is granted. Walmart has a policy in effect that every employee must greet the customers with eye contact and a smile and ask if they could be of any assistance. The associates of Walmart are all evaluated after one year of service to see if they are eligible for their raise or not. However, their disciplinary actions was a reprimand, and they do not come off for a year to date, and four was the limit before separation departure.

It has been several employees who have filed discrimination lawsuits against Walmart but Most of the early employment discrimination class action cases were not particularly complicated. ” (Selmi, Tsakos, 2015, p. 807). It appears that nothing much has changed because Walmart has one heck of a legal team representation still in place today. Management Walmart has a management team in place at every store location, and the employee’s job is called a task. Managers are required to hold a meeting at the beginning of each shift with his associates communicating the sales, accidents, and the daily inventory to be stocked.

The managers are required and committed to providing a safe shopping environment for each ustomer as well as for each associate. A manager is required to handle all situations in a professional manner and quickly. The managers are taught a course in the handling of drastic situations. The head store manager for each store chooses how his store is run so on your next Walmart entrance you should look for your head manager’s name in case of any need of service or just know in general about your shopping facilities.

Team Every Walmart store has a team in place, and each department has a team and a department manager. Walmart requires it department managers to make sure that every associate is placed on a team. Walmart put a strong emphasis on its associates working in a teaming environment. Walmart has a Black Friday sale every year, and this is a prime example of the team role put into action for the benefit of safety and handling the massive crowds it draws in for the great price reductions that Walmart offers.

Communication The communication within any organization is vital, and Walmart spends a lot of money and time in making sure they are communicating properly with their customers and staff on a daily basis. Working at Walmart, the student stocked the freezer nightly and if the freezer temperature rose above the freezing ark of 32 degrees an alert notified corporate immediately and they sent a maintenance tech right away and informed the store that the tech was on the way, to service the freezers. Walmart has a few in store meetings that managers attend daily to make sure that they are running the operation efficiently.

Distribution Walmart has an expert logistics team in place. It takes an expert team to ensure that trucks and barges are moving swiftly every day. Walmart is in the process of incorporating the moderate technology into their trucking transportation. The student feels that Walmart distribution is one of the best in the ndustry. To ensure that Walmart distribution is operating efficiently and professionally “Like Most Shippers, Wal-Mart Stores is looking for a delivery guarantee from its suppliers. ” (Cassidy, 2010, p. 12). to make sure that they meet each customer needs.

Decision Making Walmart requires each associate to use their decision- making when dealing with the public. Walmart rewards good associates with a manager’s position for their decision- making qualities and expert advice. “The degree to which individuals or subunits can affect decision- making indicates the amount of power acquired. A person or subunit with power can influence how the decision-making process occurs, what are alternatives are considered, and when a decision is made.

Individuals who influence a decision-making process and its outcomes may or may not have formal authority (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, 2011, p. 245)”. Therefore, the proper authority should be in place when making and dealing with a major solution protocol. Conclusion This essay spoke about Walmart, which is one of the largest retail giants in the world. The article talked about the founder Sam Walton; he was a brilliant entrepreneur who had the eye of he tiger.

This essay talked about Sam Walton, who attended the University of Missouri who gave him the knowledge and capabilities of becoming the great success that he was. This article talked about Walmart one of the world’s largest retail giant that opens new super centers regularly and at the same time Walmart is dedicated to putting the time, money, and knowledge into their managers to produce new super managers daily. However, this is as follows in this essay: Sam the man, history, organization, organization goal, employee, management, team, communication, distribution, and decision- making.

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