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Rock History Essay

The song “l Want to Conquer the World” comes from the Bad Religion album called No Control, it was written and also released in nineteen eighty nine by Epitaph Records and is a great example of lattice expression while actually conveying how the writer Brett Jerkewitz (guitarist) desires people to seek for peace, not violence. The main theme of the song explains the tragedies of the world in which we live; from hypocritical Christians to soldiers that are ruining people’s homes on a massive scale, then, in the hook Jerkewitz proclaims his intentions Of what he wants to do in order to make the world a better place.

It can also be argued that much of the song is anti-religious mostly based off of the bands name which is actually a common misconception. The band members claim to not be in accordance with any specific religion and more specifically Brett Jerkewitz considers himself a provisional diets, which is the belief system of reason and observation of the natural world are a sufficient way of deciding if god is actually fact or fiction.

The lyrics of the song reflect the time period of about the past twenty years or so when people were beginning to really notice lies from institutions including government. The lyrics of this song are mostly consistent with deep adaptors in order to explain what it is that outraged Jerkewitz. The song is comprised of a lot of natural delivery and shifts to shouting during the hook most likely so as to give emphasis to the central idea of the writers passion to fix world problems.

Two of the lyric numbers that have a great metaphor is number five and six; which asks the question does science and all of its effects actually benefit people or is it just making things worse instead? Which in all honesty has a great point since even trying to save the planet room pollution and other harmful mediums actually creates more of the same problems in turn. The lyrics of the song greatly coincide with the musical genre to a certain extent. Most of punk rock is based on what makes the writer angry and expresses the passion for what it is that has caused this internal moral dilemma to be so strong.

While the lyrics do not necessarily contain any aggression or anger it explicitly has reasons of what created the outrage and the passion to show the writers desire of how to solve the problems. Although violence is absent from the desire of the artist while writing the song, it still has the basis of punk rock in the lyrics as well as the instruments. Most other analyses for the most part go along with my interpretation, but some of the translations differ from my own completely.

While not everyone that has put their two cents in has the same thoughts of the meaning of the lyrics, many of their opinions although still being debatable contain a lot of truth and hard facts that justify their understanding. In most part I would say that a lot of the people that enjoy this song and the rest of the genre like it because of the way it speaks to them personally and connects between their own passions, ideas, and life experiences; I do not believe that people could have the wrong idea about the meaning of the song even if it is not what the writer had intended to portray in his poetry.

Most of what I have found for the opinions people have on the song talk about the song as an ironic metaphor about how so many people want to unique the world, which in itself is also a strong metaphor, which is about improving the world according to a thread posted on a song meanings website.

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