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Ripped Leggings

Ripped, slashed or laddered, no matter how you like holes in your legging, you can find it on the perfect pair. It’s not only jeans that will be featuring tons of holes and rips this fall. Keep reading to find out where you can buy the hottest pair of ripped leggings. From Bloomingdales. com, the Pencey Slashed Cotton Twill Leggings are designed with deep slashes decorating the front, with a punk-rock attitude that retains its sexiness. The silhouette is ultra-skinny with an elastic waist and sewn hem, for $233. 00.

Rips and tears from one end to the other offer abundant punk rock glamour to the 6126 (named for Marilyn Monroe’s birthday) “Star” leggings by Lindsay Lohan. Layer over them with dresses and tunics for summer, and continue on into fall. Made with a covered elasticized waistband, for $110. Citizens of Humanity revitalizes a fashion basic with their Slashed Leggings ($125), bringing it on with a street-chic tone, plus slashed and torqued openings down the sides. Combine these stretch cotton leggings with either a structured jacket or oversized boyfriend tee, then add heels, for a completely smart set.

Other features include an elasticized waist and zippered hem. From Torrid. com, available also in plus sizes, you can exhibit your outrageous side in the Black Stretchy Knit Leggings, which are adorned with slashes on both sides and an elastic waist ($26). To protect your legs, try their pain-free rendition of ripped leggings. You get all the latest minus the scabs and bruises in these black torn-up leggings in 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% spandex, machine-washable. ShopBop. com has David Lerner’s Half-Ripped Leggings at $99.

A burning necessity for the bad-girl look, these jersey leggings with a covered elastic waistband display slashes in front. And long live punk rock, in Leyendecker Kerouac ripped leggings. These jersey leggings have a covered elastic waistband and slashes accentuating the sides. With an 8. 5″ rise and 28′ inseam, for $125. Also check out the Nightcap Clothing Holy Leggings ( $99). In jersey, the combined skirt and acid-wash leggings display a ruched miniskirt overlay with slashed leg style. At RevolveClothing. om you’ll find the Battalion Slashed Leggings in black.

Sisters Chrys and Linda Wong, celebrated for their environmentally-aware designs, have come up with stylish, aggressive wear keeping today’s avant-garde woman in mind. Made from 70% bamboo rayon, 25% organic cotton and 5% spandex, with button closure at the waistband, copper rivets accentuating the seam details, and various thigh and above-the-knee slashes, available for $158. 00. The LnA Ripped Zipper Leggings in flat black from Singer22. com are a hot pair. Each item is manually torn and completely unique.

Considering the originality of the product every piece will be different in some manner. Available for $129. Try the fantastic Urban Vibe Latex Leggings from WetSeal. com to go with your most adorable ensembles this fall! The latex or jersey body comes with ripped accents everywhere plus a snug, shape-flattering fit. Seamless rip or ripped latex leggings, for $14. 50. And lastly, there’s the super trendy Forever21. com has Cire Leggings from Twelve by Twelve. These cire stretch leggings are garnished with diamond laser cuts down their sides.

Very unique! Girls of all ages are going crazy over the latest fashion trend of leggings. Young girls, preteens and even teenagers are all wearing leggings. With the cooler weather coming, leggings are only getting more and more popular with girls. Visit the local middle school or even high school and you will find plenty of girls wearing leggings to school. If you are a mother, you may remember wearing leggings back in the 80’s when you were younger. Well, they are now back and but being worn in a new and modern way.

Gone are the leggings from the 80’s and the fashion trend for 2008 are modern leggings that do not have foot stirrups like you remember. Instead they are sleek and stylish. Here is a little guide on how girls are wearing leggings nowadays and how you can expect your daughter to dress in her leggings. Styles of Leggings There are several different styles of leggings that are popular with girls. Right now the most popular style is the capri length legging. The capri length legging comes down to the middle of the calf or are slightly shorter at just below the knee.

Another style of leggings that are popular with girls are the ankle length leggings. These leggings are slightly longer and come down to the ankle bone of the leg. They should not be longer than that. The ankle length leggings will most likely become more and more popular as the colder weather starts to come in. The offer slightly more warmth and look more appropriate for the colder weather. Like mentioned above, forget about the stirrup leggings or any legging that is longer than the ankle or top of the foot.

These are the old out-of-date leggings that girls nowadays will not wear. You many find that many of the leggings for the younger girls have added embellishments on them such as rhinestones or sequins. These leggings are a cute way to add some sparkle to a young girl’s outfit. What To Wear Leggings With Leggings can actually be worn with quite a few clothing options. One of the clothing options that girls may choose to wear leggings with are skirts. Pair leggings with a shorter skirt to add more coverage and style to the outfit.

Leggings look really cute with a pleated jean skirt or khaki skirt down to the knees or a little higher. The leggings will peek out at the bottom and add a little bit of drama to the outfit. The same thing goes for dresses. Pair legging with a simple polo dress or button-up shirt dress. A couple of other clothing options that leggings can be paired with, are long babydoll tunics, empire waist long shirts or fitted long tees. When wearing a top with leggings, the thing to remember is to make sure that the girls butt is covered by the top.

That is why it is best to wear long and flowy tops with leggings. If you are going to pair leggings with a fitted tee, make sure that it is not to tight and that it is long enough that the butt is covered. Avoid wearing any cropped shirts or extra tight shirts with leggings. A popular trend with leggings is to pair the leggings with a brightly colored top. Think a bright pink, floral or geometric print flow top with a pair of legging underneath. This is probably one of the most popular ways that girls wear leggings now.

Footwear With Leggings Unlike adult women, girls should not be wearing stiletto heels with leggings. A good choice for girls are ballet flats or a pair of girly Sketcher tennis shoes. If the girl wants to dress the leggings up a little bit more, you can look for a shoe with a slight wedge heel, but avoid the high heels as it is too mature of a look for girls. There have been plenty of fashion faux pas this year, however, one has all of the celebrities in its trap, I have even seen people where I live, Columbus, Ohio wearing these as well, leggings.

I know, I know every decade comes back at some point, when I was in highschool the styles of the sixties returned, but no decade was more wrong when it came to fashion then the eighties. Leggings do not look good on anyone, I know we all fool ourselves into wearing something that looks completely ridiculous on us, but on other it looks good, however, leggings have never looked good, nor will they ever look good. In my opinion the actresses wearing them around Hollywood look like a complete joke. Granted, Hollywood usually is one huge joke, however, now the joke may be on us.

Teenagers, college students and even some of my coworkers have been seen wearing leggings. It takes everything in me not to laugh at them or say something to them, because usually I tell others what I am thinking. However, I have never told someone their clothes were hideous, but come on. Leggings are made of spandex, meant to be tight, who wants to wear something so tight on their legs that every unflattering mark on their legs can be seen through the fabric. Come on ladies, cellulite, how about the always fun legs jiggle that we all have.

Even if you work out for five hours every day, only focusing on your legs your legs still jiggle when you walk. I do not know about any of you, but I do not want anyone to see my legs jiggle, I do not even want to see them jiggle and they belong to me. Instead of moving in a new direction and bringing women something fresh and practical to wear, desperate designers have gone back to another time-warp to pull from. They are probably checking the different decades they have already covered to keep them from designing anything new. The next decade they will cover, the roaring twenties.

What will out decade in fashion be remembered for, probably nothing more than copying the styles of the past? Even men are now becoming victims of fashion, when men begin wearing leggings the world will be one big spandexxed globe of black with legs jiggling and things that nobody wants to see unless they are dating or married to you. So please cover yourself up if you are going to wear leggings, or wear them under your pants to keep warm in this cold winter. Do not punish those of us with enough sense to know that Hollywood has always been crazy and to follow their example would just be a bad idea.

I believe that in five years people will look back at the pictures of themselves in leggings and ask the question, “what on earth was I thinking? ” Then we will see the women who have trouble letting go of the leggings and wearing them so thin that they will be forced to get rid of them when they finally fall apart in the washer. Remember all of the women who wore leggings well into the nineties because they could not part with the comfort? If you are going to wear leggings, please do it in the privacy of your own home.

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