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Rights of homosexuals

Our society is composed of homosexuals. We often see them walking on the streets or maybe sitting right next to us. However, do we really know what are homosexuals? During our elementary years in school, we were taught that if a person is attracted of the same sex, he/ she is to be consider homosexual. Although the definition is valid, there is still important things we should know. As a matter of fact, the law should protect Gay rights because homosexuals are experiencing enough difficulties nowadays. Homosexuals are experiencing discrimination in the society.

We could see the struggle of lesbian and gay people against discrimination by looking at the liberation movement over the past 50 years. McCarthyism helped to set up the first wave of anti-gay government action. McCarthy was able to link homosexuals to Communism by saying they were more easily blackmailed and had a greater risk to the government. Furthermore, A former presidential candidate, Ross Perot said “he would not appoint homosexuals to his cabinet because they would be a point of controversy with the American people”. A lot of people look at homosexuals as something who will destroy our society.

According to Adam Barry, “a report from the U. S. House Committee on UN- American Activity called for the removal of homosexuals from the government”(58). As a result, hundreds of homosexuals and suspected homosexuals were fired or denied employment by the government. Although we are aware that it is against our Constitution, some people are still separating gays and lesbians to the rest of the society. Moreover, according to the book of Gay rights, “Many business have fired men and women who were thought to be homosexuals; the companies believe that the customers will not want to come into contact with people who are different from the norm. 25).

However, the only chance to maintain their job is to hide their own sexuality. Homosexuals are not given complete benefits in their job compared to people, who are heterosexuals. Therefore, it would be a better idea if homosexuals hide their true personality. However, Lesbian and gay rights activist, like other civil rights groups want to end discrimination everywhere. They want to be accepted in the society as what they are. The US Constitution says “there should be equal rights for all” (44). Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. These men and women would like laws to be passed to protect their rights.

According to Dr. George Weinberg, “it is estimated that 25 million people in the United States are homosexuals” (77). That is about one out of ten people in our society. An activist believes that this number is too large for politicians to continue to ignore. Homosexuals, who are being discriminated from their work, were also being deprived of human rights. People have the freedom of expression and we could see that in our Constitution. I remember Mr. Hagighat, my Political Science teacher, saying, “America was a free country” (Interview).

His explanation was simple. It means we are all free to do what we want as long as what we do does not interfere with another person’s freedom. Furthermore, his explanation is valid and still applies today in our everyday life. However, homosexuals, as a part of our society are considered prisoners in their own land. In addition, homosexuals are not allowed to get married or join the military services. This means that these people have to hide themselves for the rest of their life just to be with their love ones and to follow their dreams as well.

However, this situation is kind a bias for homosexuals. Thomas Jefferson said, “all men are created equal” (44). If heterosexual people can get married and join the services, why can’t the homosexuals? Likewise, gay men and lesbians were also tired of being treated like second class citizens. They believed history proved that homosexuality was here to stay. If hundreds of years of torture and prosecution had not eliminated it, nothing ever would. Furthermore, they believe that it is the right time to get what they ought to have.

Aside from discrimination and deprivation of human rights, the government did not protect homosexuals. Homosexuals experienced violence in the society. Furthermore, the concept of other people about homosexuals made them hate the gays and the lesbians. They thought that homosexuals are the cause of the AIDS disease; that’s why, people are trying to get rid of them. Moreover, according to Savage, “My sexuality was not a choice; there is no “alternative” lifestyle for [her], only the life I’m living (131). It is not the fault of homosexuals to be a part of the third sex.

Furthermore, we are aware that we have to respect other people spite of our differences. The homosexuals need respect in our society because they also are good people, which help our country in their own ways. Moreover, the issue of homosexuals should not be ignored. If the government granted equal rights to the blacks, so as the homosexuals. Furthermore, this problem could be resolve if our government educate our people. In that way, they would have a different knowledge about the third sex and later will help us to accept the homosexuals in the society.

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