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Rein Zucker: A Short Story

Hans Hubermann and the rest of the unit were entering a truck which was transporting them back to camp. During their travel Rein Zucker wanted to be seated at the exit of the truck. Since Rein already had a hatred for Hans he confronted him. Instead of Hans supporting the argument accumulating he decided just to sit in Rein’s reported seat. Hans explained that the back was a better because in his old seat there was a frigid wind going through his ears, in his perspective it would be a more efficient seat. “Hans Hubermann had just sat down in bis appointed seat.

Rein Zucker was standing above him ‘move it,’ he said ….. ‘I’m swapping seats with you’” Both Hans Hubermann and Rein Zucker were both conversing in this dilemma. Death took part to save Hans life. For the survival of Hans, Rein needed to be sacrificed. Without having the knowledge of his actions, Rein imprudently helped Hans to get back to Molching with liesel. All under the influence of death. Revealing that death is dealing Hans life on a proficient hand. Death witnessed more than a thousand bomber planes flew toward Koln.

In his eyes it was Five hundred people dead, waiting to be picked up like toys in a claw machine. Many others were damaged on the inside, walking around being forced to breath in the air filled with crushed cement and bricks. He noticed the burning sky above, to him it seemed like newspapers burning in the sky. He could see the headlines, the words, and the commentating. “Im sure Liesel Meminger was fast asleep…. Five hundred souls. I carry them in my fingers, like suitcases. Or Id throw them over my shoulder. It was only the children I carried in my arms.

As death was speaking alone, he gives off a Morn feeling. Walking through the streets of rubble picking up bodies. As for this time, it was not his choice whether these people lived or died and yet, death still carried them out. He specifically carried the children carefully, more than others, like treating them with care would bring them back. When the bombings stopped, mysterious objects began to fall from the sky. A group of girls starter to shout out what they thought was falling as if they were witnessing superman fly through.

One girl thought it was a body, another thought it was another bomb, but death knew that it was too slow to be a bomb. He was holding a young girl that died in the bombing, he kept his focus to the burning sky. He didn’t want to look down at the “adolescent spirit still burning lightly in his arms. ” “The last thing I wanted was to look down at the stranded face of my teenager. A pretty girl. Her whole death was now ahead of her. ” Death could not control whether he would put these people in danger. Some decisions are made without consent.

While holding the little girl he described her spirit lightly burning in his hands. She wasn’t supposed to die, that’s why she resisted him with the burning. Rudy has just died and death was describing how he felt about his passing. Death thought Rudy’s death was unnecessary and cruel. He talked about how rudy would have loved to see the rubble and the swelling of the sky. He would have loved to witness liesel kissing him. Death thought about how he was speaking and realized it was sentimental. “Even death has a heart. ” Death is attaching himself to beings that sometimes don’t matter in a bigger situation.

To Death it does not matter what kind of person they are or how they spend their lives. Death became attached to rudy, but what did rudy ever do to become chosen by Death. Death Mostly focuses on Liesel, but since rudy is a big part of Liesel’s life he also takes part in Rudy’s life. The floating book, death described a boy who jumped in the ambler river to save a book. He grabbed the book with his right hand as he stood in the freezing water, waist deep. The freezing started at his toes and started to go up through his body.

He kept asking, “How about a kiss? ” Poor Rudy. “Rudy died that very same day, of hypothermia…. On many counts, taking a boy like Rudy was robbery–so much life, so much to live for. ” Death gave a warning about Rudy, but death never said how he would die. In the end death realized how cruel Rudy’s death is. He believed it was robbery to take rudy. He knew Rudy did not deserve this, but He kept Rudy alive long enough, as much as he wants death cannot give immortality. There were many opportunities for death to take him, but he denied the chance.

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