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Professional Athletes and Drug Use

This research paper is about athletes and their use of drugs. The drug that is most frequently used by athletes is alcohol. Most athletes who use drugs do not get the punishment that they deserve instead they receive punishment that is too lenient. The penalties for professional athletes who use drugs are too lenient, they should be more Examples of drugs that are used by most athletes are the following: Anabolic Steroids, Dietary supplements, Blood Doping, Stimulants, Narcotics and Corticosteroids, and Alcohol. Anabolic steroids are used illegally by athletes, to increase muscle mass nd strength.

Anabolic steroids are also called Androgenic-anabolic steroids. They get their name from the Greek words “Andro” and “Gennan” which mean male producing, and “Anabold” which means to build up. Anabolic steroids are chemically similar to the male hormone testosterone. The testis, a male sex organ, produces this hormone. Anabolic steroids are usually injected into the testis when taken or ingested in tablets. Athletes who abuse Anabolic steroids exceed the natural level of testosterone. Dietary Athletes to replace or increase chemical or vitamins in the body use supplements.

Androstenedione is a hormone pre-cursor that increases testosterone in the blood, which increases muscle mass, strength, and power. Blood doping is when extra blood is injected into a person’s veins to increase red blood cells and oxygen. Endurance athletes, who need as much oxygen as, mostly use this drug. For example marathon runners, tri-athletes, and decathlon participators. Stimulants are drugs that are taken to speed up the central nervous system. The most Frequently used stimulant today is marijuana; most athletes are usually caught in possession of this drug. Alcohol is a depressant that is used by athletes.

A depressant is a drug that slows down brain and body reactions. “Alcohol is the drug most frequently used The effects of drugs on the users and those around them sometimes do not seem To be as bad as they really are. The athletes play a vital role as role model for the nations young people. As athletes they have obligations to their sport, teammates, fans, and most importantly themselves. Professional sports are a workplace. Pro athletes are paid to play their sports, just as a doctor is paid to treat his patients, a carpenter is paid to build ouses and a truck driver is paid to drive his truck.

Athletes have an example they must set, but when they use drugs they fail at the example they set. Marijuana and Steroids affect the human body in various ways, which is what some athletes do not know. Marijuana is an addictive drug. ” Marihuana smoke produces functional, structural, And irreversible lung changes in long term smokers. ” 2 Marijuana smoke is more damaging to the lungs than tobacco smoke. The effects of marijuana in psychiatry evaluated conditions such as schizophrenia and alcoholism. Steroid use has many long term effects.

Months to years of steroid abuse can lead to liver tumors, sterility coronary artery disease and increased aggression. In males shrinkage of the testis and an increase in breast size are some side effects, and in females a decrease in breast size The reasons for drug use by athletes are many, but the main one is the plain desire to win. Anabolic steroids are used legitimately for skeletal and growth disorders for certain types of anemia and to offset the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy. When most athletes turn up using drugs, then most young people think drugs are OK.

A medical journal says,” Sports has become so artificial that it is hard to tell between acceptable and unacceptable aids. ” 3 Some athletes take drugs for sicknesses that show up on drug test these are cases when the drugs are accidental. Baseball star Darryl Strawberry said that pressure from teammates to do cocaine. In many cases drug use is brought on by peer pressure, but it is still no excuse for the use of drugs. Another reason for drug use might be because in certain sports drugs are not banned. In 1994 the Dietary Supplement Education Act was passed which made substances that create testosterone nclassified as a drug.

Reason for higher sales in supplements between this year and last year were because many superstars like Mark McGwire who is suspected to be taking Most solutions of drugs use should start with the athlete him or herself, but here are a few methods of the National Drug Control Strategy (NDCS). The NDCS has three goals to fight against drugs. One goal is to educate and enable America’s youth to reject illegal drugs as well as tobacco and alcohol. Another goal is to reduce the health and social costs to the public of illegal drug use.

The last goal is to promote the national adoption of drug free workplace programs that emphasize a comprehensive program that includes drug testing, education, prevention, and intervention. The high visibility of the professional sports, workplaces only underscore the need to make these drug-free places. “Under the NDCS, ONDCP has an obligation to support drug-free workplaces no matter whether the business is basketball, banking or baking” 4. Coaches are a very important part of solving athletes drug problems. Coaches need to recognize problems arly so they do not get out of hand.

Most drug problems in sports need the attention of a coach. Which is why the coach must be very aware of all his or her players. The penalties of drug are more than just being sentenced in court. They also have long term effects, such as sickness and disease legal problems and maybe even death. The use of marijuana is a drug abuse and should be as such in all ways. This statement is do to fact of the things that we see on television when professional athletes are caught with marijuana most people consider it not to be such a big deal.

When yet in reality it is a problem that should be taken more seriously than it should. When young people see these events happening on television they take as a sign that its ok to be caught with marijuana there is not much that can happen to them. That is why these problems should be taken care of in a more serious manner than that of the past. In recent years Chinese women have set remarkable world records; with 19 Chinese swimmers having tested positive for drugs already this decade, the U. S. federation would like the drug rules to be made even ougher.

This is not such a bad idea, if drug rules were made tougher it would filter out athletes who use drugs and make room for those athletes who work hard become the best instead of those who prefer to take the easy way out. Not only will tougher drug rules help out those athletes who chose to be all “natural”, but it will set an example for the younger generation, and let them know that these things will no longer be tolerated. In March, 1996 Pittsburgh Steelers running back Byron “Bam” Morris was indicted, for possession of cocaine and marijuana.

He spent a couple of months in prison, but was soon released and back on the field. Although be convicted for this crime, made players, coaches, and fans lose some of the faith in the player they had once cheered and rooted for. Athletes should know that with the use of drugs come many consequences. Like an incident in Dallas, Texas, with America’s supposed team. Also in March of 1996 Dallas Cowboy’s star wide receiver Michael Irvin who is also the all-time leading receiver in Dallas Cowboy history, was indicted with a felony charge for possession of four grams of cocaine.

Also with this came consequences Mr. Irvin lost a lot of money and a lot of trust. It also took him away from the game he so loved. In the next season he missed over half the season and when he came back he did not receive such a warm welcome from his fans. Although these consequences are great, the greatest consequence of all is death. Len Bias was a NBA superstar until death because of the use of stimulants. Dwight Gooden of the New York Mets was also a case in which he was taken away from the sport he also loved because of an alcohol problem he was suspended from baseball.

Another consequence would be embarrassment, and none would probably know it better than track star Ben Johnson who was the fastest man alive in the 1988 Olympics until he tested positive for steroids and soon after his gold medal was revoked. From the information above reader’s should be better informed about dangers and rewards from the use of drugs. Although sometimes they might get away with in the long run they will suffer the consequences. The penalties for professional athletes who use drugs are too lenient they should be more severe.

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