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It is just part of rules that some American private companies offer, there are many others rules which had been made and could be followed. But for Chinese industry there are less such industry moral principle to follow .In another aspect, only to take the way of self-regulation for industry, only to depend on the self-regulation of private detective company and the conscious of its employees, it is not enough obviously. So in America, the government still made several acts to restricted the industry, and protect the privacy. And for China the situation is different. Majority of people do not receive too well education, and quality of majority is not trustful, so we must make complete law, but not the model of self-regulation of people themselves. And we know there is no enough law about the protection of privacy especially for the Internet privacy of Chinese citizens. And in my opinion, Chinese government is in urgently needed to build law of privacy especial for the Internet privacy, and it should emphasize these following points.

Principle 1 make clear the range of internet privacy, it will benefit to the judgments in law case.
Principle 2 make clear how the data of individual in Internet is collected legally, and how the personal information in web site be used legally.
Principle 3 emphasize on the protection of the peace for people to surf on the Internet, and avoid they were disturbed by spasm e-mail illegally.
Principle 4 make specific act about the protection of childrens privacy, because it is some different from the adult, and we can learn some from the children privacy protection act in America.
Principle5 make clear how to punish people who infringe others privacy and digital privacy surely, in order to fulfill some vacuum of criminal law in China.

4.2 for Individual

For individual, we should do more education, and make them to know the importance of their privacy, to be more careful when they was requested for the personal information. And encourage them to pay more attention to protect their privacy.

In American, more and more employers are monitoring their workers on the job. In fact, according to the American Management Association, nearly tree quarters of U.S. companies now electronically monitor employees in several ways. And with China open to the world, more and more foreign company came to China, and those companies also take much action to surveillance their employees, much of this surveillance is legal, so in order to protect your privacy in the working place, individual need to know what he should do. Here I will cover what way employers usually take to monitoring employees.

Any time you use e-mail you should be careful about what you send, but you should be particularly cautious when you are e-mailing at work. In general. Employers are within their rights to monitor what is sent and received on their own e-mail systems. In some cases employees have been fired for e-mail they sent for disparaging supervisors, revealing company secrects, and more. Of course e-mail and the Internet are still relatively new, so many of the legal questions about employees right to privacy with these technologies are unresolved. For now it is best to assume that your boss can monitor your e-mails and to assume that your boss can monitor, or is monitoring your E-mails and to exercise caution accordingly. Do not send any message that you would not want your boss or a coworker to see.
For the most part, your employer can monitor your Internet usage, what sites you visit, how often, and for how long, as with e-mail, most employers stipulate that their Internet connection is not for employees personal use. There have been many famous cases in which employees were dismissed for downloading pornographic material on company computers.again, your best bet is to assume that your employer can and will monitor you at work. Be careful about how you use the Internet.
In another part, telephone can also be a threat. If you are on the phone at work, your boss can listen in; your voice mail is similarly subject to monitoring. Employers own the phone system, so they can generally monitor it as they see fit. Your boss can keep a record of the numbers you dial and how long you talk, and can listen to your voice mail messages.technically, althogh there are some laws preventing companies from listening to employees personal calls, but if you truly want to have private conversation, you should probably conduct it outside of the workplace.
Except at working place, net bar is also a place of leaking privacy. When you use computers in public place, be mindful not to give sensitive information (which may be cached via cookies for example); close browser windows, if possible, delete the history record in your IE browser.

In unimportant situation, the most effective ways to protect privacy is to remain anonymous or to falsify information  by using a fake name, for example. Anonymity and pseudonym are important social customs that empower people to disappear, hide themselves, or hide certain attributes of themselves from other individuals or from institutions. These personal practices foster privacy in terms that precisely fit the desires of the people using them. There are many legitimate reasons to refuse to be identified, and people do it all the time. Many people refuse to identify themselves to telephone callers until the caller is identified. The victim of an unwanted social advance may give a fake name or telephone number to avoid future contact. Victims of stalking may want to hide their actions and whereabouts by not revealing their names. Critics of government officials often use anonymity to avoid reprisal. And people who do not trust an online business to be tactful may give fake e-mail addresses or other information.

Surely there are many ways to protect your privacy on for individual, and there are also many kinds of software to use to protect your privacy, but in fact the protection of personal internet privacy, most of the effort should come from government and law, because the infringement of personal privacy is a social problem, and the effort of individual can only play the assistant role.

For Chinese government, paying more attention to its freedom of its information, making possible to let its daily political activity public, it can reduce some official illegal action to treat the privacy of citizen. And in another aspect our nation should make a suitable law about the privacy, especially the Internet privacy, as soon as possible.
And for Chinese people, before talking about the infringement of privacy, they should learn to respect others personal space, and respect principle of the national law. In such condition there would be less law cases and a better condition for China to develop the information economy.
In fact the difference of treat the privacy also means more in the culture difference, in American not to intrude others privacy means do not infringe other citizens individuality, and also respect their personal independent innovative spirit. And people can pay more attention to his personal creative activity, and would not be interrupted by the meanness gossip to privacy of other persons.
And the situation in China is different, because there is usually privacy between people, if one has do some creative result, he will be surround with various gossips of others. So it made a condition for the develop of jealousy between people, and slow down the development of personal creativity, it is also the reason why so many people want to go abroad, that is not only the there are advanced technology and good material condition, but also the good cultural atmosphere. So different attitude toward privacy is a problem of culture difference, that problem is also worthy to research.

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