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Philip Emeagwali – Nigerian Computer Scientist

Philip Emeagwali a. k. a. , calculus programmed a computer to work faster than any other computer in the world, and helped to solve one of the Nation’s most difficult computing problems: understanding how oil flows underground. As a result of this great triumph, Emeagwali, who gained his doctorate at the University of Michigan, and won the prestigious, Gordon Bell prize for solving the greatest differential equation. This is a great honor awarding the greatest feat in math for the year.

As a boy he couldn’t even have dreamed of getting his doctorate, much less designing a computer 1,000 times faster than any other computer. He grew up with hardly a cent in Nigeria; he was forced to drop out of school at age 14. Now at age 41, he is the greatest math genius alive. The name of his incredible invention was called the hyperball computer. This computer is 1,000 times faster than ordinary mainframe, or supercomputers, and 1,000,000 times faster than a personal computer.

His hyperball computer can manage 3. billion computations per second and costs 1 fiftieth of the price to build as a supercomputer. Along with these feats, he has broken many world records including breaking the record for solving the largest partial differential equation. He holds the record for speeding up a computer more than anyone else at 65,536 times. Along with these, he has also broken the record for 20 other extraordinary feats. His incredible computer has been designed for a strange, but very cost cutting reason, it was designed to regulate oil from the field to the tanks. Although it may not seem technological, it is.

Emeagwali explains that without his computer, the companies would be losing over 400 million dollars worth of oil. Basically, the computer calculates, and keeps track of all of the oil, without ever missing a drop. The reason of course is because his computer can read the information, and solve it 65,000 times faster than any other. This has helped to solve one of the most serious and wasteful problems for years. Emeagwali’s hyperball computer works in no way ever seen; in fact he had to write an eight hundred and sixteen-page report to the US office of Patents and Trademarks.

His computer is based on what he calls “The Theory of Tessellated Models. ” It is designed to work like a bee’s honeycomb. He says that the computer will be more efficient in predicting the world’s weather patterns a century ahead of time, something no other scientist has ever attempted he is often called “One of the fastest human beings in the world” He says that he is surprised how badly things are going in Nigeria, and will do everything he can to help. And he has done just that; he has stopped working and is using sixteen hours a day, 7 days a week to help out his country.

He admits that his country even has it’s problems, and that if he went back there he would either go insane from the lack of motivation from the people, or be killed by one of them. Therefore he is in a tough situation. He is creating and funding as many projects and support for the people as needed, he is determined to bring his country of Nigeria up to where the rest of the world is. Emeagwali, who is now worth about 250 million dollars, has a very unique, and perhaps much needed outlook toward life. He believes that a person should raise wealth for his or her country, and not just for themselves.

He is currently involved greatly in trying to bring money and food to his fellow Nigerians. He perhaps has a better outlook on their problems, for he grew up trying to live off the meager amounts of pay his father made. He told a reporter that he could never understand the problem unless you had to live through it. However, he also doesn’t believe in giving money away. Therefore he has created the project, “Africa One”. His project is designed to bring fiber optic cables to 41 points on Africa’s shoreline.

He strongly believes that Africans have the ability and resources to make their nation wealthy, all they need is the communication, and some persuasion to get the world to get involved in trade and commerce with Africa. Another passion of Emeagwali’s is to work for peace, and racial equality. He leads protests all over the world to protest white supremest’s and other hate groups. He has always promoted peace, and has said that he will use all of his influence and money to create unity. His wife, a molecular biologist has always supported whatever he did and now more than ever wants to help him.

She is going to Nigeria and leading groups, as well as trying to start up new companies, she is determined, with his help build Nigeria as well. Many have asked why go through so much trouble to help some country thousands of miles away. To this he gave one response, “live there for a year. ” Along with saving the world billions of dollars, Dr. Emeagwali is an inspiration to us all. With no regard to himself, he has put everything on the line to help bring his homeland out of a depression. This is a man who along with being one of the greatest geniuses of the twentieth century also has a heart.

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