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Persuasive Speech Outline Essay

Attention grabber/Relevance statement- To “assume” makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me” This communication class has taught me that assuming is a mistake. There is so much more to communication than just the words that are spoken. Topic Statement- How can a Communications 101 class help you in becoming a successful student that is majoring in Education? Introduce Main Points- How parents communicate with students, how teachers communicate with students, and how teachers communicate with parents.

Credibility Statement- I have interviewed a couple of different people from different viewpoints of the education field and I have also done some other research dealing with communication within education. Transition to Body: Being the daughter of a teacher I think that I have a good understanding on how much communication means when it comes to education and teaching. Body: How parents communicate with students. “When children learn to talk they are learning the phonology, syntax, and semantics necessary to communicate their basic desires and needs. ” Which I found in the book Communication Skills and Classroom Success.

I feel that parents communication skills that they teach their students at a young age shape how the start to communicate in school. So teachers need to be aware of what types of words or phrases that are commonly used at student’s homes in the event students use inappropriate language at school. The teacher may just need to explain and discuss instead of punishing that student. Also if another student uses words like “stupid” or “shut-up” may be accused of cursing by other students and a teacher needs to be aware that they need to question further to find out exactly what word was used.

For instance the “s word” can be simply be stupid or shut-up or it could be the more offensive versions. Another example is in my interview with Shelly Garner (My Mom) a first grade teacher, she had a very well-behaved student come out of the restroom at school and say “the boys in the bathroom won’t stop slamming the damn doors. ” She immediately realized that the student was using a phrase that was commonly used at home. He did not intentionally use the curse word. Instead of punishing that student she just explained that the phrase was not appropriate and told him that he should of just said “slamming the door”. The child was actually very shocked and upset that he said an ugly word. Transition to 2nd point: Another critical area in communication is how teachers communicate with students.

2. How teachers communicate with students. I gathered some of my information on how teachers communicate with students from the article “Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation” on edutopia. org. How teachers speak in class is used as a model. Student learn from their teacher’s motions, actions,and communication skills. Teacher need to be aware on how the talk to their student, because will repeat and learn from what their teachers say.

So therefore, teachers need to use appropriate grammar. When using that it will be easier for the students to move up and excel in classes if all teachers use the correct grammar. As students grow they will add more grammar and expand their communication skills to fit the next class in their life as stated from the book The Language of Toys; Teaching Communication Skills to Special-Needs Children. Teachers also set the tone for their classrooms. For example, if the teacher speaks loudly the students will tend to respond loudly.

Teachers need to also be aware on how and when the punish a student. Teachers do not need to call attention to a student if there is an issue. Those situation need to be handled in a private and respectful matter. Students are known for repeating and copying what they see and hear. So, teachers need to be very cautious in what they do and say in their classrooms. Teachers teach by example that they show. Transition to 3rd point: Another important area of communication would be how teacher communicate with parents.

3. How teachers communicate with parents. In my one-on-one interview with Mattie Cleckler we talked about how important it is to be cautious and aware when talking to parents about their student. Teacher need to be respectful to their roles as parents. Parents also need to know that their opinions are valued to the teachers teaching. Teachers need to always ask for parents input on situations for their student. Its too easy to assume that parents don’t want to help when in reality they don’t know how to help. But the teacher needs to offer good examples and materials for the parents to assist their student in learning.

Teachers need to also listening to the parents when they have an opinion because they are the ones that do know that student the best. So therefore teachers need to be aware and understand what is the best way for their student to learn and understand. Teachers need to also keep a variety of communication opinions available to parents whether it be email, text apps, like remind, or even face to face conferences to help parents stay inform and ask question about their student as needed. Conclusion: Signpost: Through these examples, I feel that y’all will have a better understanding on how important communication is in education.

So I feel that we have successfully answered the question… “ How can a Communications 101 class help you in becoming a successful student that is majoring inn Education? ” Review Main Points- How parents communicate with child, how teachers communicate with child, and how students respond and communicate with adults. Attention closer- These simple communication skills will need to be remembered because in the future everyone in this classroom will have children and will need to understand what is the best way for a teacher to communicate with your child and for you to know how to communicate with your child’s teacher.

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