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Persuasive Essay On Animal Farm

The lies everyone is getting told on how bad hog confinements are hurting the farmers. They put their lives into raising and taking care of theses hogs. Most people don’t really know what the inside of the buildings look like or how many hours the producers are with their pigs each day. Some get up at 5 A. M. and don’t get home till 10 P. M.. Most hog farmers families don’t see them unless it weekends or they go with them to work. They spend hours making sure the ones that are sick get taken care of. They even change every time they leave a building so that they don’t carry any of the germs to the next building.

People might complain about the smell, but that’s how the farmer raises good crops from the manure. Farmers in general feed the world. Without them many people would be dying of starvation. The hog Confinements are not dangerous to humans or the hogs they are actually a lot better environment. Let’s take a step into the farmer’s life. Their mornings start early and end real late. They get up and go straight to their building and get to work to make sure the hogs are doing ok. Then they start feeding, them make sure that the grain bins are not empty and they will have enough for that week.

Next they have to make sure there isn’t any dead’s to get out of the buildings so that the other hogs can’t get sick from them. They also might have to go to other people, buildings to check and sort their hogs to be sent to market. Then they go back and feed and check on their hogs again. The safety of the hogs in the confinements are taken really serious. The farmers have to shower into the barns so that they don’t bring any germs or anything that could make the pig’s sick. They also make sure the pit fans and curtains work so that the hogs don’t die from the gases from the pits.

The farmers put medication in the hogs feed and water so that it will keep the hogs immune system strong so it’s harder for them to get sick. Hog farmers watch them closely to make sure if one does get sick, they can call the vet to get medication. The things that people complain about the most is that they always smell. The farmers control the smell because it is very dangerous to the animals and humans if they don’t monitor it. That smell is the pits that have the manure that they put on the crops to help fertilize them so the farmers can feed the world.

My father David Oetken said “ that he has been working with someone who has developed a product to put in the pits and in the waters to make it not smell as bad. ” “ He also said that this person is trying to sell his product to TriOak Foods Company. ” David said “that he went from a five percent death loss to a two percent death loss since he started using this product for the pits and waters. ” He took me to the buildings recently and it does not smell as bad as it use to before he started using the product.

Most people think that hog confinements are the worst things ever. But really it is a lot better for the pigs. The farmers are responsible with cutting of the antibiotics a certain amount of days before they go to market otherwise the packing house won’t take them because they aren’t good for the consumers. Farmers are also helping keep the pigs environment safe for them by having good water quality. They also are able to control the temperature in the building unlike if they are outside, since the hogs breath through their skin instead of their noise.

So the farmers use drip lines so that the pigs can breath and it keeps them cool. The farmer’s use good ventilation to keep clean, fresh air in the buildings for the pigs to breath. Most people don’t realize that the farmers have management over how much food the pigs intake but they do. The people that are against hog confinements are using false information because they have not talked to farmers or they by using their opinions off of peta or other groups like peta.

Most people that talk bad about hog confinements are people who have never seen the inside of a hog confinement. Environmental Benefits) They find their information on false videos that anyone can make. There are many cases that the people that are against them or because they are being told that the farmer wants to build a hog confinements next to them. (Pros And Cons) The people who are told just want to fight so that they don’t have to smell the hog confinements. Even restaurants think that farmers are being cruel to the hogs. (American Pig Farmers) One restaurant would be chipotle when they started to get their pork from British producers.

The carnitas shortage began when Chipotle discovered a “supplier violation” during a routine audit related to animal housing. ” They also quoted “Farmers therefore assumed any replacement supplier would meet Chipotle’s “responsibly raised” standards, yet it raised a few eyebrows when Chipotle announced that it would be buying its pork from British meat provider Karro, which publicly, says that it uses antibiotics “when necessary” — a detail that Chipotle applauded in its announcement, but which has struck some industry advocates as hypocritical. ”(American Pig Farmers)

When people think of hog confinements they think of pigs being in crates not being able to move but really they are in pens with enough room to move. (Inside) The sow units gestation crates for a little bit so they don’t hurt the piglets when they are born. But the sows are able to get out and walk, get food, and water. The videos that have the crates are probably old because all the laws protecting the hogs won’t allow farmers to use them anymore. (Inside) The hog confinements are the best things for the hogs and for the humans that eat the hogs. The pigs are kept in a controlled environment.

They are not left out in the cold winter snow or the hot summer sun which will burn their skin. The animals have constant fresh water, food and air. The farmer monitors the herd for sickness and diseases. Some might say that pigs live better than some people. The smells of the building’s is not what people should be complaining about because the hogs are getting taken care of. Farmer aren’t lying to people when they tell them how they are keeping the animals healthy when the restaurants are saying different. Hog confinements are one of the safest places for the hogs to live.

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