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Parapsychology, The Branch Of Psychology

“If I had my life to live over again, I should devote myself to psychical research rather than to psychoanalysis,” wrote Sigmund Freud to associate Hereward Carrington. Freud had this late-in-life wish, but alas — time would not grant its fulfilment. Such testimony by the eminent father of psychoanalysis bears witness to the fact that psychical experiences are indeed central to our lives. Parapsychology is the branch of psychology concerned with study of extrasensory perception and psychical experiences.

Whereas psychology and psychoanalysis deal with the corporeal man… parapsychology deals with the spiritual man. This spiritual branch of psychology was known to the Greek philosopher Aristotle as the science of metaphysics. We are told by him that, “the spirituous body either undergoes a certain breakdown or, by being out of symmetry, troubles and hampers understanding”… mental derangement and dulling of the understanding of man is due to changes in the spirit.

That academic psychology would backtrack to seriously consider the hypothesis of the “spirit-body” and the metaphysical nature of man in the 20th century seems absurd. The thrust of parapsychology, however, appears inexorably driven in the direction where contemporary science, philosophy and religion blend into a single universal understanding, enabling man to know himself in the fullest context. Today’s rebirth of this science is Parapsychology. Although study of the field of Parapsychology is relatively new, its principles had their birth in ages long since turned to dust and decay.

Today we all have a chance to learn about the field of Parapsychology and understand and appreciate its significance in our lives. A Complete Course in Parapsychology offers the basic theories, principles and histories of phenomena involving: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Hypnosis and Sensory Awareness, Psychometry (Psychoscopy), Psychokinesis, Dermo-Optics, Radiesthesia, Spiritual Healing, Aura and Mediumship. Also covered in the study are actual case histories, laboratory experiments, practical home applications and comprehensive conclusions to cover all such phenomena.

As you continue in your studies, you will observe that all parapsychological phenomena have a fundamental relationship to each other, and that there is one important foundation to the whole structure of Parapsychology. Parapsychologists, metaphysicians and philosophers believe that all life and living matter, as well as everything we see and know, is composed of electromagnetic energy “frozen” into what we consider to be solid matter and that space is a continuous source of energy, consciousness and intelligence.

Infinite frequencies of electromagnetic energy interact with every human being and physical entity. All living matter absorbs this life force of energy and intelligence and radiates it back into space where it cannot be exhausted. Physicists have discovered that energy as matter and energy as radiation is interchangeable. Everything radiates energy. We radiate our own electromagnetic force field into the universal field of radiating energy that is all about us.

Sensitivity to, and detection of, these force fields constitute extra sensory perception and psychokinetic effects. Clairvoyance, Hypnosis, Psychometry, Dermo Optics, Radiesthesia and Mediumship act as decoders and pick up energies from surrounding (and in some cases) distant radiations. The phenomena of Psychokinesis, Aura and Spiritual Healing act as encoders and send out radiating energies. The phenomenon of Telepathy serves as a dual energization of both detecting and sending such radiations.

The scope of our perception and psychic “power” force depends on what we perceive and what we send to others through space in the form of physical and metaphysical energies. Advanced study reveals that perception beyond the normal sensory field of man is the source of ESP and PK ability. Doubtless this form of perception can also be credited with the numberless mystical and extrasensory experiences, as well as man’s creative and scientific accomplishments. The time has come to accept the existence of metaphysical phenomena as a significant reality for man.

Carl Jung was convinced of the existence of metaphysical phenomena. In his writings there are many references to the “soul” or the non-corporeal man. It is startling to realize that these force fields have been photographed. Thus, attesting to the fact that man has a corporeal and a non-corporeal being. That is to say, man has one body that we can see and one that we cannot “see. ” It is this unseen body that is the basic concern of those who devote their lives to the study of parapsychology.

The lack of understanding exists because man’s greatest shortcoming is his fear of anything that he cannot or will not fully comprehend. Many psychic experiences, common to all of us, go unrecognized, drowned out by the noises of civilization and mass indifference. And yet, the benefits of such knowledge are limitless. The whole purpose of study into the generally unknown concepts of paranormal sciences is to increase our own understanding and awareness of abilities we may think we do not possess.

Space is filled with electromagnetic waves from the lower frequency audio waves to the higher frequency light waves and cosmic waves, and the mind is aware of only a limited range of these vibrations. All around us there are many sounds and sights as well as other physical impressions that we, as humans, are unable to perceive because of the built-in limitations of man’s corporeal structure. In many instances, what would be considered extra-sensory perception for man, is attainable and within the normal range of perception for other species of life.

We know that light on the visible band extends indefinitely beyond both violet and red edges of the spectrum, but human eyes cannot see beyond this perceptual range. However, there are some animals that can detect beyond such limits. The eyes of an owl, for example, are sensitive to infrared rays emanating from warm-blooded bodies of animals. Dolphins have been known to be able to detect rocks, fish or ships at great distances, and even to communicate with other dolphins by a series of high frequency auditory signals.

These signals are within man’s radar, but well beyond man’s auditory range. We must not allow these known restrictions to discourage us. Paranormal perception is possible for all. We can develop the ability to: See beyond our vision, hear beyond the normal auditory range; send and receive mind to mind communications; perceive past and future events; offer healing through our own energy radiations and even surround ourselves as a psychic instrument in the form of a medium.

The base of our normal intelligence is the brain but the foundation of supernatural powers is the mind. Our understanding of the invisible spectral world which finds physical expression in our realm, will expand as science begins to understand the source of the mysterious life energy and force which permeates every living cell. This source exists regardless of distance and has a common bond in its relationship to all living things — human, animal and vegetable, alike.

We all draw from etheric energy and are surrounded by auric energy, which is surplus to the requirements of the constituents. The auric radiations from every living being interlap with the surrounding energy radiating from everything — all matter — mobile and stationary, living and non living. From this point, our understanding must include the relationship between these energies and man’s relationship to the divine presence, which is the source of our psychic life. That this relationship exists is evidenced by the fact that it is deliberately or unintentionally ignored.

Perhaps it is best summed up in the words of Carl Jung, when he stated, “We can no longer practice any psychology that ignores the existence of parapsychology… It is really time that academic psychology became converted to reality and sought to know something about the real human soul and not merely about laboratory experiments. ” It is now time that the field of Parapsychology summon greater understanding between laboratory and home, for the purpose of correlating what is fact and what may not be fantasy. Only through authorative instruction and public acceptance will understanding increase.

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