History of Medical Technology in the Philippines

History of Medical Technology in the Philippines BY eyeteeth On January 9, 1945, 850 US ships of the 6th US Army began a round-about to Lineages Gulf attempting to mislead the Japanese. Manila was taken and Corridor was liberated, finally, real medical faceless were made available to the Philippines which Include the 26th Medical Laboratory … Read more

Ap World History

Christian Tuccinardi Per. 6 Comparative Essay In the time period of 1450 to 1800, the political, social, and economical processes of empire building in the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire were politically similar in that they both were up and coming world powers, also socially similar in that they were both very religious, and … Read more

Brief History of Art Therapy

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ART THERAPY Randy M. Vick This history of art therapy focuses on the precursory and continuing trends that have shaped the theory and practice and the literature that reflects this development. Scholarship, like history, builds on the foundations laid by others. I am indebted to the authors of four other histories … Read more

“Pied Beauty” and “A Different History”

Discuss the way In which the cultures of the poets and the dominant cultures of their eras, affect the reader’s successful understanding of the above poems. Both the poems, “Pied Beauty*’ and “A Different History” were written within a similar time period and each poem conveys the poets’ views on culture and religion at the … Read more

The Relevance of Military History to the Teaching

THE RELEVANCE OF MILITARY HISTORY TO THE TEACHING OF MODERN WARFARE By Captain David B Snodgrass, US Army (Published with the permission of Defence Services Command and Staff College, Mirpur (Dhaka) Bangladesh) Throughout history, modernists have questioned the relevance of military history. With the rapid evolution of technological change in the post-industrial era and the … Read more

Jazz History

Era Everyone has heard or at least has heard of Jazz music. The bands, the singers, and the Instruments make you want to get up and start dancing! Jazz music has been around longer than you would think and Is still a very popular type of music today. But do people know of the back … Read more

Art History Final

They have manipulated our opinion, reactions, and even likeness of art. They defined who the great artists are and through their judgments they have even cited the value of art. But unfortunately for them, post-modern art has dethroned critics with the use of humor, wit, and scale of impact in their art. Post-modern art rejects … Read more

The History of Internet

The history of the Internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1 sass. The public was first introduced to the concepts that would lead to the Internet when a message was sent over the ARPANet from computer science Professor Leonard Silkiness’s laboratory at University of California, Los Angels (UCLA), after the second … Read more

History of the Sax

The saxophone is a very misunderstood instrument. When It is mentioned, the typical person thinks of Jazz, pop, or rock of the 20th century. The saxophone, although a huge part of the 20th century “radio” genre, was and still Is part of the classical repertoire. The Instrument Itself Is very popular, and It Is very … Read more

Food and History

Reaction paper When we study Filipino history and learn about the great heroes who helped lead the country to its freedom, we tend to forget that each of these heroes, no matter how great, were people too. Even though they fought, whether outright or silently, almost all their lives for the release of the Philippines … Read more

Brief History of Human Resource Management

The history of human resource management (HARM) Where as in some countries, notably Australia, South Africa and the KICK, the personnel management function arrived more slowly and came from a number of routes. Moreover, its orientation was not entirely managerial. The history of personnel management can be trace back to the 19th century. In 1833, … Read more

Abortions: Pregnancy and Child

Even though Abortion raises a host of ethical issues since it basically involves the termination of a probable human life. The debate over the legal and ethical viability of abortion has been complicated by the lack of consensus In defining whether a developing embryo can be equated with a human life. Methods to abort unwanted … Read more

Brief History of Rome

It is so old, it is today known as ‘the eternal city’. The Romans believed that their city was founded in the year 753 BC. Modern historians though believe it was the year 625 BC. Rome knew four classes of people. This division was very important to the Romans. There were other traditions that all … Read more

American History

Although the United States change for the better over the years in regards to declaring itself an independent nation establishing a governmental system along with a constitution. There are still a lot of similarities and differences that changed and stayed the same over the years. Some of the key events that change the size of … Read more

Brief History of Computer

The first use of the word “computer” was recorded in 1613, referring to a person who carried out ululations, or computations, and the word continued with the same meaning until the middle of the 20th century. From the end of the 19th century the word began to take on its more familiar meaning, a machine … Read more

Art History Essay

Adrian in the evolve is directly defined as “seeing’ and in the Hindu tradition there is a main focus on religious seeing or visual perception of the sacred. When Hindus make a pilgrimage to the temple or worship, they are going to say, “I am going for 1 998, 3). In the Hindu religion, there … Read more

History of NATO

These talks led to NATO, signed in Washington D. C. NATO members’ obligation in case of an attack They agreed upon that NATO member being attacked are considered as attacks against them all. Consequently they agreed that, in case of such an attack, each of them will do whatever it takes to restore and maintain … Read more

The History of Pi

Before I talk about the history of Pi I want to explain what Pi is. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines Pi as “1: the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet… 2 a: the symbol pi denoting the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter b: the ratio itself: a transcendental number having a … Read more

Art History Final

Death of the Critic For many years, and even today, we have depended on the writing of art critics such as Clement Greenberg Harold Rosenberg, and Roseland Krause, to name a few, to teach us about art. Their writing has been so influential in the history of art that we have forgotten that they are … Read more

History of Rock and Roll

The History Of Rock And Roll By Seth Spence 1/22/2012 Rock and Roll music is a genre that has been around our lives since the early 1940’s and has evolved every decade since. From the beginning with the rise of Elvis Pressley, to The Beatles in the 1960’s, to artists of today like U2 and … Read more

Global Commerce World History Notes

In the notes, be sure to define and explain the significance of the following key terms: trading post empire – the empire the Portuguese created in the Indian Ocean by obtaining bases through attacking small and weak states, no naval force in Asia was able to match the Portuguese guns or invulnerability * The Portuguese … Read more

Keeping History Alive

He believes that no one cares about this place that was once the greatest civilization between the desserts of Mexico and the North America Attic, nor do they seem to realize that it was America’s first city because they built a highway right threw the middle of it without a care in the world. Glen … Read more

History of Relational Databases

The original relational database language, developed by MM, was called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language) to support Its prototype READS (Relational Database Management System) called System/R. The name later was changed from SEQUEL to Structured Query Language. In the beginning Cod started out a mathematician at IBM In 1970 when he came up tit the … Read more

History Edit

The religion of the Incas was to worship a pantheon of goddesses and gods of nature. They believed in the existence of heavens and worshiped ancestors. Aztec religion is a complex interaction of gods, directions, dates, and colors. Spanish religion began with a fight between Christianity and Islam. The religious struggle was between the Judaism, … Read more

Abortions in America

For several decades there has been a debate If abortions are legal or not. In this paper I will attempt to take you through the history of abortions with a specification on politics. The practice of abortion dates back to ancient times. Pregnancies were terminated through a number of methods, including tools, taking abortion herbs, … Read more

Abortions and Their Methods

Abortion, termination of a pregnancy before birth, resulting in the death of the fetus. Some abortions occur naturally because a fetus does not develop normally or because the mother has an injury or disorder that prevents her from carrying the pregnancy to term. This type of spontaneous abortion Is commonly known as a miscarriage. Other … Read more


Abortion is the most controversial issue having no grounds of agreement. The argument Is life and death though the uncertainty of complication makes It difficult. I don’t believe In abortion because It’s murder we are not the ones that can decide whether the the baby fetus lives or dies. Abortion is a life or death … Read more