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Natural Resources In The Lorax And Easter’s End Essay

Many people around the world do not see that their wants and needs for natural resources are destroying the world and the environment. Although you hear about it all over the news, people do not realize that the littlest need can turn into a huge need, causing the resources to become slim to none. The need/ want of natural resources by the society, is not only hurting the society, but also the biodiversity and the environment, which is shown in “The Lorax” and Easter’s End. The use of natural resources is harming the biodiversity and survival of wildlife.

The society’s needs and wants are taking away food that the wildlife animals need to survive. For example, in “The Lorax” when the Once-ler cut down all of the Truffula Trees, the Brown Bar-ba-loots did not have any food left. Without food, they had to move in order to survive. Also, with destroying the animal’s habitats, there is no place for the animals to live, meaning they would eventually die or have to relocate. The main point that people do not realize is that the more the natural resources are being used, the less animals there is living, meaning the number of animals is declining causing it to be less food to eat.

At the rate the world is going today, we will eventually run out of the animals we need to eat in order to survive. People are very greedy and do not care about what will be best for the environment. All people care about in today’s world is what they want and what they want only. Most people do not even care about the environment and the harm they are causing it as long as they have what they want, then they are happy. Only a few percentage of people around the world actually care about saving the environment.

A survey was taken n a honors Civics and Economics class to see the number of people who recycle, and only 21% of the people in the class actually recycle. In order for the environment to improve, the government has to make laws pertaining to recycling and the safety of our environment. The society can not only care about their needs and wants, they have to realize that if nothing is done, then the world is going to end of like Easter Island in the next few centuries. With the usage of so many natural resources, humans are polluting the world left and right.

Natural resources are being used for a human’s everyday lifestyle. For example, humans are dependent on oil. Oil is the main natural resource being used because it heats up your house and is in gas to run cars. People need to realize that the use of natural resources harm the environment so much more than they think. In “The Lorax,” the factory that the Once-ler used to make the thneeds polluted the air so much that the Swomee-Swans were forced to leave because of the smogulous smoke, as well as the humming-fish because of the Gluppity-Glupp and the Schloppity-Schlopp.

The factory is an example of factories today around the world with the chemical’s coming out of the smoke stacks, polluting the air, and the ashes going into rivers harming the wildlife habitat. Although Easter Island did not have technology or factories, the society there was still harming the environment because the amount of trees being used. The trees that were being cut down, caused animals to lose their homes and eventually becoming extinct. The islanders used the natural resources for food and tools while the Once-ler and his family used the resources for thneeds.

The islanders fought over the resources in Easter’s End, but the Once-ler ignored the Lorax when he tried to stop the use of the resources. Also in Easter’s End, the fighting was so bad and the natural resources became so scarce, that the humans began to eat each other to survive. In both “The Lorax” and Easter’s End, there were people trying to protect the natural resources, both of them failed and all the resources were used up. The need and want of the natural resources destroyed land in both texts.

Easter Island and the Street of the Lift Lorax were both beautiful places at first until humans had to destroy everything. The world today is very similar to how the society’s in “The Lorax” and Easter’s End. Today, humans are using the natural resources for the good of their needs, but is harming the environment. In order for the world to improve the environment, laws are going to have to be made as well as ration out the amount of natural resources used per year.

With the rate the natural resources are being used today, the world will eventually crash and become nothing (the outcome in “The Lorax and Easter’s End). Factories are using natural resources up left and right and while doing so, polluting the air with the chemicals being released. Also, the factories release ash, harming the river and the animals living there. In order to save the world, people are going to have to recycle more and cut back on their wants. Unless the world wants everything to crash, something has to be done in order to stop the amount of natural resources being used today.

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