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Life As a Writer Some people write to express how they feel , some to express their thoughts , and some even do it to relive their stress. As a child we all unlovely become writers , were given pen and paper and we scribble seeable to create things. Why do we share thoughts, opinions, advises, stories and experiences through the words we write, and not from what we say ? As human beings we tend to express our selves by words more strongly than we do vocally. I write poems songs , essays, short stories , research papers , etc .

I enjoy writing poems and songs the most because I find that it is something that you can express your self through emotionally. It is not easy to poetry how you feel in such little writing . I have to think through about the emotions and words that I want to use. At times I get great pleasure from writing other times I get worn out , tired and bored from writing too much . I write for pleasure to ease how am feeling , Writing is a way of releasing any form of stress , its also a way to get your message across to the fellow person sometimes I want to show my viewpoint , and its a good way for me to monomaniac .

Editing is a way to review and make sure what your writing will makes sense . Editing has a huge affect on my writing because it helps me to edict my work . When IM writing in order to decide what I will talk about I choose a topic. I think about all the things I have been through in my life , what I have seen , heard and felt , the books I have read and the authors who wrote them helps as well . Its like a scientific experiment . You have your observation and your hypothesis . You observe everything so that you get ideas on what to write about .

Then , you later on make a hypothesis due to the information that you have received , I put them all together then I organize them into a writing . As a writer there’s always room to improve you writing , in my opinion in order to become a good writer you have to practice free writing . The more you write the more you will get better at it , Reading the work of a great writer is also something that has better my writing , You have to be a good reader in order to boomed a good writer. Writing down ideas from different novels , stories and poems gives an idea on what I hooked write.

I think my writing skills are fair , I have lots of room for improvement. Expanding my vocabulary skills , better punctuation skills are all things that can be beneficial as my life as a better writer . Writing benefits me in certain ways , sadly it does not excite me as much nor do I hate it , it releases my stress as a individual and the ability to be able to Jot down my feelings instead of bottling them up inside feels awesome. It’s like IM leaving my problems on a piece of paper . My writing history By lore’s

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