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My Marine Corps Journey Essay

My next steps after high school are pretty simple. I plan to work for a while to keep helping my parents with the house bills. After a while I plan on joining the Marine Corps and study for my career as a car mechanic. The plans I have will benefit me and my parents in a lot of ways. I will technically be working and studying for my career at the same time, so I won’t have to be worrying about making enough money to pay for my education and have to stay up late at nights to catch up on my work. I will be able to have my brain and body fully concentrated on my goal.

I am really aiming to become a very successful guy in life. Ever since I started working at McDonalds I have realized how hard it is to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and start work at 4. It’s not only the time that is hard but also the stress you go over for minimum wage. Nine dollars with 25 cents isn’t enough to be dealing with grumpy, stinky, irritating, and annoying people. It stresses you out most of the times because in most places the AC doesn’t work during hot days and neither does the heater.

The main boss doesn’t care what the employers go through, as long as he keeps getting money from the company he will maintain happy. Going through this makes me want to go back to my sophomore and junior year and fixed the mistakes made. I was acting childish over the passed two years thinking that life was easy, not worrying about school, grades, consequences, but more importantly my parents. They have basically been working their butts off for the past 22 years only so that I could accomplish nothing else but to lower my GPA. I spoke with Sargent Adams, he is a recruiter from the Marine

Corps. He informed me that by joining the Marine Corps, I would be benefited in many different ways. For example, I would get a big amount of money to pay off my college, be able to work and study at the same time, help my parents out with personal stuff, and when I am done serving my country I would be able to get a job pretty much anywhere! What mostly caught my attention was that I would have the ability to help my parents out in two different ways. One of them is kinda personal and the second way is by being able to help them out with money.

There wouldn’t be anything for me to buy in a war zone, therefore my money would either get transferred directly to my savings or straight to my parents. These news were a big relief for me, for | was afraid to leave my parents alone having them keep working there butts off to pay the house bills. I could also just save up and when I get back from serving 4 years in the marines, I would be able to buy both my mom and dad a brand new car as a reward for their hard work. I just wish I could give them the world, but that still wouldn’t be enough to thank them for everything they have done for me.

Joining the Marine Corps will be a huge step for me. The ASVAB test has been pretty hard, but all I need is to study a little bit more in order to comprehend the questions that are asked from the test. I also get this weird feeling when I know it’s time to start heading to the Marine Corp office. I don’t know if I am scared or just nervous, but every time I step into the their office I get this uncomfortable feeling. My life literally flashes through my eyes. When I get that uncomfortable feeling I just think about my parents and all the effort they are putting in not just for me, but also for my siblings.

My parents are the main reason why I chose the plans I have. Over all I want to be known as a man who worked hard not only to help out himself but also his parents. I want to serve my country, and help out my parents as much as I can for these years that are to come. I don’t really have anything planned out after serving 4 years in the marines, but I know that as time passes by more and more thoughts and ideas will be popping in my head making them another goal that I know I will accomplish.

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