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Music: History of Dance and Hip Hop Routines

Dance is movement to sounds made by instruments, vocals or musical recordings. It includes Hip Hop, Ballet, Ballroom and other styles. Some forms such as Ballet, Modern and Jazz require years of training as the dancer tries to perfect the many techniques involved. People dance to various types of music such as country, rock, disco, classical and coca. I have been formally training in the Hip Hop style of dance for the last year and a half. Dancing uses my whole body and brain and has many wonderful effects on my life. Firstly dance helps me think logically, carefully and concentrate well. While learning

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Hip Hop routines, I have no choice but to process information quickly and recall what has been taught. For this I have been able to successfully prepare for my S. E. A exam thereby remembering information easily. Dancing is a great form of exercise for me. Dance improves how my body moves and it is very good for my health as I burn lots of calories. It helps me have control over my body as I become for flexible and agile. The fast upbeat music gets my heart racing, creates extra energy and gets me moving. So, I am able to stay fit and healthy because of dance. Next dance allows me to invent things and express my creativity.

During the cipher moves, I am allowed to use what I have been taught in class as well as my own ideas to come up with my own creative moves. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am done. Dance allows me to be stress free and relaxed. It takes my mind off school work, chores and bad people. I only think about happy and pleasant things when I dance. Dance brings excitement to my life. Whenever my mother is stressed, she turns up the music, grabs me and we Tango in the middle of our living room. My friends and I have a place to socialize with each other and have lots of fun while we dance.

We amuse each other, entertain people and this brings me tremendous joy. Dance helps me make friends wherever we go since it is a common language. Finally dance belongs to all cultures. In Trinidad and Tobago dance is a part of many different activities such as Carnival, Independence celebrations, Cultural and religious events. As such, when I dance I feel I am more a part of my culture. I can relate more to my country and I feel a sense of belonging. Without dance my life as well as the lives of many people would be totally different Music: History of Dance and Hip Hop Routines By Collaterally positively affected by dance.

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