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Mother Grace Paley Analysis

“Mother” is a short story by Grace Paley. It tells the story of a mother and her relationship with her children. The mother is a loving and caring woman, but she also has a strong sense of responsibility.

She wants her children to be happy and safe, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they are. However, she also understands that her children are growing up and that they need to be able to make their own decisions. She knows that she can’t always be there for them, but she wants to be able to trust them to make the right choices.

The short story “Mother” by American writer Grace Paley begins with the following lyrics. In this story, the author depicts a daughter who remembers her mother and misses her very much after she dies. After reading this story, I found an interesting fact about the relationship between parents and their children.

Even after the children become adults, there are something that only mother can do for them.

Mother by Grace Paley is a touching story about a daughter’s relationship with her mother. The author uses lyrics to start the story, which immediately sets the tone of nostalgia and love.

The protagonist looks back on her childhood and recalls all the things her mother used to do for her. Even though she is now an adult, she still misses her mother terribly and realizes that there are some things in life that only a mother can provide. This story is a beautiful tribute to the special bond between mothers and their children.

In my view, children frequently misunderstand their parents while their parents continue to be concerned about them. However, as children grow older, they always regret what they thought about their parents when they were younger. Parents and children have different opinions and conflicts, which causes the kids to misinterpret their parents.

Secondly, when children are in school and get good grades, their parents will be very happy but when they fail, they will be worried. Last but not least, parents always have to put their children first even if it means sacrificing their own happiness.

Although the mother in “Mother” by Grace Paley tries to do her best for her son, he still doesn’t understand her. In the story, the son is always arguing with his mother about politics and he thinks that she is wrong. However, when he gets older, he realizes that she was only trying to help him and that she was actually right all along. This shows how children can misunderstand their parents even when they are trying to help them.

Another example of how children can misunderstand their parents is when they are in school. In “Mother” by Grace Paley, the son gets good grades and his mother is very happy. However, when he fails, she is worried. This shows how children can misunderstand their parents because they think that their parents only care about them when they are doing well.

Last but not least, parents always have to put their children first even if it means sacrificing their own happiness. In “Mother” by Grace Paley, the mother sacrifices her own happiness for her son. She does this by staying home with him even though she would rather be out with her friends. This shows how parents will always sacrifice their own happiness for their children.

In the text, the daughter regrets not only what she did to her mother, but also how much she misses her after her sudden death. According to the passage, the daughter had a quarrel with her mother about eating lunch. Not long after their disagreement, her mother died suddenly. I found these sentences: “At the door of the kitchen she said……What will become of you? Then she died.” (Paley 82). These two events are unrelated and thus very sudden.

The death of mother is just a result of the daughter’s careless. Mother did not do anything wrong but the daughter accused her mother and then mother died. This is very regretful.

Moreover, the daughter also regretted what she said to her mother before she knew that her mother would die soon. The daughter thought that if she had not said those words to her mother, maybe her mother would not be so angry and then would not have a heart attack which caused her death. In the text, it says: “All this I thought later.

But at that time I was too young to know that words are like blows sometimes, they hurt more than fists.” (Paley 82) From these sentences, we can see that the daughter was very regretful about what she did and said to her mother. And after the death of her mother, she also missed her mother a lot.

The sudden death of mother also makes the family in trouble because they have to solve many problems such as finding a new house and Mother’s funeral. In the text, it says: “The family sat shiva for my mother in our apartment on Bedford Avenue…” (Paley 82) From these sentences, we can see that the family had to move to a new apartment after Mother’s death because their old apartment was too small for all of them. Moreover, they also had to face the problem of Mother’s funeral. These things make the family very difficult.

Although the sudden death of Mother makes the family in trouble, they still love Mother and miss her very much. In the text, it says: “We kept her picture on the dresser…” (Paley 82) From these sentences, we can see that even though Mother was gone, her family still loved her and missed her a lot. They put Mother’s picture on the dresser to remember her.

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