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Memory Failure Diary Essay

1. Introduction The purpose of this assignment was to write down my memory failures that occurred throughout the semester. In my memory diary, I recorded specific details about the memory failures. I would analyze after reaching 15 memory failures and discuss the similarities and differences found. I evaluated my memory failures and related them to the memory concepts that we discussed in class.

2. Method The report of memory failures is based on my daily diary where I recorded what occurred. During the semester, I had a notebook with me and each time I forgot something, I wrote it down. I ould specifically write where it occurred, why I was there, who was there, the purpose at the time, what I was trying to remember, and did I remember after a while. After, I had 15 events I would analyze them and see if there were any similarities or differences. I would relate my memory failures to course concepts which were discussed in class. 3. Corpus of events & interpretation I will elaborate about the 15 memory failures, which I had recorded throughout this semester. Event 1. This happened on October 15th. The situation was: I was driving to UIC. I was there to go to class and needed to park.

My goal was to use my UIC card to open the gate so I could park. Instead, I had to go get a ticket and show them my driver license. I was trying to remember what happened to my UIC card. I remember halfway when I was driving to UIC but new that they could just look at my driver’s license instead. Event 2. This happened on October 18th. The situation was: I was at Moraine Valley Community College. I was there to study for an exam. I was there with a friend and arrived with her in the same car. My purpose at the time was to find parking and we had to park on the other side of campus. I was trying to remember where I parked.

Instead, I ended up going to the parking lot closest to the library where I usually park. I ended up searching for my car around the parking lot L. However, then I remember that the lot was filled and parked all the way at S building. The probable cause of this memory failure was proactive interference, which falls under failure to retain. I have parked at Lot L for years and did not have to search for parking elsewhere. However, it started to be more filled causing me to look for parking somewhere else at certain times of the day. In result, it interfered with my ability to remember that I have parked my car elsewhere.

Event 3. This happened on October 22nd. The situation was: I was at my mom’s house. I came to visit my mom and spend time with her. My mom and my brother were also there. The purpose was to find my keys that I had misplaced so I could drive home. I was trying to remember where I saw my keys where I placed them. Instead, I ended up looking throughout the whole house realizing all along they were in my coat pocket. I remember eventually to look in my coat pocket, because I remembered going for a walk and it was cold outside. The probable cause of this memory failure was… Event 4. This happened on October 26th.

The situation was: I just arrived home. I was trying to get inside my house. I was the only one at the time. The goal was to get inside my home and relax. I was trying to remember why I didn’t take my keys this morning when I left for school. Instead, I had to go to the garage and use the extra set of keys. I remembered forgetting my keys when I search my entire bag.

Event 5. This happened on October 27th. The situation was: I was studying for an exam. I was going over the powerpoint for lecture 15 than learning lecture 16. The goal was to be able to remember chapter 15 even after studying other lectures. I ad a problematic time recalling what I have learned in lecture 15. The likely cause was due to reactive interference. Event 6. This happened on October 29th. The situation was: I did not remember to return my library book today. The goal was to remember that my book was due. Even though, I have received cues that it was due in a couple of days. The probable cause was failure to retrieve even with these warnings from the library.

Event 7. This happened on October 31st. The situation was: I was at home. I was finishing up some stuff from school. I was the only one home. The purpose was to call my dad and ask if e could fill up the car. I called him and forgot why I called in the first place. Instead, we talked about how our day was and what happened. I remembered when he told me he filled up the car with gas without being told to fill it up. The probable cause of this memory failure was failure to retrieve. Event 8. This happened on November 2nd. The situation was: I was UIC the counseling office. I was there for the special projects lab. There were a few people that were also in the lab. My goal was to remember everyone’s name who was in the lab. They introduced themselves by sharing their names I tried to remember.

Instead, after a few minutes I forgot one of the people’s names. I thought his name was Evan but it was lan. I waited until someone said his name to not call him by the wrong name. The probable cause of this memory failure is failure to encode. This is because I remembered his name only for a few minutes and did not retain it sufficiently. Event 9. This happened on November 4th. The situation was: I was on my way to school and was suppose to drop off a letter in the mailbox. was the only one there. My purpose was to mail the letter so it would arrive on time. Instead, I ended up driving past the mailbox and going to school.

I remembered once I got to school because I had the letter still with me. The probable cause of this memory failure was due to failure to retrieve certain target cues that would remind me to mail the letter while on my way to school. Event 10. This happened on November 7th. The situation was: I was UIC and usually park my car around the same area. My purpose was to remember where I parked my car since all the spots were taken where I typically park. Instead, I ended up walking around in circles looking for my car where I usually park. I remembered that the parking lot was filled because there was an event happening on campus.

The probable cause of this memory failure was due to failure to retain information which had to due with interference. Event 11. This happened on November 9th. The situation was: I was going to my friends house and bring her a gift. My purpose was to drop off her gift before I left for work. Instead, I ended up coming to her house without the gift. I remember this once I saw her and saw others wishing her happy birthday. The probable cause of this memory failure is due to failure to retrieve the cues that should have reminded me. I received a Facebook notification that it was her birthday and should have emembered.

Event 12. This happened on November 10th. The situation was: I was at the mall. I went shopping for clothes. I went alone shopping at the mall. The purpose was to… I was trying to remember where I saw my phone last and what happened to it. Instead, I started to assume I lost it somewhere in the mall or it was stolen. I eventually found my phone laying on the back seat of my car. I remembered placing it there before I left. Event 13. This happened on November 13th. The situation was: I was at my internship. I was there to help out. I was notified by my supervisor to send an email to someone.

The goal was to remember to email someone. Instead, I ended up forgetting to email them. The probable cause was due to failure to encode because the name of the person was not a common name and I was not fully paying attention. I remembered when she asked me if they have gotten back to me. Event 14. This happened on November 14th. The situation was: I was at school. I went to a class. I was there with other classmates in a lecture hall. The goal was to remember the girls names that always sits next to me to ask her a question. Instead, I waited for one of my friends to come.

I remembered her name after a while and double checked with my friend. The probable cause was failure to encode this girls name into memory. Event 15. This happened on November 16th. The situation was: I was at school. I was going there to work on the hotline. I was there with other liners who were working that night. We were discussing movie series. The goal was to remember the name of an actor. Instead, I ended up not remembering their name. I remembered because we started mentioning other movies that they also played in. The probable cause was failure to retrieve the actor’s name in memory.

4. Comparative analysis seemed to have a recurrence of forgetting my house keys on Wednesday’s. I think this is because I change my bag on this day. I’m on autopilot and put my keys in my school backpack when I arrive home the day before. 5. Conclusion In summary, Wednesday was a challenging day for me of remembering my keys since I was changing bags. It is a busy day for me and I’m often in a hurry to make it on time to my training.

Appendix 1. October 15th: I forgot to bring my UIC I card from home. I need it to park on campus. I remembered about it when I was halfway to campus. 2. October 18th : Parked my car in a different lot. Walked to the lot I usually park and searched for my car. Thought about it for a while remembered parking elsewhere. 3. October 22: Had trouble finding car keys. 4. October 26th: Forgetting my keys in my other bag. I found out when I wanted to get in my house but did not have my keys. 5. October 27th: Today, I studied two lectures 15 and 16. First, I focused on 15 than 16. This interfered with me remembering lecture 15. 6. October 29th: Returning my library book late even after reminders such as emails.

7. October 31st: Called dad to ask him to fill up the car with gas, however, called and forgot to ask. Remembered when Dad said he filled up gas without even being asked later in the day. 8. November 2nd: Meeting someone new they introduced themselves immediately after a few minutes forget their name. Wait until someone else says their name. 9. November 4th: I was suppose to drop of a letter in the mailbox on my way to school. I was focused on other things that I had going on today. 10. November 7th: 11. November 9th: I forgot to drop off a present for my friend before work. I saw a notification on facebook but forgot to take the gift with me.

12. November 10th: Search for phone thinking I lost it at the mall or someone stole it. Later go back to car discover phone is sitting on the back seat. 13. November 13th: Forgetting to email someone important. I was super busy at my internship that I forgot to email. I knew | was suppose to contact someone but did not remember. 14. November 14th: Not remember a girl’s name who sits next to me in lecture. Waiting for a friend to ask her if that is her name. 15. November 16th: I forgot a movie actor’s name that played in a movie which, I enjoyed. I was with other liners at the InTouch hotline. We started discussing other well known movies which he was a part of that is how I remembered.

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