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Many Shades of LOVE

When you say the word love you picture yourself with your best friend, your soul mate, someone that understands you or connects with you. Everyone wishes for that feeling you get when you have a personable connection with that one person you can’t get enough with, that you want to spend every waking moment with. But for most that is just a vision, love comes in many ways. Being a parent, couples relationships, grandparents, all these are different types of relationship that combine with love.

The two short stories Killing by Andre Dubs and The Story Of an Hour by Kate Chopin are two completely different types of love. Losing a loved one that you had a personal connection with like a husband or even a child can change someone forever. They will get passed the challenge but they will not be the same. The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin a powerful story about a women that was told in a gentle way that her husband was in a train wreck. Her sister told her in a cautious way because Louis Mallard had heart trouble.

Overwhelmed by her husband’s sudden death in the train wreck she excuses herself and goes erectly to her bedroom where we see a different side of Mrs.. Mallard’s emotions. She has taken on a different viewpoint of life now, she is upset about her husband’s sudden death, but then she is looking at what is going to look like in the future. She imagines for future ahead without him or anyone that tries to hold her back. The more she thinks about it the more she gets ecstatic of independence and wants to live a long life despite her heart condition. Her sister starts to worry about her so she comes down stairs and the door opens.

Her husband isn’t dead, he is very much alive but the Louise hat is wanting independence passes away. Louis death was caused by shattered dreams of freedom. Independence is a prohibited desire that can be imagined only privately. Couple’s relationship takes hard work, being married for years is challenge. You have your good times and bad, and some don’t have the time or the energy to really work on the relationship. But also people are so comfortable that they don’t want to leave each other they just make it work but still unhappy, or it was frowned upon that couples leave each other or get a divorce.

Her physical heart problem is a sign that her motional heart problem is related to her marriage. She did love her husband but I don’t think that she was in love with him. Marriage is constraining, you see so much different kind of love, and hate, but if the couple is strong they will get through anything. The story of the killings by Andre Dubs is about a family that is mourning the death and dealing with the emotion of losing their youngest son Frank and a father’s love for his son to exact revenge by killing the person who took him from them.

Frank was shot multiple time by Franks girlfriend’s ex-husband Richard. Frank stood up to his parents for Mary Ann ND they criticized him for having kids and that he was in a situation that was over his head. Franks mom did not like Mary Ann for several reasons, Mary Ann was older than frank, she had kids from another marriage and the divorce from that marriage was not finalized when they were in the relationship, and Mary Ann had a known history for sleeping around.

Franks father was trying to understand Franks side of the situation and tried to keep a balance to keep his wife and Franks happiness. Matt and Willis end up waiting for Richard and abduct him, take him in to the woods where Matt Shoots Richard and buries him. Matt and his wife talk about a picture of a girl he saw at Richards house and matt feels remorseful for avenging Richards death by killing F-rank. Any situation where a parent has to deal with the death and the burial of their children will cause them pain grief and heartache for the rest of their life.

Matt and his wife Ruth went through suffering and it grew every passing day. Our children live inside out minds in two ways physically and we think about their future, and how we can make it come true. As parents We work So hard to make your children go into the right path, ND will try anything to get them into the right path. It destroys you having to bury your child before you pass. It really messes with you mind, it is so hard to heal when it was so sudden. It turned Matt into a withdrawn kind of man.

Yes Matt loved his wife truly and it made the relationship stronger. Love is a challenge, there are so many version of love. These two short stories show different types of love. Two types in the story Killing, where Matt and his wife have a major crisis that brings them closer together and then parent’s love for his child. Matt is a heartbroken because of his love for his wife and family. In a sense, he has no choice, he must take vengeance the death of his son and ease his family’s pain.

In the story The Story of an Hour Louis loves her husband but it seems like she doesn’t feel free if her husband is around. She clearly isn’t happy in the relationship or she was just settling because that is what everyone else wants her to do.

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