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Introduction for Abortion

The definition of abortion is the fetus in the uterus if her mother remove / die before the fetus can survive outside the mother uterus the mother uterus , in other ways means the fetus killed accidentally or by some medical ways before its born. There are 2 types of abortion , the 2 types call spontaneous abortion and induced abortion , these two different ways have their own characteristic . SPONTANEOUS ABORTION

Spontaneous abortion also call miscarriage abortion , its happen because of accidental or natural before the 22 week of carrying of being carried in the womb between the birth and conception , this happen normally because of incorrect replication of chromosome of the other ways is affect by the environment factors. A pregnancy end her gestation before the 37 week resulting premature birth , if a fetus in the uterus die about 22 weeks its call stillborn.

Between that in Malaysia 30-50% of the spontaneous abortion because of the age and the health of the pregnancy woman , when the pregnancy woman age about 14 that her body in the stage of changing to mature her body do not suitable to supply enough nutrition to help the fetus to developed. Spontaneous abortion also happen when the pregnant woman are too old e. g. age 40< their body also cant supply enough nutrition to the fetus because their own body need more nutrition. In other causes the pregnant woman having some diseases such as abnormalities of uterus , other than that accidental death of the fetus also happen e. . the pregnant woman fall down from the staircase and the pressure of pushing her body by the floor result the fetus die. INDUCED ABORTION These type of abortion is manmade abortion , and it have many ways to do induced abortion but sometimes these type of abortion is good to be happen to some pragnent woman because some cases that can save a pregnant woman , preserve the woman from physical or reduce the number of fetus to lessen of the multiple pregnancy woman health risk. MEDICAL Use medical to success abortion process do not use surgical , its only use pharmaceutical drugs , and its only effective in the first trimester of pregnancy. This abortion methods comparison 15% of all he abortion cases in Malaysia. These are some drugs can used to do these abortion (RU- 486 , misoprostol , gemeprost) these drugs is approved by FDA US.

Approximately 95% of woman use these drug within 49 days of gestation are successful killed the fetus without any pain and surgical intervention , all the fetus killed using the medical ways will exclude the pregnant woman from their vagina. •SURGICAL The most common method to use in the first 12 weeks after forming the fetus are suction curettage as known as vacuum aspiration , this method is done by abortion doctors , they used surgical instrument to remove the fetus (embryo) , placenta and membranes.

In this process the doctor will force the woman cervix open by using dilators , then a hollow tube with a knife at the edged tip and a very powerful vacuum called canella , then its will insert into the womb and the unborn child will sucked out by the tube in pieces. If the head of the unborn child was too large it may be crushed to removed successful and the most important part to remove of the unborn child removed is the placenta which place at the inner of the womb. The other method than used in the first trimester is Dilation And Curettage (D&C). he cervix is open by same way as the ways above , the difference of this method between the above method are using scraping the unborn child into pieces in the womb. Another ways call Dilation And Evacuating (D&E) method is used for the unborn child that more than 12 week because the size of the unborn child is much more bigger and its bone are harder than before 12 weeks unborn child , so the doctor use different surgical instrument call small forceps to cut the body and crush the unborn child head before remove the whole body.

The other method call Partial-birth (D&X) this method is used on the unborn babies that after 20 weeks in these period the cervix of the pregnant woman is dilated widely and can insert the forceps into the womb , the doctor will pull the baby leg to the birth canal until the head of the baby stuck at the birth canal therefore the doctor stabs a sharp instrument into the baby skull and put in a apparatus and sucked out what its contain in the baby skull and the baby become limp and easily evacuates from the womb. OTHER METHOD Other than the method above there are traditional method too , that is folk medicine such as herbs to do the abortion these method is the worst one normally this method widely used in China , it cause serious side effects such as multiple organ failure

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