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Informative Outline History Of The Greyhound

They are always happy to see you or can be family that’s not even blood and most will say they are a man’s best friend. B. Today I am going to inform you of the origins of the Greyhound. C. Through my studies of the greyhound over last week I have found some very interesting and credible information.

D. The origins of early humans, from the ancient text and the Middle Ages and the age of Enlightenment and Industrialization. Transition: So lets venture into the origins of the grey hound. II. Body A. Origin of the Greyhound and the Greyhound and Early Humans 1 . (Harper Douglas from Dictionary 1998) Although the Greyhound appears in various Celtic, British, Irish, and Scottish pictures and literature dating from the 9th century, its slender build, deep chest, and thin skin and coat suggest a warm climate birth for the breed. 2.

The term “Greyhound ND” has been traced by some of the old English “Greg-hundred” Greece or Greg, meaning dog and hundred, meaning hunting. 3. Still others prefer the simpler explanation-?the original color of the dogs was gray and the name simply means gray dog. 4. The greyhound-type of dogs originated in the semi-arid lands of North Africa, for example, Egypt, and the Middle East. Transition: Now that we know the meaning of the name and were greyhound originated let’s see how ancient the greyhound is. B. Appearance of the Greyhound in Ancient Texts 1 .

Stuart Homer Golden State Greyhound 2014)Greyhounds have been man’s companions for such a long period of time that they are even mentioned in the earliest of ancient texts, including the Bible. 2. Experts suggest that the breed dates back about 4,000 years to the heyday kingdoms of Egypt, Greece, and Persia. 3. Greyhounds became so revered by royalty, that they were often found in depictions of royal courts. 4. In some cases they were even found mummified in ancient Egyptian tombs, where they were preserved as companions for their former owners in the afterlife.

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