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Indivisible Self-Model Of Wellness Essay

1. In stage one, the forming stages of the groups, the lesson and title will be getting to know everyone; the topic will be familiarizing one’s self with group members and leaders in addition to creating understanding of the conception of self- esteem. The core tasks will involve the welcoming message, icebreakers and announcing of the purpose of the group asking, what is self-esteem and why is self-esteem important? 2. ln stage two, the storming stage of the group, the lesson and title will be the indivisible self-model of wellness involving the incorporation of wellness model and naming personal strengths s well as limitations.

In this stage, the core tasks will involve, administering the indivisible self-model of wellness incorporating questions such as, what is meant by the indivisible personality, what are wellness issues, and why are wellness issues significant? The second focus of the core tasks will involve administering the indivisible You Workbooks, the third focus will be the activity which will involve a Collage Wellness Factor Wheel and the fourth core focus will incorporate discussion and utilize questions such as, what are my personal wellness factor trengths and how could I utilize my strengths to build on the more fragile wellness aspects?

3. The third part of stage 2 will focus on the essential self and explore personal values utilizing ACT values compass concept and incorporate core tasks involving discussion linked to what culture identity is and spiritualty. Furthermore questions involving the formation of spirituality and culture in relation to the formation of our values and the specifics of our personal values will be discussed. Secondly, there will be an activity that will involve making a decision between writing the Inscription or their Tribute ounded on how they will be remembered as they focus on their core values.

Next a discussion will be held capitalizing on what it means to lead a value driven life and what it means to be inwardly encouraged as opposed to being encouraged by external forces, furthermore how motivation affects one’s self- esteem will be discussed, then a homework activity will be administered such as aiming for the bull’s eye. 4. In the third sate which is also referred to as the norming stage, the coping and self-acceptance will be targeted, also exploring the ACT notion of approval and relating it to themes, personal strengths s well as limitations.

The core tasks discussed will be the discussion of acceptance which is and substitute to control and averting. The group will discuss what acceptance is and how it differs from resignation and experiencing the feelings of failure. The activity in this section will be Consent Slips Art Therapy Directive, and then the group will discuss the experience the activity had on them particularly and how it was challenging. The members will also discuss if they gave themselves the right to fully experience what they felt and their homework will be to omplete an activity in the indivisible worksheet of what cannot be altered.

The next lesson and theme in stage three will be the coping self-the difference between fear and action. The ACT conception dispersal, cogitation, right and wrong traps and tricking someone into giving their secret information (phishing) will be elaborated upon. During this process there will be a discussion over these issues asking questions about what was listed and how they have utilized these negative coping approaches in the past and also what the danger of depending on these types of thinking forms.

The ACTFEAR & ACT model will be introduced then there will be an ACT in action role play for the group members. In the last part of the norming stage the coping and self-positive thinking will be addressed along with self-confidence and positive thinking. The group will answer the questions to what self-doubt is, the effects of what telling a story or experiencing an event worse than what actually is happening, and magnetizing the negative. Escaping, Ineffectual communication, and perfectionism will be the role play incompetent coping tactics.

Furthermore, the confidence entality, give-up thoughts, and go to thoughts will be addressed. The last activity in this stage will be the Getting off the Self Doubt path role play. 5. In the fourth stage is the performing stage, and in the stage, the coping self-mindfulness and learning and practicing mindfulness activities are addressed. The first discussion will consist of discussing mindfulness, how it works, and how the approaches of mindfulness assist the self-esteem and sense of wellness. Secondly, mindfulness exercises will be discussed.

The particular exercise incorporates a few activities, two which can be inside nd outside and the breath of life. Third, mindfulness art exercise will be constructed. The members will build a Mandela, then the group will discuss if they were capable of being present in the activities, if they felt less sense of stress, if they could view themselves utiliz9nmg those approaches and if they have places or activities that make them feel more grounded such as hobbies, walking, meditation, sports, etc. .

6. In the last stage of performing the creative self will be explored. The group will develop goals and discuss identity based on the ACT concept of life vision. The first exercise will be the Vision Platueu, then the group will be a part of the Modified version of the Transformational self Portrait Art Therapy Activity, afterwards the group will discussion around saying their goodbyes and the homework will consist of completing a vision section in the Indivisible You Workbook.

7. In the fifth and final stage (Adjourning) of the group weekly topics and important objectives, the lesson and title will be The social self in building positive social interactions, the theme will be building social networks, family, and community resources, the core tasks iscussed will be linking goals to social network, values, history, and personal strengths, how they all interrelate as one, and also how having a sense of these form their self-concept, sense of self-esteem, and purpose.

The activity constructed for the group will consist of the Tree of Life, then after the activity, the group will discuss, how they feel about the person they are becoming while analyzing their tree and express the experience of formulating the process. In the second stage of the adjourning process is the social self and building uplifting social networks ncluding, the formation of social interactions, family, and community resources. The first exercise will be to classify compatible people and classify and act.

There will be a review of the community resources section in the indivisible you workbook. Next, the group will discuss what they have formulated about themselves in the group, what they have evaluated about others in the group, what were some of the main highpoints and turning points, if they plan to stay connected, the vision of them remaining connected, and also how they will express their goodbyes. In the third and final djourning stage we will be molding the entire indivisible you into one piece.

Wellness factors and discussing ACT concept of commitment will be reviewed. The group will also return the Indivisible You Workbook at the post-group meeting with the group leader. The activity will be the Indivisible You trading cards and exchange, based on the artist trading cards concept. How the group members have evolving in this group, the highpoints and low points in the group will also be discussed. Lastly, there will be a distribution certificate and personalized token of completion and express their goodbyes.

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