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How To Spot A Liar Analysis Essay

Not everyone is aware about how much people lie. Pamela Meyer says “On a given day, studies show that you may be lied to anywhere from 10 to 200 times. ” That’s a lot of lies in one day! Throughout Pamela’s talk she discusses; Lying is a cooperative act, the three truths about lying and how lying affects us. Pamela is an awesome presenter, that uses several presentations skills. I am going to give you a summary, analysis of her speaking skills and my own personal opinion on her talk “How To Spot A Liar”.

Pamela Meyer begins her talk by saying “| don’t want to alarm anybody in this room, but it’s just come to my attention that the person to your right is a liar. the crowd laughs but then she says” Also the person to your left is a liar”. This automatically gets the audience involved in her talk and is a great opening to her topic. Meyer uses her own personal examples to back up her talk as well. For example she is talking about how she wrote a book called “Liespotting” and she says “no one wants to meet me in person anymore, no, no, no, no, no. They say, “It’s okay, we’ll email you. ” Meyer discusses that lying is a cooperative act.

This means that it takes more than one person to lie. To me this was confusing but, this is how she put it “So I know it may sound like tough love, but look, if at some point you got lied to, it’s because you agreed to get lied to. Truth number one about lying: Lying Is a cooperative act. ” When Pamela says truth one this is where you get introduced to her three truth about lying. The truths she uses are weirdly true, but understandable. Pamela uses relatable real life examples, her own opinion, videos and more to enhance her talk and her presentation and make us realize just how much lying affects us.

In my opinion Pamela had a very powerful and great talk. As soon as she began her talk I was intrigued. She used several presentation skills to emphasize and enhance her presentation. The first presentation skill that I noticed Meyer used was “use natural humor”. Right from the beginning she used humor. She started off her talk by saying “Okay, now I don’t want to alarm anybody in this room, but it’s just come to my attention that the person to your right is a liar. ” The whole audience laughed after she opened her talk by saying that. She also makes the audience laugh several other times throughout the talk.

She uses Koko the gorilla as an example and says “Here’s Koko with her kitten. It’s her cute little, fluffy pet kitten. Koko once blamed her pet kitten for ripping a sink out of the wall”. I must say | laughed a little when I heard that! These are a few of many examples of when Pamela uses her natural humour throughout her presentation. Next Pamela stayed very relaxed during her presentation. Staying relaxed during a presentation or even at a job interview isn’t easy. Personally I am terrible of trying to make it look like want to be up talking during a presentation.

I am the one who would rather be cleaning the toilet then being up talking in front of a crowd. Pamela on the other hand, never made it look like she didn’t want to be talking. She looked at the audience and talked to them as if they were friends she had known for a long time. Meyer’s voice is very relaxed as well. When she speaks she doesn’t stutter or speak too fast. She seems very confident in herself and her talk. This presentation skill is an excellent one that Pamela uses to enhance her presentation. In addition to Pamela’s presentation skills the last one that I am going to mention is the use of her body language.

While Meyer is presenting you can see that she uses her hands a lot while she is talking. For example when she says “it’s because you agreed to get lied to”, Pamela points out to the crowd. Not only does Meyer just use her hands but, she moves around the stage. In my opinion it is boring watching a presentation and they just stand there in one spot the entire time. Pamela is not that person she moves around the stage while speaking, These are some of several presentation skills that Pamela uses to enhance her talk. Moving onto the content of Pamela’s talk on “How to spot a liar”.

The content of her talk was overall good in my opinion. She used videos and her own personal examples to help express what she was saying. The videos she used were of Koko the gorilla, two men, and two mothers. She used these videos to help the audience understand what she means when she says “spotting a liar”. She put up two different videos of two different moms and made the audience try and pick out which one of the two was lying. This was a great idea to not only keep the audience involved but it also helped me personally understand what she was saying.

When Pamela used her own personal examples they were either funny or relatable. When she talked about people not wanting to meet her for coffee that was an example of a funny one. When she talked about how much we get lied to it was crazy but, relatable. Overall the content of her talk was awesome! In conclusion Pamela Meyer’s talk “How to spot a liar” was a very relatable. well put together presentation. It made me realize how much you get lied to without knowing it. She is a great presenter and I would recommend watching this video.

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