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How Did Susan B Anthony Fight For Equal Rights Essay

Imagine not having the simple rights, not only as an American citizen, but as a human being. Women and blacks had no rights in this country. They could not vote, pick an educated career, or even have ownership of their children. Susan B. Anthony needed more, so she started fighting for the unheard voices of America. Susan B. Anthony has positively benefitted modern society by standing up for equal rights and fighting for opportunities for women. Susan B. Anthony has significantly benefitted modern society by standing up for equal rights.

Anthony strongly believed in abolishing slaver. This is probably because she grew up in the northern state of Massachusetts, which fought for the Union. Her family was good hearted and recognized what terrible things the south was doing to their slaves. They were torturing innocent souls and Anthony realized they were people in the free country of America and felt the need to help them earn their right as a citizen and a human being. Susan was a woman who did not have the right to vote, or have the right to make a change in the country she lived in.

No women or blacks had that simple right. The men had all the power, too much power. Anthony proposed that no matter your race or sex, every man and woman deserves to have the right to vote and make a change in the way they lived. Every voice counts and Anthony was one of the first to realize this. If the women and blacks would have had a vote from the start, think about how, our country would have been at the time. There would be no slavery or alcohol abuse. Women would be able to leave their husbands, and have custody of their children.

Everyone would have their own property to build their own houses and do whatever job they wanted to. Anthony had a vision, a vision of a orld that gave blacks and women the right to vote. She wanted that to be the 14th Amendment. Unfortunately, that did not happen for the 14th Amendment, but she had a huge part in getting the 15th Amendment to give black males the right to vote. There was still the ongoing fight for women and that did not stop Susan and her fellow activist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Together they founded the Women’s Suffrage Association and wrote weekly publications about women’s rights.

Because of the Civil War their work had to be postponed, but they continued as soon as the war was over and their fight for their rights would ever stop. Even though Anthony died in 1906, before wo would ever get the right to vote, “she helped pave the way for women’s suffrage”, which would finally be passed in the 19th Amendment. Because Susan B. Anthony was brave enough to fight for something she believed in, she changed the world and gave all the people of America the right to vote, the right to change their lives, be in control of the way they live, and how they got to live it.

Susan B. Anthony has positively benefitted modern society by fighting for women’s opportunities. Once said by Susan B. Anthony, “I declare to you that women must not depend upon he protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand”. The times have changed. Women are tired of being pushed around and not being able to have a say in how they live their lives. Women couldn’t even get a divorce because, they did not have the power to leave their husbands.

It did not help that, at the time, women were being strongly affected by alcohol abuse. Just imagine, being abused everyday, never feeling safe in your own home and not being able to do a thing about it. Anthony gave women the courage to make that stand and protect themselves and to change their ives for the better. During this time in America, alcohol was a huge problem. Men would abuse their wives and there was no law against it. Women didn’t have the right to leave their husbands or get help from the police.

Even though men started the Sons of Temperance movement, it mainly affected women and Susan became aggravated when she would not be allowed to speak at these meetings so, she founded the Women/ Daughters of Temperance. Anthony felt the men were not doing their very best with this movement and felt the need to take on the task of ending alcohol abuse and making sure that women ould feel safe in their homes. For a short period, alcohol was against the law, but it only lasted until the Depression, when it was brought back.

Still, Susan did what she thought would make this country better and it did. Susan helped women feel safe and gave them power to live their lives again without constant fear. During this time, women had the stereotypical jobs of sewing, teaching, and milk work. They were viewed as just be wives and mothers, they were not as powerful as the men. Women had no rights if their husbands died. None of the property he owned, or is money, or even the children went into the wife’s custody. It either went to the grandfather or one of the husband’s brothers.

It was ridiculous that a woman could end up homeless if the husbands family was not kind to them. This is why Anthony pressured the government to make a law protecting these women and giving them and the ability to rightfully own property and goods. It also appalled Anthony so much that women could not vote that eventually she did vote. It was illegal, but she had the guts to do it. Susan fought so hard for women to be able to have a fair education that can lead to better jobs han just the stereotypical ones where you have to rely on your husband.

Susan knew women were smart and deserved a fighting chance. That is why she is one of the most famous feminist ever to be in America. Susan B. Anthony has done so much more than just giving women the right to vote and protection for married women. Just take a look around, women are given the same opportunities as men. Women are becoming doctors, engineers, scientist, even Olympic athletes. Susan Anthony has truly “paved the way for women rights”. For that we should be thankful. She was brave enough to fight for the omen of America.

Susan B. Anthony helped get our country to where it is today by standing up for the rights of women and blacks. Anthony gave women and blacks of America the power to speak up against what is wrong instead of letting the white men dictate how they should live their lives. All because of Susan B. Anthony, women and African Americans were given suffrage, the rights as an American citizen to vote. Yes, it will still be a long journey for everyone to be treated equal. Even today, we are still not, but it’s a start and you have to start somewhere to reach the finish line.

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