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House Of Leaves Analysis Essay

In House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski it discusses the experiences everyone endures once entering the house, although the people that enter the house are primarily males as the reader I become part of the book. Resembling to the characters we all symbolize something different, however by the end the characters all become interconnected by causing some harm to themselves or become insane because they cannot determine what is occurring in the house. However, I have learned to not be afraid of the unknown because they are made as a path to learn from.

In addition, I changed from being someone that wanted to know everything to having a mystery is fine and not necessary for it to become an obsession. Danielewski when making reference to the house, it appears to be blue, and he does not interchange between house and home because of the distinct definitions. Mark does not interchange house with home because a house is the physical model, meanwhile a home is what the people make of it, particularly seen as a mother role caring for a house.

The house symbolizes a fear of not being able to discover the unknown because we become accustomed to knowing everything to be parallel and if it does not add up we try to detect the error. For instance, when Navidson first discovers the inside to be larger than the outside it is an immense fear that he brings in people to attempt to reveal the unknown. In particular he seeks help with males to find an explanation on how it is possible for the inside to be greater than the outside.

On the other hand, for a mathematical problem when trying to find x there is always a solution and to check if it is correct we plug in the number and if it does not add up then there is still an alternative way to find the solution. Therefore, a home is different for everyone because it does not have the same connotation to everyone. Mark Rothko’s art pieces can be manifested as the 5 12 minute hallway because in the video clip we watched their is a dark blue with a black square painting which represents the darkness that the house brings.

Inclusive, once Navidson enters the hallway he sees that there is no other place to go but then turns back around and another hallway appears. The hallways lead to dead ends, but suddenly Navidson hears a noise and another hallway appears which is relevant because there are always obstacles needed to be conquered in order to reach your goal. In addition, when they are in search for the sound that is behind the wall Will decides to leave a penny behind to trace his steps back.

Nevertheless, Navidson soon realizes that the penny he left behind was directly in front of him and upon turning back from the doorway he entered Navidson recognizes that everything has changed. A moment can change everything the future is unpredictable and that is something we tend to fear. Mark Rothko’s art when trying to interpret is confusing because when he explains how old his paintings were he would say they were 30 years old or older which is actually older than their true age.

On the other hand, for the house it is confusing because of how the hallways are expanding from the interior meanwhile the exterior contains the same dimension. The portrait and house over time develop a meaning of fearing the unknown because it is like walking in a dark room and anything is unpredictable. In addition, Rothko’s painting that are with traditional colors develop emotions that cannot be expressed. All traditional colors which Rothko paints with contain a variety of meaning similar to the house it depends on the perspective of the person.

The house becomes an addiction to Will and Tom to discover the underlying meaning of how the interior is greater than the exterior. Nevertheless, the house becomes an obsession that puts to the test Will and Karen’s marriage. For instance the “.. communication between Navidson and Karen begins to radically deteriorate” (56). Will’s obsession with the house is degenerating his marriage with Karen because his main focus is the house. On the other hand, for Rothko while he was succeeding he becomes depressed that his new paintings are darker than before.

Inclusive, Mark Rothko becomes addicted to search for a vision on the art with the chapel that leads for his second marriage being destroyed. In addition, later on he develops an alcohol addiction and since he smoked only made the situation worse and leads to his death. The house helps to unveil issues that we do not know exist and once we know the problems there is no way of unknowing them. The chapels paintings worked as a sense of freedom for him to paint anything he wanted.

It worked as a sense of light. Gave(light) pictures movement paints how dark he can make the light. Like burial of his future and art milky grey divide light from darkness. One painting can have significant meanings. Some blocked and then others open into the unknown space. Rough edges instead of ambiguous surface space where we came from or end up not to keep us out but to embrace highest compliment to call you a human being. Not about now but forever.

Take into eternity about our comings and goings not be more complete or powerful I don’t think so births and deaths Therefore by the end the house diminishes into nothing which could symbolize the death of everyone. The house by the end can have a variety of meaning just as the color blue that can symbolize a variety of emotions. In comparison to Mark Rothko’s paintings can be interpreted as a variety of things because they work as an opening for people like a tunnel giving you light to a brighter future.

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