History: Slave Resistance

The slaves resisted because of several reasons, for example, the ill treatment they received long labor hours and the desire of practicing some of their cultural lifestyle was evident because it was either restricted or banned completely. The slaves had two forms of resistance that was effective; one was the non-insurrectionist (this was non violent in nature and less extreme) and the other insurrectionist resistance (this was violent in nature and very extreme). N resisting the slaves would steal, lie and even practice obey in secret. In history we can recall some active revolts like Tacky revolt in 1 790 in Jamaica and the Haitian revolt that occurred in 1791. Have chosen to do my research on the theme resistance and revolt because I am very passionate about the topic; it helps me understand how I became a free person to be able to do what ever I want and to be conscious of my decisions.

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It helps me to also grasp knowledge of history and to realize it was not easy to become free as we are today. These slaves went through a lot and whether we reach a sense of agreement we can all say that because of them we are free to make choices not to be bombarded by slave masters beating and taking away our privileges as human beings. I know that am free and will continue to be free thanks to the resistances done by the slaves in the Jamaica and of the other Caribbean countries.

What were the reasons and cause for slave control During the time of slavery planters found it necessary to have control over their slaves to; prevent running away (marriage) and the loss of valuable laborers, to instill fear in the slaves, to establish the authority of the whites over the slaves, to minimize slave resistance and rebellion, make the society safe for the whites and ensure that the production of sugar cane went smoothly, to establish the superiority of the whites and the inferiority of the enslaved, to prevent the destruction of property (e. G. Cane field) and to ensure that the practice of slavery was maintained.

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