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The cry of soda enquired into: Educational analysis in seventeenth-century New England. History of Education Quarterly, 13(1), 3-22. Lang, Harry G. Genesis of a Community: The American Deaf Experience in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. In J. Van Clever (Deed. ). The Deaf History Reader. Washington, DC: Gladdest university Press, 2007. 1 . The American Indian view of the colonial missionaries’ influence on the “education” of the Indian is how the colonial missionaries changed their norm behaviors where they had to change their beliefs to the “European culture” (Colonial

Missionaries and Their schools, 2004, p. 1 5). Also, they correlated the Indian dally life of cleanliness, lack of discipline for the children (Colonial Missionaries and Their Schools, 2004, p. 1 5). I feel that the quote that said by H. G. Wells was relevant to the Indian communities at that time period since the colonial missionaries changed and controlled the Indian lifestyle by Glenn them better education and lifestyle.

The article, Colonial Missionaries and Their Schools, explained that most of the Indian children who were taught by the missionaries were separated from their parents nice the Indian parents did not understand the influence that the missionaries had for the Indian children (p. 16). One point was mentioned In the article about how confused the Indians were when they were the victims of the missionaries and “Christians” cheated and sexually abused them since they were preached about the missionaries’ practice and cheated and sexually abused were not allowed (Colonial Missionaries and Their Schools, 2004, p. 6). The situation where the Indian were cheated and sexually abused by the missionaries and “Christians” led catastrophe in hat they were taught by the missionaries. 2. The religion played a special role in the Puritan efforts to establish formal schooling in America by set up a high educational standard where their children are successful as their parents are. Puritans did not accept any failures. (The cry of Soda enquired into: Educational analysis in seventeenth-century New England,1973, p. ) We are experience the same thing today without much of religious involvements. The parents today want to see their children to succeed In their education and have bright futures. Also, parents Ely on teachers and school to help their children In academic where the teachers are constantly encouraging the children to go for their dreams by dream big. Teachers of the deaf can learn from the Puritan educational efforts about literacy by continuing to encourage the deaf students to read and write where they can eventually Improve their English. 3.

People with disabilities during the asses and early asses were treated badly where they were chained to the wall since the people did not know how to take care of them. People with disabilities were treated like an here doctors who had better knowledge knew how to take care of them where they were also being observed based on their behaviors. From reading about Isaac Kilojoules, Matthew and Sarah Pratt, Andrew Brown and Jonathan Lambert, I learned that all of them became part of a religious and the Puritans accepted disabilities for who they are without any Judgments.

Also, the church did allow deaf marriages without any restriction. 4. Sign language in the American colonies before the Revolutionary War show that it was only used in the level of abstraction and used tit the people who were already here in America after the generation that founding of Plymouth colony. Before Revolutionary War was the time period where sign language as American Sign Language, history of deaf literacy before the education for the deaf was established.

Sign language gave the deaf American colonies the ability to communicate with each other. Sign language gave the deaf the abilities to have education and be able to understand what being learned. 5. The efforts that the deaf children where educated in the American colonies were that they were sending o school like Broadsword Academy or private education. The deaf children were known as deaf and dumb during that time period, but each one had the abilities and skills in different academic areas.

For example, John Boiling was good at Geography and Arithmetic Globe and the father of Charles Green reported after Charles two years at Broadsword Academy has “improvement in the construction of language, and in writing; he has made a good beginning in arithmetic. ” Children who were private education like William Mercer was able to succeed in his life since he had the skill for minting which was found through the years located.

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