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Lucrative suggests that the causal sex is a natural phenomenon but one should avoid falling in love. Support and Critique his position. Although I must agree with Lucrative that contention of casual sex is shared between both genders, but to be loved and needed is a natural desire that we humans can’t go without. Love is one of the first innate things you learn, as soon as a child enters the world and is placed into his mother’s hands, that’s a sign of love.

I also feel that Lucrative brings up a valid point that if you want to seek love you must accept human imperfection, but unlike Lucrative I think that we shouldn’t avoid falling in love. We should not fear love or heartache, we should embrace it, if we don’t experience heartache, how can we grow? We must learn that heartache and pain from love are only lessons to love again and to love even better the next time. No one wants to grow old and lonely, human needs companionship.

I’m not saying that when you reach the age to be qualified as a senior that you can’t engage in casual sex, although the mere thought of that is absolutely disgusting. You see, when a human being reaches a certain age its no longer about the pleasures of the body it’s more about someone who they can seek affection from, someone who they can eel complete with. So we should not fear love, we should embrace it. Pictures the Stoic My Thoughts Quote Remember that what insulting is not the person who abuses you or hits you but the judgment about them that they are insulting.

So when someone irritates you be aware that what irritates you is your own belief. Answer This quote honestly gives me enlightenment. Simply because I never thought about the Judgment of something is what is insulting but not the person itself. Truthfully they are times when people chew gum with their mouths open and I turn to them and look at them with disgust instead of looking at the act itself as disgusting. Like the quote implies, the other person might not feel that their actions are insulting but your belief about what their doing is Judged as insulting.

If it ever happens that you turn outward to want to please another person certainly You have lost your plan of life. I think that this quote suggests that we should always put ourselves first. , we should always want to satisfy ourselves inwardly before others outwardly. Too many times people focus on pleasing others so much that they forget about their own happiness. We can never be truthfully content with life until we learn to love ourselves and seek our own happiness.

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