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History of Holocaust

Citation: Merriam Webster 1. The European governments’ attitude toward Israel as expressed by Its one-sided and discriminatory declarations fits several of the criteria of new anti-Semitism. 2. It also shows how anti-Smelts and politics march hand In hand. C. Explanation: The increasing number of conferences, declarations, and even However, as long as the major dark aspects of its other face are not reduced and eliminated, the positive acts cannot undo what Europe incites. 2. Rupee’s double- faced attitude is an indication of the intimate link between Rupee’s anti-Semitism ND its politics.

Topic sentence: The current worldwide wave of anti-Semitism shows that expressions of it that in the past may have been restricted to extremists, have now permeated mainstream European society. A. Example/proof: In France it may be more pronounced than elsewhere in Europe where it is, however, no less dangerous. 1. Jewish people have been discriminated against since the religion was first developed somewhere between 1800 and 1 500 B. C by Abraham, considered to be the father of the Jewish religion. 2. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian

Church became the most powerful religion in the world, and even though many of the Jews lived in peace with their Christian neighbors, there was still prejudice and discrimination. B. Citation: Anti-Semitism 1. Many Christians believed that the Jews were responsible for killing Jesus and resented the Jews for not conforming to their dominating religion. 2. In the sass, when the Black Death swept through Europe, the Jews were blamed for the origin of the deadly bubonic plague and as a result, many Jews were killed by the Christians, accusing the Jews of killing Christians for religious rituals.

C. Explanation: Modern anti-Semitism, in contrast to earlier forms, was based not on religious practices of the Jews but on the theory that Jews comprised an inferior race. 1 . Anti-Semite exploited the fact that Jews had been forced into exile by extolling as fact’ that their ‘rottenness’ had a genetic basis. 2. A Jew was a Jew not because he or she practiced any particular religion, but because it was a character of his or her blood. A. Restate thesis: Hitler didn’t like Jewish people including Ann Frank. 1.

Because of deeply and commonly held prejudices against the Jews, the German government ender Adolph Hitler was able to carry out horrible acts against the Jews during World war 1. B. Brief summary: Hitler focused on anti-Semitism as a point-of-view of the Jews. 1. Anti-Semitism was Just a cruel way of using people’s hatred on other people. 2. The Jews were defenseless against the Nazis and some Christians. C. Opinion/ words of wisdom: I think that being cruel like this should be punishable by death. 1. It should be okay to express your opinion about other religions, but not physically. 2. Last use national assemblies to solve world problems.

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