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The document is broken up into three parts the first part state the purpose of the document and why Americans are declaring independence. The second part is a theory what a government is and how the government is ruled and should be used. The third part is the part about the Separation of England. US Constitution: The US constitution established three types of government branches. The first is the Legislative group, the second is the Executive and the third is the Judicial. The US constitution established laws and amendments for the US .

Each amendment must be followed and the Bill of Rights is also in the Constitution. 7) The character of George Washington and his precedent-setting impact for future presidents. 732 George Washington was the first president of the United States. George Washington believed in keeping US alive by developing a US Army that would protect the nation and keep the US as an independent nation. George Washington was the father of our country, and established that all presidents should be only be allowed to serve two terms.

He also defeated the British and make the US the most powerful country in the world. 8) The evolution of Jeffersonian Democracy and its legacy, including: a) The Louisiana Purchase b) The Second Great Awakening c) The Embargo Act ) Issues with the courts country, with room enough for our descendants to the thousandth and thousandth generation”. After President Jefferson described this he decided to keep is idea of expanding the “empire of liberty/the nation, and he would hope to expand westward.

Jefferson worked on gaining the Territory but he would first have to send a delegation to France where Napoleon would decide. When Jefferson found out that Napoleon was willing to sell the entire territory to Jefferson but Jefferson could not buy it because of his constitutional Philosophy. Jefferson decided to abandon the institutional philosophies and gained control of the Mississippi River and doubled the size of the nation. The Second Great Awakening- During the sass’s-sass the Second Great Awakening happened .

The Second Great Awakening was about schooling and theology in society. The authority was weekend during the establishment of churches in colonies. Embargo Act- In 1807 President Jefferson had a plan of Peaceable Correction. Jefferson wanted to keep ships out of harms warms way and deprive Britain and France of economic benefits of trade. 9) The War of 1812 1806-1815 The War of 1812 was military conflict between the US and Great Britain. Many events happened during the War of 1812 some were the Chesapeake,Embargo Act, Battle of Tippecanoe,British capture Ft Mackinac, and many others.

British impress American Sailors-British captains took over 10,000 American Citizens ships Battle of French Town- Kentucky had taken over the British and Indians during a blood fight. British then rebelled by burning Washington DC. Treaty of Ghent- British and American diplomats agreed on status Squanto bellum. (Headwords, 2012) The Monroe Doctrine 1823 The Monroe Doctrine was established in a speech by James Monroe in 1823. The beech was aimed to limit European expansion into the Western Hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine declared the Americans were no longer open to the colonization.

The US would control independent nations of the Western Hemisphere. (Headwords, 2012) 10) The evolution of Jackson democracy and its legacy including: a) The Nullification crisis b) The bank crisis c) The Trail of Tears d) The socio-political effects of Manifest Destiny 1832 1830 The Nullification Crisis: The crisis happened during Andrew Jackson the purpose was to pass a tariff. The Bank Crisis:The Banking Crisis was an economic crisis in America. During this time money was scare in the community which created it difficult for people to gain money, and many farmers and business lost of everything.

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