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The impact of World War 1 on the farming industry was the unreason for its downfall in the 1920. ” During World War 1 farming was booming. The farm prices were giant at a staggering 9. 7 US billion dollars and blueness for farmers were great. The reason for this was that the foreign market (mainly Europe) was demanding allot from America due to the fact that many foreign countries had little harvest due to the war. America was mostly isolated and not involved in the war so farming was not effected by the war in America. This meet that the other countries involved in the war had to rely on

America’s produce, meaning America’s farms were selling allot more produce. Therefore they were gaining allot of money and they were living in very good conditions. Farmers in America at this time Oust before the 1 ass’s) decided that to keep up with the demand of harvest they would get loans to allow them to get the latest technology to grow and harvest more produce, more quickly. They believed that this would make them more money in the long run and therefore they were quick to do it. However, things began to go spiraling down for farmers when the war ended.

In the beginning of the sass’s foreign countries began to recover and thus the American farmers lost their foreleg market. Farm price dropped to a low 4. 1 US billion dollars. Losing their foreign market meet that they were left with their big loans and were stuck with their newly bought technology making way too much produce. The mass amounts of produce they made didn’t have enough people buying it and so it went to waste. Leaving farmers with very little income, meaning they had no money to pay off these loans with. This caused the farmers to quickly fall into dept.

The dept meant farmers had to continue to produce the same amount of mass produce to pay off their dept. Thus they were stuck in a loop that was pulling them deeper and deeper into dept. During this time the living conditions for farming families were horrendous. 6 million farming families had to live on an average of a mere $200 annul. Around 25 million farmers on small farms had to move to work on a commercially big farm. And they farmed on these farms so much they exhausted the land. These figures and facts show Just how bad the social and economic conditions came for farmers.

Besides from farmers, African Americans and Immigrants were also finding this decade to be quite hurdling. Racism and racial segregation could be seen everywhere and black Americans had very difficult times, especially because of growing black hate groups such as the ASK. Immigrants and black Americans had allot of trouble in finding good work in American. Immigrants often had a giant language barrier and allot of the time, both immigrants and African-Americans were very uneducated. These were very big social problems of the 1 ass’s. This source was made primarily by Fitzpatrick, Daniel Robert (1891-1969).

It shows the hardship of farmers In the 1 ass’s. As the picture depicts; Farmers are broke and money Lies else where In Industries and such. It successfully shows how bad farmers of this time have It. The republic policy of having a laissez fairer has been said to have a part In causing the down fall of farming. This Is because these polices refused the government from interfering in the farms and no aid or support could would be more realistic to say that this infant didn’t cause anything but instead ended the problem from being solved or made better.

The technological advance of the sass’s could be described as a cause for the farming crash. Many newly invented machines were put into action to increase the speed and amount of produce being made. The machines meant more produce and the produce couldn’t be sold because of the lack of market. Loans were made to get aloud of these machines and these loans couldn’t be paid back, leaving many farmers in debt. However these loans were only made because of the conditions set in place by the effects of WWW. The arbitration was also apart of the cause of the down fall of farming in America in the sass’s.

The prohibition banned all alcoholic drinks in America, therefore stopping the production of all alcohol including spirits. This meant that all the wheat and barley used to make these drinks were no longer bought leaving the farmers with even less produce being sold. The amount of wheat being bought dropped by 25% and the amount of barley being bought dropped by 90%. This may be a cause for the farmer’s downfall but it had no where near the effect that the impact of WWW had on farmers. It was a lesser cause and held far little importance than the impact of WWW.

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