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Music doesn’t change. It stays the same day in and day out. It has the ability to spark furry, or the power to tranquil a mind. It can cause a revolution, or mellow a storm. Music, like Malcolm X. Like Martin Luther King Jar. Like Gandhi, brings change. Music lasts over time, even now in the 21st century Snared, The Stones, The Beetles, and ACID are still on the stations and album shops all over America. The amazing thing about music is that it affects everyone in a different way. Every human being feels music uniquely. Some feel it in the pit of their stomach.

For some it’s dripping off the edges of a broken heart. Some pulses through the cranium with the thoughts of change. Music affects me. Music affects the population. Music affected history. Looking back over the times and tribulations of America genres, artists, and styles were influential in countless occasions. But four instances stood out in my mind more-so than the others. The Jazz of the Deep South, giving hope for young African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance. The second it the music of the late ass’s and the ass’s. Screaming out against the Vietnam War. The Beetles. The Stones.

Woodstock being a gathering place for people who stood for something. People wanting change. Next is Tu-Pace’s music rising against the government speaking out against conforming and falling in line. Lastly a boy from 8 Mile Detroit. Different among those already in the game. A white boy seeing the troublesome streets of Detroit wanting to be heard through his dream of being a rapper, not knowing that ultimately he will be credited with pulling the city out of the slumps. Jazz rose out of New Orleans in the late sass’s. Artists like Louis Armstrong and Being Cowboys were leading the Jazz push in America.

When the slaves were brought over from South Africa in 1808 they brought over a rhythmic melody that began the birth of Jazz. African culture brought the tradition of singing, or humming while working (Whispered). While enslaved slaves would be lined up in shackles singing slave songs of freedom and better times. This banned them together as a group, gave them hope, and helped them push through the hard times of enslavement. Jazz was a way African Americans could be heard in a way everyone understood; music. During the time of the Harlem Renaissance African Americans used this as a chance to regain heir heritage.

Jazz became a necessity in backdoor prohibition bars. “Jazz music was blamed for the moral degeneration of the youth who listened to the music or visited the bars. ” Says Lucian Water’s. Harlem apartment windows were cracked with the sound of trumpets and pianos flowing out into the streets of New York. Jazz was not the only thing that came out of the Renaissance. Popular African American poets arose giving the race something to fight for. Harlem What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? History And Music By Greengage And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over? like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it Just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode? (Longboats Hughes) Hughes gave young African Americans hope, and to not give up on their dreams. Although a lot came from Jazz, but we are still missing the most important thing that arose from Jazz.. Rock n’ Roll. During the time of the Vietnam War people were against the war. Mom’s didn’t want to send their sons to war. Dad’s didn’t want to leave their families. Bands put pacifist ideas in their songs which gained them followers and support.

Woodstock was a place to gather for those wanting a revolution. Peace marches against the death and destruction of war. Those who wanted change in the government and the ways of war did not lay idly, the demanded to be heard and music made it possible. Music led the charge, gave them a place to gather and something to support. Bands like The Stones and The Beetles created monsters in their listeners. Die-hard fans of bands creating amazing music. The birth of music as we know it began. The Kent State shooting created another band of unity that opened up the minds of artists and heir listeners.

The Beetles released a song “All You Need is Love” protesting the war in Vietnam creating a rolling protest against the War. The Beach Boys, another group preaching out against the times they are living in wrote a song called “Student Demonstration Time” a song about the Kent State shooting. America was stunned on May 4, 1970 When rally turned to riot up at Kent State University They said the students scared the Guard Though the troops were battle dressed Four martyrs earned a new degree The Bachelor of Bullets I know we’re all fed up with useless wars and racial strife

But next time there’s a riot, well, you best stay out of sight (Beach Boys) The lines “When rally turned up to riot up at the Kent State University.. ” It struck emotion to the hearts of America to drive home the revolution. Many teens began to question their parent’s beliefs and what they were raised up in. They rebelled against their parents and conforming society. They grew out their hair, and listened to Rock ‘n Roll making a point that they were not about to conform and support something they did not believe in (American History, A Decade That Changed History).

This came to show that not everyone had to conform and support something that you don’t stand for. Tu-Pace like the music in sass’s felt that the government was wronging the people of America and ultimately died for thinking so. Tu-Pace would publicly degrade the American government and those in charge in his raps and need more football players. We need more thinkers. ” Tu-Pace broke the idea that African Americans had to be thugs in a gang mindlessly doing drive-boys and selling drugs. They got us all dieing and burning, they lining to destroy our earth, little birth diseases, 30 millionth church for Jesus and till our young eating out cans, chiefly grams and weapons, I sold my first swam at seven,” In Tu-Pace’s song “Government” he calls out the government saying that they are filling American’s head with lies while they destroy the earth. Churches are being built but African American youths are still on the streets selling drugs and guns not having enough money for food and essentials. “l might not change the world, but I’ll light the spark that will change the world. The most amazing things about Tu-Pace and his music is that he saw a problem and made means to enlighten people on the robber, bring them together, and start a change. Rapper J. Cole explains “l was a super OPAC fan. After listening to him, I found out why. He was a story teller, and one of the greatest story tellers Vive ever listened to. ” Both of Tu-Pace’s parents and most of his family were in the Black Panther society. Another way Tu-Pace was enlightened and fit for change. In 1996 Tu-Pace was shot while leaving a Lass Vegas club (Wisped). Another rapper that caused change was Mine.

He showed that no matter where you grew up, rich or poor, you could make your dreams come true. Mine grew up n the worst part of Detroit coming from a broken family, watching his mother do drugs in front of him and his little sister (8 Mile). He was forced to work to take care of his sister and mother. He was kicked out of the house and forced to fend for himself in the streets of Detroit multiple time, this leading to his drug addiction. Through the beginning of his career he was addicted to multiple drugs and in a gang. His music talked of the hard knock life of the ghetto and poor relationship he had with his wife, Kim.

Later in his career he turned around and portrayed songs and Tories of getting and staying clean. Depicting the picture that you don’t need to come from much or do drugs to be successful. He degraded his earlier rapping years. Mine broke through all odds rising to the top being a white rapper in a predominantly black trade. “Before Mine to think there would ever be a white rapper that people would check as amazing was impossible” says rapper Taliban Kiel. He is one to speak out against the government, bringing forth issues that he feels must be dealt with.

His song “Moms”, on his fourth album, Encore speaks heavily against the current situation in Iraq, with lyrics like, “Stomp, Push, Mush, F*KC Bush, till they bring our troops home”. It’s lyrics from well-known artist like Mine that we need to kick start the public thinking for themselves. Being from Detroit when the city broke down and GM had to be bailed out in 2009 with schools having less than 50% drop out rate Mine and his music gave the city hope (CBS Detroit). Now Detroit has a 65% graduation rate Just 5 years later. Mine released songs like “Not Afraid” and “Airplanes” rapping about never giving up on a dream and not backing down.

Mine gave hope to those who needed it at a rough time. Music has shaped America for the good. It created America. It built America and has changed and continues to change America for the better. Jazz artists gave young African Americans a name and something to fight for. Sixties music gave listeners revolution and something to believe in and fight for. Tu-Pace rose up against the government and like to fight for a dream, destroy all odds, and never give up. These influential artists built the music that helped build America. Music will always be around, and it will always be changing the world.

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